Clinton's offenses are personal and minor: They are NOT related to government and so are NOT IMPEACHABLE

Republicans know this but are pressing forward only because of imagined political advantage

No one in American history has been so thoroughly and unfairly investigated as Bill Clinton, yet they have to resort to a private seksual relationship to bring him down

Ken Starr is a obsessive extremist who's massively abused his power (financially destroying dozens of innocents); just forcing the Secret Service to testify might get some President killed; and is close to treason.

This witchhunt has been fueled for 5 years by many millions from right-wing millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and his funded "legal" foundations, several of which Starr belongs to: he was helping Paula Jones before he was appointed

The release of transcripts, video, and tapes from the grand juries is a shocking unprecedented violation of law, rights, privacy, and decency... and solely designed to smear Mr. Clinton and embarrass him out of office

80% of Congress could be impeached by these standards: Henry Hyde set a married woman with 3 kids up as his mistress for 4 years and destroyed a family

The world trembles at the edge of a financial precipice, Russia is about to go Communist or military in some violent coup, India and Pakistan are close to nuclear war.... and the Congress only worries about whether the President touched a breast.

The Press has pumped this story irresponsibly to sell papers, mags, and soap; the Republicans have exploited it for cheap political advantage, the Supreme Court has used it to dangerously encroach into the Executive; Monica, Linda + Luciano have tried to make millions off it; Ken Starr has become a grand inquisitor unseen since Joe McCarthy; Everyone has acted badly

This whole process is insane- we are crippling ourselves for no good reason before our enemies- impeachment will take 6-12 months and may cause us to enter the new millennium in a crushing Depression

But you the people have the power to STOP THE MADNESS The Congress WORKS FOR YOU.They HAVE to listen to you. You aren't a helpless couch potato in the television parade of the future.

Contact your national Republican representatives or candidates and tell them that if they vote for impeachment or conviction; you won't vote for a single Republican- when they realize the benefit is negative, they'll end this as fast as they ended Clinton's campaign finance investigation when the spotlight turned on them. Only 3 Judiciary Com. Republicans voting "No" would stop impeachment.

STOP THE MADNESS~~~~~~~~~ 808-243-0100 ~~~~~~~ 888-880-8030
PO Box 824, Puunene~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Maui, Hawaii 96784~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Checks payable to STM
Contributions and volunteers welcome
Need Web Wizards, lawyers, organizers, pr people


To STOP this Impeachment Process at Every Level

To Produce and Run Radio,Television, + Newspaper Ads

To Picket Congress and Contact + Pressure them to STOP THIS MADNESS

To Publicize This Cause in Interviews, Press Releases, Talk Shows

To petition Janet Reno to fire Ken Starr- He thinks he's going to prosecute Clinton after he's removed from office!! His serious abuses of power dwarf Clinton's. See below.


Good work, voters. As we've said for 7 weeks, the electorate would turn against the Republicans for this witchhunt (see Appeal to Republicans:) "Democrats are disgusted and running scared now, but Republicans have every reason to fear a backlash from a public disgusted by the un-Americanism of this persecution. The American people have always been far more mature and responsible about this issue than us- that's why Clinton's popularity levels have stayed at record levels (of ANY President)"- STM Sept 10. The Dems lost a chance to take the House by running from this issue. Still, they gained 5 seats to whittle the Republican advantage to only 12 seats: or a 6 vote swing. Sadly, no Judiciary Com. Repubs lost their seat- Inglis (SC) vacated but was replaced by another Repub (still 20R to 15D). The upshot of this election may be the removal of Gingrich as Speaker!, to the nation's relief.11/6 NEWT HAS QUIT SPEAKERSHIP, maybe HOUSE!!!! Gingrich is shallow, vicious, destructive, deceptive and corrosive to the political process. Impeachment fervor will initially greatly subside, but under the intoxicating glare of the TV cameras, there's no telling what the Jud. Com. will do. Your pressure is STILL NEEDED. SIGN PETITION below. Letter sent to Repubs Jud Com Nov 6. Pasteable.

