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It ain't over till Starr is gone. Decent people must declare "Not in MY America".


Liberal Activist Steve Kangas Mysteriously Shot

HALLOWEEN + LABORED DAY EDITIONS (link) -- Contents: HALLOWEEN ED.-Oct 25,99 - Starr Doesn't Die, But Slowly Fades Away- New IC/ For the Love of the Game/ Burning Bush/ Blacks Need not Apply/Send out the Clowns/ Gulf War Syndrome Mea Culpa; LABOR DAY ED.-Aug 30- PRIME HATER LOSES $600K LIBEL SUIT, GB2 FACES CRONYISM CORRUPTION CHARGES, SNOWY SHRUB, GINGRICH's ROMANCES; RENO DELIVERY, BUFORD FURROW, + MILITIA HATE GROUPS, RAGIN CAJUN
JULY + JUNE '99 Newsletters


Millionaire Monica (2 minimum) dished her story to Barbra, with a proud and cheerful recital of the nuts + bolts of their "relationship". She had, after all, bagged the Commander in Chief, as she had set her sights on before she went to Wash. From the beginning, Monica was portrayed incorrectly- a poor fat girl seeking attention, rather than a spoiled rich Beverly Hills girl used to getting what she wanted: her older teachers in high school, college, other married men, and finally the President of the US. Society's conventions weren't for Monica, who could afford to try to buy Tripp's silence by offering her a condo. While the Manager worms bemoaned Clinton's "exploitation of poor Monica", the truth was that she had homed in on the President like a heat-seeking missile. Unfortunately, in his royal isolation and carneval appetites, she found a vulnerable figure in Bill Clinton.

Admittedly she was charming, lively, intelligent + appealing in her heart to heart with Babwa, who couldn't resist playing a sobbing tape of her to elicit some tears. But there was this disconnect as she bubbled on, a lack of any real remorse or understanding of the agony her flakey flirtations caused- to Clinton's family, the country, or the Constitution. She was, as Bill Marr said, a perfect example of the careless narcisism of todays youth- who think the object is to just play without understanding, appreciation, or concern for the consequences. (Boomers could get tagged with this too)

Of course, there is all the psychopathology of Fat Girls in America- if the single most powerful and flexible possibility is to be born a beautiful American girl, one of the cruelest is be fat in America. Outside the US, the savage distinctions and discriminations are far less. The effect is to turn some heavy girls into wildly indiscriminate lovers, and to make them sexual predators of a sort- if they are the active agressor, they are less likely to be left- or at least have more control. Monica deserves understanding for this and sympathy for Starr's and the press's abuse. Still, in the end, she was a groupie- a nightmare of any phillanderer.

1. She WAS, in fact, a stalker- the only problem was... she was successful. Huge efforts were made by the Managers (and Babwa) to claim Clinton + his people "tried to smear her", when Monica admits in her phone tapes that "stalker" was what the White House staff called her endless efforts to hang around near Clinton and circumvent the machinery to protect and insulate the President.
2. She was obscenely indiscreet- from flashing her thong at Clinton ("a mild flirtation"), to calling her pals on the cell phone with the blow by blow as she left the Oval Office, to confiding every gory detail to friends, family, and resentful scum like Linda Trip. Because of her past affairs with married men she "knew the rules", she told Babs, but the major one is only tell people you can trust. Because this was a President under an interminable hatefully partisan investigation, the stakes were infinititely higher, which she never cared about.
3. She kept the stained dress, either as a souveneer (which is OK), or to blackmail Clinton if the need arose, or to prove her claim and achieve the celebrity and notoriety she'd dreamed about since she was little. When everything blew up, SHE DIDN'T WASH OR BURN the dress!!! for the same reasons. If she had, impeachment wouldn't have happened- she could have claimed she was lying to Tripp and no one could've proved otherwise. I don't believe legal liabilty was influential- this was her proof- her claim to fame that she wasn't just a connected marginally competent intern, but the girl who had bagged the President. This was her most impressive accomplishment and her ticket to ride. She wasn't going to just throw away PROOF.
4. Her TV reaction to Clinton Aug 17th speech: "I felt like dirt, like I was disposable" was off the wall. In that speech, Clinton said nothing disparaging about Monica! Did she really think he would profess his love for her in that devastating mea culpa, and say he was leaving Hillary for her? Was she that locked in her schoolgirl delusions?
5. If she gave a rats ass about Hillary, Chelsea, or the country she would shut up. But she has a book, and personality, and pundit career to promote... which was what this was all about, and ultimately why we were all subjected to this. That's why I'm not a fan of Monica.
6. Clinton does deserve much responsibilty, but trapped at the pinacle of power with every move scrutinized by press, prosecutors and bodyguards- he deserves some slack. Ultimately most women could seduce almost any man they really want to (where the reverse is definately not true), men are hard-wired to NOT say "No". I covered a Presidential campaign for a couple months- the power, energy, and pressures even at the fringes are almost unbearable- and unimaginable to mere mortals.


