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HAIL MARY OPTIONS:  All hope is not lost. There are several ways Al Gore could still become President: http://www.onlinejournal.com/Commentary/Fertik121300/fertik121300.html     Till the electors vote on Monday, the fat lady hasn’t sung. The first, and most possible, is if 2 or 3 Bush electors, outraged at the cynical manipulation of the Bush campaign and chary of voting for the loser, SWITCH THEIR VOTES.  You can contact these electors, by e-mail, telephone, or even go to their house and picket and harass them, like the vermin that tormented poor Al Gore at home even as the concerted Repub conspiracy ripped the Presidency from his pocket. Ordinarily we would think this sleazy and ignoble, but after this rotten election- anything goes. It doesn’t matter if Al conceded and that he WON THE POPULAR VOTE BY 530,000 (est), the election, as Georgie Boy kept reminding us, is only determined by the votes of the electors. I talked to one tonight and left 2 messages on others. Gore lost NH by 1%, TN by only 3%.

GORE GASPS:  A 17-page lawsuit was filed Tuesday by Reno lawyer Carter King in U.S. District Court, which seeks a restraining order to prevent Nevada's four electoral voters from casting all their ballots for George W. Bush when they meet Monday in Carson City. Under state law, all of Nevada's electoral votes go to the Presidential candidate who wins the most votes. Bush won the state 49.5 percent to Gore's 46 percent, according to results certified by the state Supreme Court. If the rule is changed, Gore would receive one of Nevada's electoral votes because he won in one congressional district. Bush would receive three.


The amazing website is at

http://www.votewithamerica.com    They have mass e-mail for 50 electors, phone #’s + addresses. The 4 most likely (they say) are

Wayne MacDonald
 (603) 434-8191
Derry, NH

Joe Arpaio
(602) 256-1801
Scottsdale, AZ

Frances Sadler
(804) 798-3161
Ashland, VA

Mamon Wright
(901) 948-4803
Memphis, TN



The next possibility is to convince the Democratic controlled legislatures in Bush-voting states to do a foul Feeney- send their own slate of Gore electors to Washington. Democrats control eight Bush states: Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia. If any ONE of these states switches its electors to Gore, then Gore wins. My thoughts of the best ones to lobby are WV, LA, + TN; though I wouldn’t expect a huge probability of this. A democrats.com website is collecting petitions for this at   http://www.petitiononline.com/ddc11/petition.html


#3 possibility is for the House to reject Florida’s electors In the House, seven Republicans voted against two of the three Impeachment counts: Michael Castle (DE), Phil English (PA-21), Amo Houghton (NY-31), Peter King (NY-3), Connie Morella (MD-8), Chris Shays (CT-4), and Mark Souder (IN-4). If five of the seven switch, the Democrats would control the House. In the Senate, five Republicans voted against both counts: John Chafee (RI – recently replaced by his son, Lincoln), Susan Collins (ME), Jim Jeffords (VT), Olympia Snowe (ME), and Arlen Specter (PA). We are working on Linc Chafee (who was almost a college bud) to switch to Dems- I really believe Lott’s brutal pressure had a hand in his father’s death + we may have played a pivitol role in swinging his vote against Impeachment. We will know all on Monday

WRITE “GORE WON” on paper money. Don’t go quietly into that good night.


KINDER GENTLER SUBVERSION:  GB2 showed his hope for reunification by trying to flip the Senate into the Repub column by filching La Sen John Breaux for his cabinet. Bro said no. Next on his list was supposedly our Ro Dilander Jack Reed, whom we chatted with election eve, who was stunned by the rumors. Both just happen to have Repub Governors who would instantly appoint a Repub in the Dem’s place. W’s lust for power knows no bounds. Reed is an uncommonly good egg, having decided as a military professor at West Point to become a Senator. He spent 2 decades working toward that goal, but hasn’t lost his empathy for his working class roots. W probably thought Reed’s military past would lead him to crave a Repub ascendancy- but he forgets the most essential tenet of military character- loyalty. Expect more poaching under the rubric of ‘bringing our nation together’. Another appointment floated is criminal OH Cong. James Trafficante., currently under indictment for Mafia ties. Someone Bush can work with.Bush’s appointment of Powell isn’t so spectacular, though black and competent, I’m not sure being General is good training for Sec of State, unless they let him take a battalion with him on “talks”. New boss same as the old. Bush’s first speeches had no branch, no concession to the 52% that voted against him.