Dear Congressperson,
I hope you take to heart the lessons of this election, that you STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!! and abandon this ill-conceived, reckless, and un-Constitutional impeachment attempt. 400 historians have said this is ominous, dangerous, unwarranted- do you deign to swim against the entire tide of history and Constitutional law? Are you that arrogant and carelessly destructive? Dig deep and do your patriotic duty, not to go through the motions of this idiotic investigation, but to end this exercise in hubris and folly. Read our previous missive aqain + listen (written Sept 10).


Contacts for all Congresspeople: #'s, faxes, addresses, and e-mails; Judic Com. below
E-mail us: : Contact STM
More links below (10 Judiciary Repubs e-mail, fone + fax # + adrs for all Jud Com, Newt's e-m, Why Clinton lied, Sins of Press,Salon Mag)


Release of Grand Jury testimony is unprecedented in American history: it is strictly secret and not even supposed to be used in the trial (leaking is a felony). It's only purpose is to see if there SHOULD be a trial- there is NO LAWYER allowed by any witness or defendant and they can ask anything- not necessarily about the alleged crimes. Because of this- in the hands of an unfair or vindictive prosecutor (Ken Starr), it has spectacular potential for abuse. (No grand juries have lasted YEARS) That's why it's supposed to be secret- because you can force exposure of embarrassing information and then use it to destroy ANYONE. Somehow Congress is immune from this law (but they've never flouted it before). Not only did they- a legal body- RELEASE IT, but they put it on the Internet for every idiot in the world to read- the most intimate personal details of a person's life. This should chill the hearts of every American who cares about civil liberties and the Bill of Rights. It is violently unfair and inherently un-American and would be if they did it to any Republican.

Ken Starr and incredibly the Judiciary Committee have used Clinton's mild actions to DEFEND himself from this relentless assault as IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES- trying to keep the Secret Service from testifying or claiming executive privilege. As Jonathan Alter says, "These are the actions of a monarch": You have opposed my authority and so committed crimes. It's breathtaking in its arrogance and reveals the outrageous political slant of the Committee.

If these things can happen to the most powerful person in the world (sic), it could happen to anyone! This goes far beyond Mr.Clinton and his mistakes- it's a direct threat to our Constitutional system- if a leader can be railroaded out of office for such minor offenses in a mean spirited partisan hysteria.... something is broken. People's privacy is threatened from many quarters- only a thin layer of laws are keeping us from a frightening future where people can be smeared and crushed invisibly. This impeachment juggernaut BREACHES those layers and so endangers us all.

A 4 year and $40 million investigation found nothing in Whitewater, Travelgate, etc. but Congress has voted to open these subjects AGAIN, as well as ANYTHING else that could hurt Clinton.

Lastly contrast the gravity and obvious pain of the Watergate Judiciary Committee in taking the extreme step of impeachment ("the alternative to assassination", according to Ben Franklin), with this gleeful headlong rush to drum Mr. Clinton out of office. This is a most unjudicious Judicial Committee.


The full Congress voted to authorize an inpeachment hearing in the Judiciary Committee, who will take 3-4 months dragging every bit of dirt out they can (after they return); if they vote to recommend impeachment (majority); the full Congress votes whether to impeach (accuse) the President (majority). Then it gets sent to the Senate, where a trial is conducted- another 3-6 months- and then they would vote (2/3 majority needed) whether to convict and remove Clinton from office. The Senate would probably NEVER vote to convict, but in reality no human could withstand this torture and Clinton would, at some point, resign, which is what Republicans want: To overturn the results of the last full election and remove an overwhelmingly popular President. In other countries this is called a coup.... or treason.

BUT NOT BEFORE THE ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT IS PARALYZED FOR 6-12 MONTHS!!! NOV ELECTIONS are crucial: if the Republicans gain many seats they will use that as a mandate to go full steam ahead in this idiotic inquisition; if the Democrats pick up some seats- it might die out quickly.