We don't want to be insensitive, but Broaddrick's sobbing performance was more than a bit stagy. Does someone really sob about something that supposedly happened 21 YEARS ago? There was no real proof and at some point there has to be a statue of limitations on allegations. Then, there is the money- she probably got $200,000-250,000 for this story from various publications and news outlets, a HUGE incentive to fabricate or embroider the truth. And we are talking about 3rd poorest state Arkansas- where a few thousand is probably enough. Paula Jones got $.85-1.85 million... and she LOST. Juanita did sign (although this must also be taken in context) a deposition that says nothing sexual happened between her and Clinton, she waas sponsered by Yoakim and other charter Haters, she was cheating on her husband (whom she never told) with another guy, so it's likely Clinton was voluntary.

The amazing thing is that Senators were able to keep this out of the trial (it was in Nat. Enquirer? at the end of Dec), terrified at their beloved body becoming more of a trash-fest than it already was (though DeLay managed to persuade the House to vote for Impeachment by secretly showing them the "evidence". We played a little part in that- hammering home the danger and horror-show scenarios in repeated faxes to swing Repub Senators. Weasel managers, desperate to save their pitiful case, begged and pleaded to admit Juanita- iron Senators Daschle + Lott held their ground. In the back of their mind must have been the realization that Clinton had NO DEFENSE, who would believe ANY denial he made after all that had happened??? That's what might have driven her and a plethora of future complainants out of the woodwork- that Clinton couldn't effectively refute anything they said... and presented Senators with horrifying actual end of a witchhunt: hysterical, unprovable, accusations... and the final burning at the stake. How close we came to that may never be known, but only the sanity and growing mental sexual maturity of average Americans prevented it.

But lured by the huge stardom and riches of Paula, Monica, + Broaddrick.. there WILL be more complainants- Clinton's sex life is a bottomless pit, that's why Starr was so thrilled to investigate it: there would never be any want for material. Having had ANY relationship with Clinton is now a ticket to the Show.


Starr is beginning to feel the heat of the multiple investigations into his malfeasance and abuses, but like any snake- he is still vicious and dangerous, as maliciously prosecuted Julie Steele, Web Hubbel + others could prove. And he still has the enormous destructive machinery of the OIC to flail about. He's displayed his treacherousity by calling for prosecution of his own deputy (Bakeley?) for his illegal leaks, which of course Starr knew NOTHING about. A full blown investigation into his contacts and conspiracies with Scaife, Bradley, Landmark, Jones, et al should prove that he did, in fact, "Illegally and immorally conspire to overthrow the legitimately elected government of the US". Follow the money. Why did Starr allow Monica to do 20/20, when every word by her will tar him further?


The Senate Trial of WJC dribbled to an ignominious end today, with an incredible 50 out of 55 (91%) of Republicans voting to REMOVE a massively popular President for this laundry list of trumped up and appallingly petty complaints. The first vote 55-45 was exactly what we thought might the lowest numbers for acquittal. Heedless of the view of history, the views of their constituents, or the views of 400 historians, they voted Lott's conscience (a contradiction in terms) in spectacular lemming fashion, putting to rest any possibility that this wasn't a partisan witchhunt, or that there are "moderate" Republicans. There are a few that aren't nuts- as we faxed to the non-impeachment voting House Repubs (5), "Clinton might have smoked marijuana, but your colleagues must be on LSD."

The solid 5 (Collins, Snowe, Jeffords, Chafee, Gorton) held with 1/2 exception. Kudos to them and other sanity-evincing Senators- Warner, Thompson, Shelby, Stevens, Dominici?, and especially Specter, who seemed to undergo so much torment in this decision that he accelerated through Warp Factor 9 and became... SCOTTY.