Try as I can, I can’t think of a single thing that Bush will do that won’t be negative. Massive tax givebacks and unbridled military spending (like missile shield) could provoke massive deficits and recession like his father’s, his hard right agenda + Supreme Court appointees could decimate personal liberties, women, minorities, the environment; and world stability will be harmed while despots encouraged by GB2’s dopey isolationism. I think Dems should resist to the death, sabotage any damaging proposal Bush makes and most Court nominees, till a bitter public gives both Houses back.

Expect some swift strike on terrorists- Bush has already threatened enough to set the stage and the Bushes know the unifying power of military strikes. As long as it’s the right terrorists.


RI Polls: In other RI politics, Patrick Kennedy has won a seat on the (“powerful”- this is an official part of title) Appropriations Committee- so we expect loads of new bridges,  buildings, and grants. As long as they leave a mill to teach people how to say “pok the cah”.  Wheel-chair bound Rep. James Langevin will force the haughtily exempt House into making millions of dollars of accessibility modifications. He was semi-quadrapalized by a Warwick SWAT team cop that fired a gun he was showing- the bullet bounced off a locker + severed 16 year old police cadet Jim’s spine. Hopefully that cop never graduated to officially shooting people.



In its incredible decision to defy all precedent and stop the Florida Supreme Court from handcounting the votes, the US Supreme Court has permanently sullied it’s reputation and allied itself firmly with the corrupt charade that started with Katherine Harris and extended to the Florida Legislature and Sauls Court- the object being to delay and block the legitimate manual recount to prevent Bush’s loss. Scalia has decided that Bush’s losing was an “injury” that had to be prevented by crushing the will of the people. There wasn’t time enough to count the ballots, they claimed, which they insured in their Catch 22 Stay of the recount.


Arguments as the Court contemplated its outrageous course, were impressively lackluster- no dramatic pleas, no eloquent appeals, just reasonable plodding David Boies arguing facts, and Impeachment plotter Ted Olson arguing lies.  Horrifyingly, Boies missed the most powerful arguments: that this business of equal protection- that they couldn’t allow the vote to go on because the counting methods weren’t strictly equal- is insane. Under that standard, the Supreme Court would have to invalidate every election ever held in America- every one of them was held with “different standards being applied.” All humans and procedures are fallible- we do the best we can, which in this instance was hand counts. Most contemptible was the parade of “moderate” Republicans: Dole, Whitman, Pataki going to Florida and parroting the Party-line lie: that hand counts can’t be trusted and aren’t accurate.   The improper use the equal protection, the historic remedy for civil rights, by this court that has spit on affirmative action, is another turn of the knife and gesture of contempt, especially after the massive disenfranchisement of blacks in Florida.


Boies should have blasted them for taking this case, for injecting themselves into a matter that they had no business: the conduct of a state’s election. He should have implored + chastised them, in the greatest rhetorical heights, to consider the practical injustice of their rash and reckless conduct- instead of niggling over details of arcane Constitutional law. He should have warned them that they were destroying the sacred tenet of separation of powers. Scalia repeated the latest Republican Red Herring, that it wouldn’t be fair to not count the overvotes (invalidated double votes)- knowing full well that the overvotes are spoiled and unsalvageable, something Tim Russert repeatedly asked an amazed David Boies the previous night. This is a spectacular example of conservative activism that dwarfs anything they profess to criticize, although they tried to cloak their radical usurpation of state’s rights as curbing judicial authority (when it was the greatest abuse of judicial authority in the last Century). Coupled with Scalia’s son partnership with the lead Bush attorney and Thomas’s wife’s Bush employment, it is a crime that will live in infamy- corruptly handing the Presidency to the manifestly undeserving loser from the Court’s party in a blatant political sham.