Appeal to Republicans + Address to Congress: sent letters (pasteable)

E-mail Republicans
: on Judiciary Com; (10 of 20)
faxes better, esp. to home districts: they're probably inundated with e-mail
E-mail Dems:on Judiciary Com (11 of 15)

Neutered Newt Gingrich

Presided over the Congressional Vote to authorize a full Judiciary Com. Inquiry with a heavy hand. Democratic initiatives to limit inquiry to Monica or to define an impeachable offense were summarilly crushed. Total time allowed for the most serious action the Congress can take short of war was limited to 2 hours. Gingrich had ordered Henry Hyde to recommend a full inquiry. More sinister, if Clinton was deposed Newt would have been just one plane crash from the Presidency. Tell Newt bye bye.

phone# 202-225-4501; fax# 202-225-4656; e-mail: E-mail: the Newt


Why Clinton Lied:Media firestorm; Stenanopolous's + Panetta's betrayal

Sins of the Press: Lazy, lame, slanted coverage has been the rule; Better if it's an even battle, so let's give Clinton a handicap: guilty until proven innocent

Historian's statement 400 historians inc. Arthur Schlesinger, Dorris Kearns Goodwin, Garry Wills, signed a statement that impeachment proceeding were "ominous, dangerous, undermining the Constitution." Open-ended hearings into any offense were a "precedent for future harrassment" of presidents and would "cripple" the Presidency.

Cancer on the Presidency: Starr (Aug): Unfairness of Special Prosecutor statue and Starr's actions

"He is embarrassed, he is humiliated, he is disgraced. ..And it is not over. I suggest that compassion and justice are not antithetical- they are complementary. The Judeo-Christian ethic says 'hate the sin and love the sinner'... I think it's time to love the sinner."--- Henry Hyde defending Rep. Dan Crane from expulsion for sleeping with a 17 year old Congressional page. 1983


Dear Ms. Attorney Gen. Reno,

We believe Ken Starr has massively abused his position. He has:

---Repeatedly leaked grand jury testimony (a felony), violating his sworn legal oath; then enclosing all that graphic testimony in his “report” knowing it would be released by a partisan Judicial Committee
---Endangered every President’s life by forcing the Secret Service to testify- a stunning breech of security
---Tortured and impoverished innocent people for years with endless fishing trip subpoenas and endless grand juries in a desperate effort to find anything to hurt Mr. Clinton
---Ignored state and federal wiretapping crimes against Linda Trip, perhaps protecting her from them
---Wired a “friend” to get incriminating sexual evidence, like a sleazeball divorce lawyer.
---Conspired with Jone’s lawyers and anti-Clinton groups (even before he was appointed!)to ambush and entrap the President in his deposition
---Broken the sacrosanct attorney/client privilege by forcing Clinton’s lawyers to testify. Then threatening Hubbell’s lawyers with prosecution for doing their job
---Helped jail Susan McDougal for years and trumping up tax charges against Web Hubbel to force them to incriminate Clinton, even if it was a lie
---Bullied and threatened prosecutors in Arkansas to prevent any prosecution of David Hale (the only real witness against Clinton’s friends in Ark) for his many crimes; Ignored evidence that he might be lying to save himself + that he’d been paid off.
---Cruelly forced a mother to testify for days about her promiscuous daughter's sexual affairs
---Criminalized a simple consensual affair, something that should send chills down the spine of every American: “He who is without sin....”
---Actually suggested that Clinton's trying to prevent his lawyers or the Secret Service from testifying (or anything that challenges his authority) is an impeachable offense.,
---Blithely ground the American government to a virtual halt (while India + Pakistan where playing chicken with nukes, the President's secretary spent a week in grand juries),
---Prepared not a report to Congress, but a salacious character-assassinating argument with conclusions + recommendations (surprise: Clinton should be impeached)
---Acted with an arrogance, abusiveness, carelessness, obsessive zeal, and cruelty unseen since Joseph McCarthy

Even a few of these abuses would warrant dismissal, taken together we believe Kenneth Starr should go to jail. At any rate, it is long past time to FIRE HIM. He’s accomplished his mission: to half-destroy Mr. Clinton- not by any real crimes, but with trash. The very idea of a permanent special prosecutor- endlessly hounding the President even as he’s employed by him, is monstrous. You made a grievous mistake in authorizing Starr’s inquisition on the Lewinsky affair, Ms. Attorney General. It’s time to rectify it.


SIGN this Petition

Enter you name, address, phone #, + e-mail. You have 2 full lines (separate by commas).

Thanks. Paste and distribute. Stop the madness yourself.