Deeply disappointing were McCain, whom I lost alot of respect for, Grassley, whom I would've argued more forcefully with if I knew he was that weak, Gordon Smith, whose bipartisan appearances with Wyden were a sham, Abraham, whose people seemed thoughtful, Hatch, though I never believed his statements that "the case hadn't been made", Grams, who will get a chilly reception back in MN (where it's already 20 below), and Gorton, who acted ashamed at what his extremist brethren had wrought when I handed him the book of petitions. How he went from trying to end the whole thing with his/Leiberman plan to voting FOR impeachment is a mystery. Too many fish sticks, perhaps. Demonic democrat Feingold returned to the party (after his flirtation with fascism), someone exclaimed at the DNC no-gloat zone party.

I'm simply amazed and depressed at the Repub coupists and the 30% of America who just don't understand the Constitution and that, if you twist the law into knots to wound one man... the law has no validity or meaning. 90% of Congress could be impeached and removed, subject to the same scrutiny, which has been that that exists only in a police state.

Joe Lockhart, who seriously was a TV reporter character in a comedy/news TV show I did many years ago (isn't it a hokey TV name- I feel like I created him), started to get funny, or act funny, in the press conference- with lame jokes that he then apologized for. The only thing worse than really weak jokes is apologizing for them. He called on that one HATER reporter who asked "if Clinton would play golf with OJ", 3 TIMES. The other comments were similarly contemptuous and he will probably be revealed to be a 700 Club or American Spectator "reporter". Suspicious timing was evident in the NYT story that Clinton was planning to crush his enemies- if any story was DESIGNED to hurt Clinton + affect the Vote, that one was. Of course he's going to hurt his enemies- what politician wouldn't- after this brutal water torture. He'll raise alot of money to defeat enough Repubs to take back the Congress, which will be a public service to the whole country.

Linda Tripp's recent claims that she turned in (and out) Monica + Bill "to protect her", sound like the famous Vietnam explanation "that we had to save the city by destroying it". Goldberg (a scheming witch if there ever was one) made her do it, including Linda trying to steal the blue dress from Monica's closet and keeping her from cleaning it, a newly svelte Linda burbled (apparently being savagely lampooned in the press is a great weight loss plan). More like the $500,000- 1,000,000 she'd get for the tell-all book. "As a mother", Linda was horrified at "how Clinton was abusing Monica", which should find a sympathetic audience among the millions of PC Americans who think a 20+ year age difference by definition means a man is taking advantage of a woman. (For a million dollars, I'D say I HAD SEX with Clinton!) I still can't help but wonder at the scene at the restaurant when Starr sprung the entire power of the federal government on Monica over something that was none of his business and NOT A CRIME- bullying her with FBI agents, falsely imprisoning her, keeping her from calling her lawyer. Friend from Hell Tripp needs to prosecuted for Wiretapping- the illegal fruit of which Starr used for everything else.

Every Senator who voted to aquitt tossed a few manditory brickbats at Clinton for his reprehensible conduct in their "explanation" to their constituents. He had SEX in the Oval Office, the heel. Hey, it's his HOME. I think everyone should heed the advice, "Let he who is without sin...". If you can't get a little nooky, WHAT's the POINT of being the most powerful man in the world It's a mark of what a prisoner we've made the President that he had to resort to Monica Lewinsky. After, this, no one in their right mind would want to be President. Already Bush II is pulling out because of past cocaine use, according to CA (California? Soviet Army?), and we may have to wait for another son to take back "his father's house", in reporters' smarmy phrase. If we keep anyone who's ever tried drugs from office, we will be limiting ourselves to nerds, wimps, and religious nuts (sorry if, ah, you qualify). I don't really think Clinton's that bad. In the words of MAD TV's Mrs. Swan, "He's a man... he's just a man.

With our abortive victory, we might be expected to sink into a post-partum depression, but the MISSION remains- to remove Starr for his crimes and abuses and see that Repubs NEVER HAVE THIS POWER AGAIN. During the actual impeachment- Dec 13-20, we were up 24-30 hours at a stretch and sleeping 4, essentially did a 1 week all-nighter; and all those plane tickets are now coming due, but it was interesting. Thanks to the many who gave messages of thanks, support, and appreciation + all the thousands of Internet addicts who did the work of hunting us down and signing our petition and plastering the Repub putchists with outraged letters, and to Bob Henry for enormous resource + material assistance.
Mike Snow--- midnight Feb 12


Feb 10 I wasn't a political activist or an unabashed fan of Clinton, but I think he's a brilliant guy and has been a good President- balancing the budget, attempting the great task of providing health care for all. I was actually a reporter in Russia (and touring Europe) for the entire '92 campaign, so I saw only bits and pieces through the 8000 mile filter of an utterly alien culture. I realized he was actually going to win (previously thought war hero Bush was invulnerable) when he chose Gore as Veep and was thrilled. Finally, a President who wouldn't fund mercenaries to blow up health clinics, who wouldn't spend $300 billion/year we didn't have and call himself conservative, who would make me proud of my government and country. I voted for him amidst the glum Bushmen in the Moscow Embassy fortress who wouldn't even tell me who was running for Senate (write-in only) because they "didn't want to influence my vote."