But what it bodes for the future is more ominous. This court, in one fell swoop, effectively packed itself - already 7 of 9 Republican- the next President will appoint 1-3 Justices – if they are the caliber of  Clarence Thomas- who has asked one question in 9 years and virtually never voted differently than Scalia; or Rehnquist- who helped disenfranchise blacks as a election official in Arizona, we all have reason to fear the loss of our liberties. For years, the only reason this conservative Court hasn’t overturned Roe vs Wade or Miranda has been the projected firestorm of public fury at the abrogation of rights people believe they deserve. There has been little such reaction from an exhausted and detached populace, half of whom didn’t even vote. This radical, unjustified, unsupported, cynical, contemptuous ruling could be the Court’s breakout into a slew of crushing conservative rulings, endangering our most treasured freedoms. If they can get away with this- corruptly delivering the Presidency to their patron’s son- what can’t they do? This is the most foul corrupt act the Judiciary can commit, no Supreme Court has ever dared  to rule on a Presidential election before, and its stink will last centuries.

Petition against Supreme Ct:    http://www.petitiononline.com/ddc10/petition.html


BOATLOADS OF CASH:  In the end, this election was bought by hundreds of millions of dollars, money that crushed a better competitor- McCain, who never really had a chance, money that paid for a unimaginable blizzard of campaign commercials in swing states. Bush had captured the nomination by summer 1999, and his fat cat contributors were instrumental in spreading his slanders. Like everything in his life, George Bush had the Presidency handed to him by the corrupt Harris, cracker Sauls, and the sinful Supremes. His Nat. Guardship, exemption from going AWOL, his Texas oil co., exemption from SEC insider trading charges, the Texas Rangers, the lucrative stadium deal- all were handed to GB2 on a silver platter- he never had to play by the rules. In the election, he managed to do that again, stop the legitimate hand count and steal the Presidency. He was “lucky”, says Boston Globe’s David Nyhans. I guess.


SINS OF THE PRESS- Part 2:  This election has continued the utter press failure to report the truth and do their jobs that started with Impeachment. From Washpost’s Cici Connelly, who reported that Gore had said “He started Love Canal”, when he said “It started at Love Canal”, to Germond + Wittcover, who wrote a whole column on how Al was lying again because he said one rally had the biggest crowds when THEY remember a bigger one- the trashy “Gore is liar” theme was the most vicious + unfair refrain. The originator of the Internet has sworn Gore was instrumental in passing laws that were instrumental to the Internet’s formation as far back as ’83. Coverage of Al Gore more resembled a constant dart game as reporters competed in their slanders.

The traveling press simply rolled over to GB2’s physical frat boy buddy-buddy lobbying, even as they found he disliked them. We did that stuff too in college, it had nothing to do with friendship, it was all about disarming your enemies and consolidating power. Compared to AG, who had suffered 6 years of scorching Clinton gamma rays and was leery of the press, GB2 at least made an effort. That paid off after the election when the incredible chorus went up from editorial editors and pundits: Gore should concede. Wait, but he WON- the popular vote + electoral vote + Florida. No matter, THEY didn’t like Al, so he should concede. This savagely unfair treatment circumscribed his forthrightness and aggressiveness in defending his righteous claim to the throne.


The spectacular networks F-U in miscalling the Florida + the election TWICE led them to call Bush President and almost trick Al Gore into publicly conceding (which could have never been morally rescinded). That blown call, those 2 anointed hours, is what allowed George W Bush to act President-elect being briefed by his cabinet; it hardened his resistance to the possibility of losing, and generated the TV questions about when Gore will concede; although with an electoral (16), popular (~500,000), and likely real lead (>2000, if a full hand recount is done) in Florida- Gore should wear the mantle of inevitability. And the outrage of right wing Fox having Bush cousin John Ellis first call Bush the winner was defended by magnate Murdoch and by Ellis himself in a smarmy self-congratulatory article in inside.com (for which the puke got $15K). Voters News Service never called the election for Bush, if Fox hadn’t gone- it’s possible the other networks would have held off the hour before correct numbers came in.


