This site is dedicated to swapping votes for Nader between the swing states (FL, MI, OH, PA, MO, WA, TN, WI, MN, OR, AK, NM, WV, NH) where Nader’s votes would hand a win to Bush…. with solid Bush states TX, VA, GA, SC, AL, MS, IN, AK, OK, KS, ID, UT, NE, SD, ND, WY, MO, ND   AND  a few safe Gore states: RI or MA, where a Gore vote has no effect. List your name, e-mail, address (state mandatory), phone  and we will match a Nader person who wants to vote for Gore (GG) in a swing state with a Gore person who WILL vote for Nader (NN)in a state that doesn’t matter. Your information will be exchanged with your partner and you can contact each other to assure yourselves of the other. Ralph will get the 5% necessary to be a viable candidate and party next time, and we won’t get George Bush (GB2). Obviously this relies on trust, so the more info you give the better. If there is a problem with your partner, you can resubmit + be assigned another. The bold states are more important and desperately needed.  CA (+ any state not on list) people don’t apply to be a Gore Giver (GG) and people not on Solid Repub list (+RI,MA) don’t apply to be Nader Newby (NN).





Enter your name, address(state abrv. manditory), phone #, e-mail, + GG or NN. You have 2 full lines (separate items by commas)

Thanks for helping save democracy from the corporate shill.