This is a big mistake: Don't be a slave to the process.

Dear Senator,.. Jan 4
We encourage you to support the Gorton/Lieberman initiative to have a preliminary vote on the actual support for impeachment. It’s the first whiff of sanity in this business and makes perfect sense: why put the country + the President through the agony of a trial when there is nowhere near the numbers to convict, but more essentially- this impeachment was a grievous Constitutional mistake. Clinton’s “crimes” are not impeachable offenses, so his impeachment was not valid. It is your job, as the more mature and responsible body, to rectify such terrible mistakes. The fanatical Clinton haters will level a fresh battery of dubious unprovable trash allegations- you must rise above them. Sen. Hatch + other Republicans must purge the idea from their heads that there is any political advantage to trying and humiliating the President. What the Repub party has done so far in violating the Constitution, ignoring the will of the people, and subverting the separation of powers has caused resentment + distrust that you will pay for for many years. Please end this sorry spectacle and let the country get back to their lives.

Dear Senators, .....Dec 30
Please end this impeachment farce. It is outrageous and unjustified for the supposed offenses Mr. Clinton committed, and it shames our Congress and country in the eyes of the world. Have the courage to, admit that this Unconstitutional impeachment was just that and stop it NOW, because every minute and inch you get closer to Conviction, you weaken the Presidency and damage the Constitution more, and ensure that this injustice will be visited on another President (perhaps Republican). Don’t even start the trial or take a vote: Censure the guy and adjourn- he's suffered more than imaginable already. Don’t allow the siren song of publicity or your respect for the weighty issues blind you to the fact that this was a vast mistake. You are almost all vulnerable to the same charges, and I wonder how well you would fare after a huge company of private detectives spends 4 years and millions of dollars digging into your sex life. With the passions you’ve raised, you may yet find out. Let this tawdry tale die with the old year and let’s start to look ahead to the millenium.

To House JudCom - Dec 29, 1998
I hope you're happy with the damage you've done to the Constitution. Think it's worth your day in the sun? Wow! You get to PROSECUTE the President! What a thrill. What a historical benchmark. What a disgrace. The shame of this action will stick to you, not the President.

Dear Senator, Dec 20, 1998
Please, show some intestinal fortitude and STOP this Impeachment Madness by publicly declaring your opposition. Impeachment is absurd, unjustified,reckless, and irresponsible.This is a serious case of millennium hysteria and will be looked back on as some type of group psychosis. If you persist in your attempted overthrow, the Republican party will be finished as the majority party for years.

Letter to 80 swing Repubs Dec 18 (Sat AM before Imp Vote)Congresspeople,

Please Stop this lunacy. Have you no shred of patriotism, decency, or honor? All your sanctimonious talk of "rule of law". Then you refuse to even allow a vote on censure. You are conducting an overthrow of the legitimately elected government of the United States over offenses so common that 2 of your Speakers are afraid to even show up, and the principle accuser helped destroy a family. If you impeach this president, it will be a far greater crime than anything Mr. Clinton has done You are violating and damaging the Constitution as the culmination of a 6 year vendetta against Pres. Clinton, and you will reap a whirlwind of rage, hatred, and revenge. I have thousands of furious letters of people that will never ever vote for a Republican again: you have mobilized millions who will work forever to ensure you never have the power to do this damage again. Again, I implore you- look into your heart and vote against impeachment.

Cut + Paste anything. SAMPLE: (Dec15)

Dear Representative, Please, show some intestinal fortitude and STOP this Impeachment Madness by publicly declaring your opposition. Impeachment is absurd, unjustified, reckless, and irresponsible.This is a serious case of millennium hysteria and will be looked back on as some type of group psychosis. If you persist in your attempted overthrow, the Republican party will be finished as the majority party for years.

Letter to Republicans December 10, 1998

I can't believe you are so reckless and heedless that you would vote for impeachment. THIS IS NOT A GAME. You are endangering the republic in your adolescent partisan game of chicken. You are NOT the minority party anymore- dedicated to bomb-throwing and destruction. Majority status carries with it a measure of responsibility, which you've shown none of. Is there no limit to your rank stinking hypocrisy? MOST of you (besides Rep. Hyde) have committed equal or greater offenses than Mr. Clinton, what gives you the right to pillory him and torture the country over this nonsense? Keep it up: come 2000, you will be the minority party again,because you've displayed how little you can be trusted with the reigns of power and how much contempt you have for the will of the American people. Your "Bills of Impeachment" are a sick pitiful joke. Obstruction of Justice? Abuse of Power? Over fudging the truth in a secret affair? Are you completely out of your mind? THESE ARE NOT IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only abuse of power has been Starr's campaign of terror and your outrageous conduct. You will be judged by history as mean-spirited vindictive petty party hacks, willing to subvert the Constitution for nothing but partisan political advantage. Are there none of you with any sense of scale, proportion, decency, or courage to stand up and STOP THIS MADNESS.
Mike Snow

Sent to JudCom Repubs Dec 5:.... Dear Congressman,
Will you finally dig deep in your souls and find the courage to say you will NOT vote for impeachment, so this travesty can end. Campaign finance was an idiotic red herring, the more so because Repubs raised 70% more money from fewer contributors and so were far more guilty of fund raising offenses than the Dems (~$17 mil to ~$7 mil according to Election Committee); it had already been tried by the Thompson Committee AND all legislation to control campaign spending has been blocked by Republicans- again and again. Idly casting about for offenses to hurt Clinton disgraces you and the process you've so sorely abused. STOP the MADNESS. Sincerely, Mike Snow --STM

Letter to JudCom Repubs Nov 20 somewhat premature
Dear JudCom Repubs, The House will never vote for impeachment and the Senate will never convict. At long last, do the decent thing and adjourn this travesty of the Constitutional process. Don't even bother to vote and sully your reputation further. You have dragged the nation through the muck, embarrassed our country and President in the eyes of the world, cheapened and degraded the solemn undertaking of impeachment (and so made it far easier for cheap political hatreds to invoke this process), and trashed the principle of Grand Jury secrecy on which our legal system is based. It's time for you to cease and desist, and retreat into a cool dark place like a discovered bug and contemplate what you have done.

Nov 6: Dear Congressperson,
I hope you take to heart the lessons of this election, that you STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!! and abandon this ill-conceived, reckless, and un-Constitutional impeachment attempt. 400 historians have said this is ominous, dangerous, unwarranted- do you deign to swim against the entire tide of history and Constitutional law? Are you that arrogant andcarelessly destructive? Dig deep and do your patriotic duty, not to go through the motions of this idiotic investigation, but to end this exercise in hubris and folly.

Dear President Clinton, - Dec 30
Best wishes for the holidays. Despite our best efforts: hundreds of faxes and phone calls to all Judiciary Com., swing House Repubs, turncoat Democrats + many thousands of web page viewers' calls, the Republicans were undeterred. Some kind of millenium madness, I think. I've been running the best and most comprehensive anti-impeachment Website: http://www.stopimpeach.home.ml.org since the end of Sept., inc. a detailed petition to fire Starr, which we'll present to Janet Reno soon, as we might move the organization to DC for the final stages. This impeachment will probably be reversed when the Democrats take the Congress back in 2000; remember tens of millions of people are outraged at the Republicans’ actions and support you and your policies. The “stain on history” will belong to this Congress, not you. Enclosed is a printout of the web page (15-20 pg). Remember Nixon’s word’s: “Never give up!”

Sincerely, Mike Snow