MSNBC frother Chris Mathews actually temp. returned to his liberal Dem roots during his election night coverage. Latest MSNBC ex-Dem prostitute is Carter + Hart pollster Pat Caddel, who must say 5 times a night that Dems “are trying to steal this election”.  I think 60% harsh attacks on Dems and 40% criticism of Repubs is mandatory to be a pompous pundit in the insidious MSNBC, who now have spread their tentacles through Newsweek + regular NBC. They also dragooned disgraced and fired BosGlobe + now NY Post columnist Mike Barnacle, who suddenly hates Dems. With the Bush win- Microsoft goes scot-free. Boies lost a 3-fer. No network ever bothered to do a test on the accuracy of hand and machine counts with the FL machines, that would be journalism, which to corporate executives, would be taking sides. Once MSNBC showed a card with a chad hanging by one corner- they flipped their thumb over it 20 times and it didn’t come off. In the time this miserable soap opera continued, someone could have easily built a machine that would rub the cards between felt pads and rip off the hanging chads.




                                                            DEADLOCK MADNESS   Dec 8


>Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2000 07:15:19 -0500

>Subject: ELECTION MADNESS Predictions; Gore loses POP Vote by 1%, WINS 290 electors.  Win 5 in Senate but lose control w Lieberman quitting

Message-ID: <20001107.071519.-48153.9.

Well, if Gore won Florida, which of course he did, he would've had 292 electors and Dems did take 5 Senate seats + lose 1 so predictions purty good


We've been busy - constitutional crises are good for business. See our sometime contributor Michael Hammerschlag's national scoop on the theft of thousands of votes in Duval Co. by having a different + deceptive 1 pg sample ballot that instructed "Vote every page", whereas the real ballot was spread over 2 pages. http://mikehammer.tripod.com 



Although we almost bombed down to Philly to drive a megaphone truck through black areas and explain in a steady drone how GB2’s prison policy would soon thin their ranks, we were + remain tortured that we could have single-handedly changed this nightmare: an ad in the Palm Beach Post, flyers on the walls of markets + laundromats in black districts, or on trees near polling stations: For GORE Punch 3rd Hole. Or in Duval, where 9% of ballots were invalidated- up to 1/3 of all blacks- the same thing, except: For GORE Don’t Punch on Page 2 . Tragically “get out the vote” workers rousting many virgin voters told them to “Vote every page” due to the probably deliberately deceptive Nov 7, 2000 sample ballot.


FELONOUS REMOVALS:  (FROM LONDON GUARDIAN)        Vice-President Al Gore would have strolled to victory in Florida if the state hadn't kicked 12,000 citizens off the voters' registers five month ago as former felons.                               Long SALON article- http://www.salon.com/politics/feature/2000/12/04/voter_file/index.html

In fact, only a fraction were ex-cons. Most were simply guilty of being African-American. While 8,000 of those disenfranchised went through the legal rigmarole of getting on to the voting list, the rest - enough to have won the state for Gore - did not.  A top-placed election official (not a Democrat) told me that the government had conducted a quiet review and found - surprise! - that the listing included far more African-Americans than would statistically have been expected, even accounting for the grievous gap between the conviction rates of blacks and whites in the US.

The source of this poisonous blacklist: Database Technologies, a division of ChoicePoint, and hired by Governor Jeb Bush's frothingly partisan Secretary of State, Katherine Harris. Under fire for mis-use of personal data in state computers, ChoicePoint founder Rick Rozar made a strategic six-figure soft cash donation to the Republican Party.



