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Feb 5, 1999


STM President Mike Snow is in Washington presenting a list of petitioners to key liberal Republican Senators as the conclusion of a 4 month effort to stop this reckless impeachment. Saturday (Jan 23rd) he placed the book of 1000 petitioners (a sample of many more) and impassioned letters from Hawaii to Virgin Islands, Alaska to Europe into the hands of Senators Gorton, Jeffords, + Grassley (only ones who were there). Chafee, Thompson, Specter, Lugar + Stevens received a handbill in large letters: IS THERE ONE REPUBLICAN SENATOR WITH THE COURAGE TO DECLARE THEY WILL VOTE TO ADJOURN??? On Mon (Jan 25th) the petition book was delivered (mostly) to the chiefs of staff of Chafee, Snowe, Collins, McCain, Warner, Dominici, Stevens, Specter, and Hatch with a 5-30 minute argument to STOP the MADNESS.

On Feb 4 + 5th, a revised book with 10 more pages of petitions was delivered to Sen. Shelby- AL, Gordon Smith-OR, Rod Grams- MN, Russ Feingold- WI, Ben Campbell- CO, Spencer Abraham- MI; and several key democrats- Patsy Mink, Reed, John Kerry. (Will also give one to Kennedy + the White House.)

With a popular Internet Website (#1 on "stop impeachment" search on Yahoo) that contains 110 pages of articles, arguments, sample letters, bumper stickers, group e-mail and fax numbers + addresses for House Judiciary, swing House, and swing Repub Senators; people outraged by the witchhunt against Pres. Clinton have had a place to express their feelings. Those feelings are now being delivered to the key players at the crucial point of this miserable soap opera. The petition is actually a Fire Ken Starr petition- and will be presented to Janet Reno at the conclusion of this trial. (perhaps with hundreds of thousands more signers)

Viewing the proceedings from the Senate gallery, Snow thinks it unbelievable: "Sometimes you have to pinch yourself to believe that they’re actually trying the President of the United States over this petty stupid nonsense. All 3 branches of government have been twisted into knots to destroy one man. A German tourist said to me, ‘What you are doing to President Clinton, one wouldn’t do to his worst enemy’ ". Formed in Hawaii the organization has been on a long and exhausting odyssey. "This has motivated thousands of non-political people to band together not only to prevent this brazen coup, but to punish the Republicans for their brutal disregard of the Constitution, public will, and any standard of fairness."