Salon Magazine:Exc. investigative articles on Hydes affair, Starr's machinations, and David Hales sleazy past

E-mail: President Clinton ( He gets ~1400/day so don't expect a personal response

House Judiciary Committee Members

House Committee on the Judiciary

Phone: 202-225-3951 (Majority);; 202-225-6504 (Minority); Fax: 202- 225-7682 (Majority);; 202-225-4423 (Minority) Room: 2138 Rayburn House Office Building (Majority) B351-C Rayburn House Office Building (Minority) Email:

WWW Homepage:


(STM)Among Democrats Wexler, Waters, Delahunt,Conyers + Schumer are particularly good and outraged
Only 3 Judiciary Republicans voting "No" wil stop this thing. Repubs in bold best bets. Fax to home district #'s, until they return from break- otherwise things will get buried. Members without e-mail listing can be accessed from house mail system: by typing zip code of district office

CHEAP PHONE new system is offer 5 cents/min (till Nov 15, then 7 c for US + 8-14c Europe), 24hrs/day to US, and 7 countries in Europe and Australia; 1-800-576-7775(+1+1 for human);
Just dial 1010502 + 1 + number; delay on very first call; $5/month total access fee; no other fees; bill comes on LD part of local phone bill; Business phones OK; For $1 you can call all 20 Republicans and let them know what you think.

All DC addresses are xxx Congressional Office Bldg, Washington DC 20515

Majority Party Members (Republicans)

State~~ Member~~ Phone~~ Fax Number~~ District Phone~~ District Fax~~ E-Mail~~Congressional Office(DC)~~Home District Office

IL Henry J. Hyde (R-06)(Chairman), 202-225-4561, X 202-225-1166, 630-832-5950, X 630-832-5969; 2110 Rayburn, 50 E. Oak St.,Suite 210, Addison,IL 60101
He is driving this thing, but he also has the power to stop it.


WI F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (R-09) 202-225-5101, X 202-225-3190, 414-784-1111, n/a, 120 Bishops Way, Rm 154, Brookfield WI 53008,2332 Rayburn,

FL Bill McCollum (R-08), 202-225-2176, 202-225-0999, 407-872-1962, X 407-872-1944,, 2266 Rayburn, 605 E. Robinson St. #650, Orlando FL 32801

PA, George W. Gekas (R-17), 202-225-4315, 202-225-8440, 717-541-5507, x 717-541-5518, 2410 Rayburn, 3605 Vartan Way, 2nd Fl.,Harrisburg PA 17110

NC, Howard Coble (R-06), 202-225-3065, 202-225-8611, 336-333-5005, X 336-333-5048~~, 2239 Rayburn, 324 W. Market St. Suite 247, Greensboro NC 27401

TX, Lamar S. Smith (R-21), 202-225-4236, 202-225-8628, 210-821-5024, X 210-821-5947, 2231 Rayburn; Guarantee Federal Office Bldg, Suite 640,1100 N. East Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78209

CA Elton Gallegly (R-23), 202-225-5811, 202-225-1100, 805-485-2300, N/A, 2427 Rayburn, 300 Esplanade Dr., Suite 1800, Oxnard CA 93030

FL Charles T. Canady (R-12), 202-225-1252, x 202-225-2279, 941-688-2651, x 941-683-4453, 2432 Rayburn; Federal Bldg, 124 S. Tennessee Ave., Lakeland FL 33801,

SC, Bob Inglis (R-04), 202-225-6030, x 202-226-1177, 864-232-1141, x 864-233-2160, 320 Cannon; 300 E Washington St., Suite 101, Greenville SC 29601

VA Bob Goodlatte (R-06) 202-225-5431, x 202-225-9681, 540-857-2672, x 540-857-2675, 123 Cannon; Crerstar Pl., Rm 540, 10 Franklin Rd. SE, Roanoke VA 24401

IN Stephen E. Buyer (R-05), 202-225-5037, x 202-225-2267, 765-454-7551, N/A, 326 Cannon; 120 E. Mulberry St., Kokomo IN 46901

TN Ed Bryant (R-07), 202-225-2811, x 202-225-2989, 901-382-5811, x 901-373-8215, 408 Cannon; 5909 Shelby Oaks Dr., Suite 213, Memphis TN 38134