When the Nazi's invaded Poland, they screamed "They attacked us, they attacked us". The Repubs used the same tactics in accusing the Dems of stealing the election for wanting a totally legitimate, authorized, + proper hand count of disputed ballots. It was ignorant, crude, and an outrageous lie, but it did stop the Dems from pointing out the Republican hypocrisy and lies, and it seems, deeper crimes. From the unspeakably corrupt Kathleen Harris, to the party diddling of absentee ballots, to prepunched ballots for blacks, to refusing to give voters new ballots when they spoiled theirs, to throwing 8-12,000 innocent voters off rolls for being felons, inc. an election supervisor (by Texas Com. info); Repubs have been running a crooked shell game- jimmying, juggling, distorting till things come out their way. Like the Nazi’s they’ve waged total war, ignoring all constitutional, chivalrous, or patriotic niceties. Anything that restricted them was degraded, derided, ridiculed, slandered: courts, judges, county commissioners + supervisors. The fact that Gore will win by ½ million votes (when all absentee ballots have been counted in NY + elsewhere), that he had a 21 elector lead outside w/o Florida, a 20,000 vote lead in FL if voting hadn’t been so ruined, and a 2000 vote lead if they simply COUNTED THE VOTES, didn’t matter. Bush HAS TO WIN. Bush WINS OR ELSE. That’s GB2’s kinder gentler America- that’s the Halloween mask of his u-NI-ter talk ripped off. The FL legislature, packed with hard-right religious nutcakes, has decided they will attempt a raw naked power grab- Bush wins, or Gore loses- you decide. Feeney’s loony schemes were supposedly responsible for Jeb’s first loss (was his leut)- he wanted to put “Preserve Life” on every license plate.



Incredibly the spineless US Supremes, who non-decided to maybe invalidate the FL Supremes eminently reasonable extension, damaged every court in America: interpreting and resolving conflicting statues is what they do!! They shouldn’t have even taken this case. Think Supreme appointments aren’t important? Imbecile token Thomas has asked one question in 9 years and mirrored Scalia on almost every vote. Will they reverse the badly split FL Supremes, who seemed ready to allow the Repubs from the best blatant election theft in modern history? Niz nye-oh. What was tremendously depressing and shameful was the drumbeat of putrid pundits who instructed Al to resign for, well, the good of no one. He won + he should have made that case strongly in his famous Nov 14? Appearance, where he looked like a Mr. Rogers Matrooshka that was cracking to pieces. His mistakes in this campaign were legion, from turning down the greatest campaigner in history’s help, to changing his approach + appearance + tactics at the drop of a consultant’s hat.



While commentators of all stripes rhapsodized about Sanders Saul’s firmness, he actually is a low-grade cracker with great reason to hate the FL Supreme Court- they removed him from his job as Chief Justice for outrageous favoritism + he was overruled on the voting extension. His contempt for Gore’s lawyer was obvious from the beginning. He is a Wallace Democrat, not a current one. The idiocy of his ruling was evident in his ruling that Gore hadn’t proven the likelihood that a recount would change the result. A fly landing on a pollworker’s nose would’ve changed the result!!!!!!!!!  It’s now 1 part in a million, or the ratio of climbing a 1300 ft hill compared to flying to the moon.

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Published Tuesday, November 28, 2000, in the Miami Herald

North Florida 'good ol' boy' thrust into judicial limelight - Jurist had own crisis as leader

BY STEVE BOUSQUET   sbousquet@herald.com

TALLAHASSEE -- N. Sanders Sauls was hearing domestic violence cases in rural Wakulla County Monday when he inherited the court case that would transmit his North Florida drawl into every living room in America by dinnertime.

The 59-year-old circuit judge -- a Democrat who reached the bench with the help of a Republican governor -- divides his docket between Tallahassee and Wakulla County, but he might not be going back to Crawfordville anytime soon, now that he's in charge of Albert Gore, Jr. and Joseph I. Lieberman vs. Katherine Harris, et al. Sauls, assigned the case randomly by a courthouse computer, is the latest Florida judge to be drawn into the seemingly bottomless legal quagmire that is the 2000 presidential election.

Sauls' rural Jefferson County roots and his political résumé seem the very embodiment of a North Florida good ol' boy, and nothing he said inside Courtroom 3-D on Monday dispelled the image.