Essentially though, this entire impeachment was such an outrage, such an unfair witchhunt; and the glaring truth that, "If they could do this to the President.... who was safe?", that I HAD to act and have spent most of the last 4 months on this. And because of an inscription carved on a statue in front of the National Archives in DC that struck me:
"Eternal vigilence is the price of liberty."
All it would take for America to become a dark and repressive place is for good people... to do nothing.
Mike Snow Feb 10, Pawtucket RI

Jan 23 midnight Wash. DC-- PETITIONERS and LETTER WRITERS

Your Petitions and letters were delivered into the 3 Senators hands that were still there 5:30 -6:30pm Sat: Gorton, Jeffords, + Grassley- the crucial material to the crucial swing votes at the crucial time. Gorton was going home so may peruse it on his ride. Grassley started making apologies as we left and he locked up: "We never got into a room and said, 'we're going to get the President' ". I said, "Yeah, but I bet Delay + Gingrich (+Lott) did". "Oh, that was over there." (the unruly children of the House) "Come on Senator, you could have stopped this right off the bat". The Repubs are looking for cover now that this might evaporate into a dirty hangover. Credit to Chuck for spending 10 min. debating with the opposition. Once in the linked Hart/Dirkson Senate Bldg., you can't leave late- all entrances are locked and the guards evaporate- there was an empty office and considered setting up shop- new Senator from Puerto Rico or Palau? Petitions and dozens of letters were in inch thick bound semi-prof document: CITIZENS' LETTERS to CONGRESS and PETITION SIGNERS to STOP the MADNESS, Stop the Impeachment Witchhunt Internet Org- Maui--Dallas--R.I.--Wash DC; Available for $15

Jan 26 7pm Your petitions(10) in a bound book with letters to Congress + our pleas to Senators, were delivered Mon afternoon to remaining swing Repubs: McCain, Chaffee, Collins, Snowe, Specter, Hatch, Warner, Stevens, Dominici. Got hugely delayed- wanted to get to Senate Office bldg 11-1 pm so I'd catch Senators coming out of offices + could lay it in their hands with a nice speech, as I did with 3 on Sat, but thought it was too urgent- if this ended petition would be moot and find the circular file postehaste. Had to content myself with chiefs of staff (in most cases). Most were nice and got a 5-10 minute speech. Had 1/2 hour sit-down meeting with Chaffee's who seemed impressed by depth of feeling, articulate arguments, and mass of signatures and letters. Lugar's was good too, since I'm a foreign policy type, and respect his wisdom in that. Couple would only give me lower level staffers. Only one unpleasant was Hatch's, but then I'm not Mormon, so I'm probably damned anyway. Girl from Specter's office actually tried to debate me (at this point?) but I chewed her up. At most offices: THE PHONES RANG CONSTANTLY + THEY KEPT A TALLY, so be sure to vote- MANY TIMES. But as I've said many times- send faxes- paper is real and lives with the power off. We will present Petition to Janet Reno in a Press event at conclusion of, I think the phrase goes, our long national nightmare.



Nov 20 (Somewhat premature) Well it looks like it's all over. Earth to JudCom Repubs: STOP the MADNESS
Sam Dash seemed to pick the most strategic time to bail out and drive a nail into Starr's coffin, though what he was doing during all of Star's malfeasance is beyond me. With 50 House Repubs bolting and saying they won't vote for impeachment, it looks like sanity has returned to Capitol Hill. With the futility of the continued witchhunt certain, almost assuredly 3 or more Jud Com Repubs will vote no and this will die there. Contact the 5-6 best bets: Bono, Rogan, Gallegly, Hutchison, Graham, Buyer. And SIGN the FIRE STARR PETITION to Fire Starr. He must be removed, or like a demented caterpillar he will continue to decimate the leaves of the Clintonites. Send link site to friends. Petition only:
Whole site:

Dec 8 ... What is striking is how this Committee is calling no real witnesses. Starr, Benveniste, Drinen, etc... aren't witnesses to anything except to Watergate era actions, and, of course: Starr's criminal abuses of his prosecutorial powers. Prosecutors don't testify- this is another legal innovation in the twisted history of this witchhunt.The Repubs on the JudCom are well aware of how sick the country is of this nonsense and how disgusted they would be by a reairing of the seamy particulars, so they are essentially planning to vote to hang the defendant without hearing a single witness, a stunning process and behavior that again hammers home their purely partisan motivation.