OH Steve Chabot (R-01), 202-225-2216, x 202-225-3012, 513-684-2723, X 513-421-8722, 129 Cannon; 4th + Race Tower, Suite 1115, Cincinntti OH 45202

GA Bob Barr (R-07) 202-225-2931, x 202-225-2944, 770-429-1776,, virulent anti-Clintonite

TN William L. Jenkins (R-01) 202-225-6356, x 202-225-5714, 423-247-8161, X 423-247-1834, 1708 Longworth; 320 W. Center St., Kingsport TN 37660,

AR Asa Hutchinson .(R-03) 202-225-4301, x 202-225-5713, 501-442-5258, 1535 Longworth; Federal Bldg, 30 S 6th, Rm 240 Fayetteville AR 72701;

IN Edward A. Pease (R-07) 202-225-5805, 202-225-1649, 812-238-1619, x 818-238-5638, 226 Cannon; Federal Bldg., Suite 107, Terra Haute IN 47808,

UT Chris Cannon (R-03) 202-225-7751, x 202-225-5679, 801-379-2500, X 801-379-2509, 118 Cannon; 51 S. University Dr., Rm. 317, Provo UT 84601,

CA James E. Rogan (R-27) 202-225-4176, x 202-225-5828, 818-577-3969, x 818-577-5581(not work?), 502 Cannon; 199 S. Los Robles Ave., Suite 560, Pasadena Ca 91101

SC Lindsey O. Graham (R-03) 202-225-5301, x 202-225-3216, 864-224-7401, x 864-225-7049, 1429 Longworth; 101 Federal Bldg. Suite 129, Greenwood SC 29625

CA Mary Whitaker Bono, (R-44) 202-225-5330, x 202-225-2961, 760-320-1076, x 760-320-0596; Sonny Bono's wife; 324 Cannon; 1555 S. Palm Canyon Dr., Suite G101, Palm Springs CA 92264 ___________________________________________________

Minority Party Members (Democrats and Independents)

State Member Phone Fax Number District Phone E-Mail


MI John Conyers, Jr. (D-14) 202-225-5126 202-225-0072 313-961-5670

MA Barney Frank (D-04) 202-225-5931 202-225-0182 508-999-6462 N/A

NY Charles E. Schumer (D-09) 202-225-6616 202-225-4183 718-627-9700 N/A

CA Howard L. Berman (D-26) 202-225-4695 202-225-5279 818-891-0543

VA Rick Boucher (D-09) 202-225-3861 202-225-0442 540-628-1145

NY Jerrold Nadler (D-08) 202-225-5635 202-225-6923 212-489-3530

VA Robert C. Scott (D-03) 202-225-8351 202-225-8354 757-380-1000 N/A

NC Melvin L. Watt (D-12) 202-225-1510 202-225-1512 704-344-9950

CA Zoe Lofgren (D-16) 202-225-3072 202-225-3336 408-271-8700

TX Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-18) 202-225-3816 202-225-3317 713-655-0050

CA Maxine Waters (D-35) 202-225-2201 202-225-7854 213-757-8900 N/A

MA Martin T. Meehan (D-05) 202-225-3411 202-226-0771 978-459-0101

MA William D. Delahunt (D-10) 202-225-3111 202-225-5658 617-770-3700

NJ Steven R. Rothman (D-09) 202-225-5061 202-225-5851 201-646-0808

FL Robert Wexler (D-19) 202-225-3001 202-225-5974 561-988-6302

31 Democrats voted to authorize the impeachment inquiry. Though they probably won't vote for an actual impeachment, you might ask them why: do we really need "to get the facts out".:

IO Leonard Boswell, CA Gary Condit + Ellen Tauscher, AL Robert "Bud" Cramer, MO Pat Danner + Ike Skelton, NC Bob Etheridge + Mike McIntyre, IL Lane Evans + William Lipinsky, VA Virgil Goode Jr.,James Moran, Norman Sisisky + Owen Pickett, TX Ralph Hall, Nick Lampson, Charles Stenholm + Jim Turner, NY Carolyn McCarthy, PA Paul McHale, CT James Maloney, MN David Minge + Colin Peterson, IND Tim Roemer, SC John Spratt Jr., MS Gene Taylor, RI Robert Weygand
E-mail: turncoat Dems(5)

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