``Sandy'' Sauls, as he is known, is no stranger to crisis himself.


Two years ago, in a highly unusual move, he was forced by the Florida Supreme Court to step down as chief judge of the six-county Second Judicial Circuit because of what the justices called ``the continuing disruption in the administration of justice'' at the courthouse in downtown Tallahassee.

In a bizarre series of events, Sauls cast the deciding vote in a secret ballot by 21 judges to uphold the firing of court administrator Tom Long, who questioned Sauls' decision to bypass a selection panel and hire the judge's hand-picked choice to run a guardian ad litem program, even though she had no experience working with abused children.

Sauls' choice, Shannon Lord, was a close friend of the daughter of long-time Gadsden County Sheriff W.A. Woodham, a close friend of Sauls'.



After Sauls accused Long of being ``disloyal,'' three bailiffs ordered employees out of Long's office and secured the office door with a bicycle lock.

Long, who had already left work, got the news of his termination when co-workers called him at home.

``In view of the continuing disruption in the administration of justice in the Second Judicial Circuit, the Court accepts the resignation of N. Sanders Sauls and removes him as Chief Judge of the Second Judicial Circuit, effective immediately,'' said the high court's unanimous opinion, dated Nov. 10, 1998.

``When he was chief judge, he was seen as pretty autocratic,'' said Ion Sancho, Leon County's elections supervisor. ``I'm a collegial kind of guy. Don't order me. Cooperate with me.''

Gov. Bob Martinez, a Republican, appointed Sauls to the bench on Oct. 2, 1989, replacing George Harper, who was seriously ill with terminal cancer.


 REPRIEVE AT 11:57pm

Although they could have done this 3 weeks ago and saved us all this torment, the FL Supremes came through to demand a recount just as I was about to leave for a supermarket and beat a random Bushman silly, then scream how I was a Sore Loserman.

Lewis set a ridiculously short deadline for completion of the undervote count- no way all these disparate counties can get people and observers together on a weekend, segregate the undervotes, count them, and send them in in 26 hours. Repubs counties will have huge incentive to delay- some won't even bother- and with partisan passions running this high, will be using "Chicago counting" in new MSNBC semi-prostitute Pat Caddel's words. Then the results will be sent to the Slanted Secretary Kathy. NO!! Send them to the court. She can't be trusted. Adept lawyer Boise (or is that Idaho) is great at lawyering, but often low on common sense. Can you believe dumbo Judge Lewis gives out his fax number on national TV??  Gee, I wonder if it will work near the deadline or if Repub terrorists will flood it? Bush hack Beck was talking such gibberish, nobody understood him- so even the judge had enough of what obviously designed to confuse and delay. And that Bay Co. lawyer- undervote, overvote, no-vote, nonvote, demi-vote, un-vote. Bay Co. allegedly had a suitcase of absentee ballots dumped on them by Repub operatives illegally (3:1 for Bush)- the heavily Democratic county went heavily for Bush. They have reason to shut this all down. Every day brings another instance of Repub malfeasance. If Bush becomes Pres., the lowland of Florida might disappear under the globally warmed rising ocean. Biblically.


The endless adventure continues and I still can't shut off this damn TV. The drone of this soul-sucking machine and constant adrenaline jags have wiped me out. Imagine how Big Al or the Smirking Shrub feel (curses, robbed again). They'll be talking about this one in 150 years- the election of Y2K.


FLORIDA’S SLANTED SECRETARY  see with proper fonts-  http://members.tripod.com/msnoh/slanted.htm

When we first met Kathleen Harris, she was giving the wrong vote numbers to the press: the 700-odd, not the 327, vote difference, but something was obviously churning below the surface. “We will do our duty,” she proclaimed, meaning of course, her office’s duty to hold a fair and honest election. But there was another duty, her duty as W’s FL campaign chairman to deliver Florida for the Texas Governor. Only one would be met. First cruelly lampooned for her makeup choices, the press backed off after the FL legislature gave her a standing ovation. Strange heroes for strange times. But Ms. Harris deserves a second + third look- in fact, if she remains in America, she will likely spend years in court and even jail.