Demonstrating once again that no skill, talent, or ability is necessary in America for vast compensation: only fame, no matter how ill-achieved- Monica received a million dollar book deal (oh, tell us the blow by blow-(sorry)- we haven't heard enough) and Paula received $800,000-1,800,000 for her terrible alleged trauma--carrion feeding off the battered body of the Presidency. The best golddiggers couldn't have done as well. I just read another story about Lenny Skutnick, the true hero who saved that drowning plane crash woman in the frozen Potomac in the most dramatic TV footage ever shot (1982?). Maybe Monica or Paula- noble and deserving citizens that they are- will send some of that cash Lenny's way.


Nov 19 : Starr droned on like an endlessly annoying insect, like Mr. Rogers on Qualudes crossed with Joseph McCarthy: so righteous, so sure of his own rectitude. Grindingly, hopelessly, infuriatingly morally superior, he lectured the JudCom on Mr. Clinton's grievous offenses in a boring, pedantic, manner. Couldn't they SEE. It was so clear! Pres. Clinton had sex, something Ken's mother would never stand for (he still apologizes to her for using a cuss word). It wasn't about sex, he lied shamelessly, it was about Ken Starr fulfilling his promises to RM Scaife and his conservative foundations brethren and getting Clinton, stomping him into the ground, spitting on his grave. He was calm, reasonable, righteous; and deeply frightening- because the massive abrogation of the Bill of Rights will be conducted by well-meaning fanatics like Ken Starr who are only doing this "for our own good". He strived mightily to be sincere, but what was glaring was how absurd it was to eviscerate a successful Presidency on the obsessions of this sadly limited and prurient man. After over 10,000 hours of work by 30-50 people in Starr's office to destroy Clinton, the President's lawyer had a mere half hour to question Starr. To respected statesman Henry Hyde, that seemed fair. It was a sick caricature of the solemn process impeachment is supposed to be. The biggest questions: Starr's spectacular conflict of interests in working for and with Paula Jones lawyers from the beginning, whether he accepted money or had promises of money from RM Scaife (after the hit was performed successfully- besides the Pepperdine Law deanship, a payoff as obvious as Monica's job), his ruthless bullying, extortion, and abuse of many witnesses, didn't get asked. As one correspondent said: we should get a kangaroo to appear at the Capitol to show what this tribunal is.

ELECTION Nov 6 Good work, voters. As we've said for 7 weeks, the electorate would turn against the Republicans for this witchhunt (see Appeal to Republicans:) "Democrats are disgusted and running scared now, but Republicans have every reason to fear a backlash from a public disgusted by the un-Americanism of this persecution. The American people have always been far more mature and responsible about this issue than us- that's why Clinton's popularity levels have stayed at record levels (of ANY President)"- STM Sept 10. The Dems lost a chance to take the House by running from this issue. Still, they gained 5 seats to whittle the Republican advantage to only 12 seats: or a 6 vote swing. Sadly, no Judiciary Com. Repubs lost their seat- Inglis (SC) vacated but was replaced by another Repub (still 20R to 16D). The upshot of this election may be the removal of Gingrich as Speaker!, to the nation's relief.11/6 NEWT HAS QUIT SPEAKERSHIP, maybe HOUSE!!!! Gingrich is shallow, vicious, destructive, deceptive and corrosive to the political process. Impeachment fervor will initially greatly subside, but under the intoxicating glare of the TV cameras, there's no telling what the Jud. Com. will do. Cannady and Hyde are still babbleing about "doing their duty" as they try to dig up their own historians to justify the witchhunt. Your pressure is STILL NEEDED. SIGN PETITION below. Letter sent to Repubs Jud Com Nov 6. Pasteable.

Dear Congressperson,
I hope you take to heart the lessons of this election, that you STOP THIS MADNESS!!!!!! and abandon this ill-conceived, reckless, and un-Constitutional impeachment attempt. 400 historians have said this is ominous, dangerous, unwarranted- do you deign to swim against the entire tide of history and Constitutional law? Are you that arrogant and carelessly destructive? Dig deep and do your patriotic duty, not to go through the motions of this idiotic investigation, but to end this exercise in hubris and folly. Read our previous missive aqain + listen (written Sept 20). [see appeal to Repubs pt.1]