Her legal mistake, as opposed to continual unfair partisan outrages, was her ordering the various election boards to STOP HAND COUNTING ballots. “Therefore, unless the discrepancy …. is caused by incorrect election parameters or software errors, the county board is not authorized to manually recount ballots for the entire county.” This was rendered in writing Mon Nov 13 as an “advisory” opinion to ever-cautious Judge Chas. Burton of the famous Palm Beach butterfly and the other 3 hand-counting counties, and communicated before in statements from her. Trouble is, this is wrong- totally completely wrong: a hand recount needs no misconduct, no errors, no machine problems, no fraud- the only thing it requires is a candidate’s or campaign manager’s request within 72 hours of the election. That’s what the law on manual recounts says- not a word about any problems- it’s only subject to a candidate’s request and the county canvassing board’s agreement.


When Harris sent that off, she lost the title of Sec. of State and become only Bush campaign cochair. She had to knock out those 22,000 uncounted votes for Bush to win, and she succeeded in Palm Beach and Dade - the doubt and confusion delayed things enough. Once the Bush forces recovered from the election shocks, that’s been their tactic: delay, block, obfuscate; slander the counters, canvassers, courts- anyone that rules against them, scream fraud, demagogue the military ballots, encourage the legislature to overrule the people. Not the tactics of a unifier, but a di-VI-der. Only Volusia Co.(Daytona) managed through able managership and Herculean effort to hand-count all the ballots before Iron Kathy’s first deadline (Nov 14). “That was the determination of the canvassing board… and they have every right to do that (agree to a hand count),” said Volusia Election Supervisor Deannie Lowe. Lowe was savagely criticized by the Repubs and press for several mistakes and wild rumors (a 25,000 vote computer memory error there caused the networks to call the Presidency for Bush); just into the hand recount- her stepfather died- and she couldn’t even mourn or plan the funeral. Some took their duty more seriously.


Harris also failed to issue any standards on how to count votes- 1,2, or 3 corner, indented, etc- though that was her job- and that became a huge arguing point for the Bushmen: that there were no standards. She was too busy suing to stop people’s vote from being counted. The best and fastest technique, seeing light through the hole, was quickly ridiculed and discredited by the Bushmen. It would have worked, too fast (using large slide light-trays). The Florida Supreme Court should have removed her for cause- an outrageous conflict of interest, ordered hand counts in all FL counties to be completed in 2 weeks, and defined a countable vote. That could have led to a fair settlement.


Ever functioning as Bush’s agent, she proudly denied the 215 Palm Beach Gore votes that came 2 hours after the deadline- she even denied the 155 additional votes that were sent in time. Against state law, she accepted the first count from Nassau County (which had a discrepancy) not the machine recount (+52 Gore). The Miami-Dade board, co-opted by Miami’s murky political stew, didn’t even send in the 157 votes they found for Gore in the small portion they did count before they were “shut down” by Tom DeLay’s Cong. rioters.


According to the London Guardian, Harris erroneously booted 9000-12,000 voters (disproportionately black) off the rolls for supposedly being felons 5 months before the election – only 8000 were reinstated. Given all that’s happened- huge numbers of motor voters (license added) never added to the roles, blacks allegedly issued pre-punched ballots- I’m reluctantly beginning to consider that there was something beyond incompetence working here. The Bushes play dirty- read the Newsweek account of what they did to John McCain.


Harris’s actions weren’t just partisan, they were incredibly corrupt, and may yet be viewed as election or Constitutional crimes. If Bush becomes President and makes her ambassador to Chad, she may find her citizenship revoked by the coming Democratic Congress. She was simply willing to do anything for the Governors Bush. Her sanctimonious comments on certifying these rotten totals were a final thumb in the eye, “Our American democracy has triumphed.. this is a victory in which we can take.. pride + comfort. The true winner.. is the rule of law.” Really?


GET ALFRED E. NEUBUSH POSTER -    http://www.thenation.com/


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