Appeal to Republicans + Address to Congress

THINK about what you are doing! You are, if you continue this perverse persecution of Clinton, going to create a legacy of hatred and anger that will last for a decade; one that may be displayed against the Republicans in Nov... because Americans aren't stupid and they know they are behind this vendetta. These charges don't even warrant an impeachment inquiry- listen to the voice of the people.. not the drumbeat of the press, which is trumpeting this to sell papers and soap, or Gingrich, who doesn't care how much damage he does to the country and world. You are violating the Constitution by pursueing Impeachment over these petty offenses. Releasing Clinton's testimony is A CRIME, a criminal violation of privacy that will rebound on you in Gotcha secret taping, investigations, and sexual revelations that almost none of you are immune from. You have a higher patriotic duty- to not tie the country up in knots while a worldwide economic collapse happens, to not irreparably damage the office of the Presidency, to not fiddle while Rome burns. What Republicans seem to want is the overthrow of an overwhelmingly popularly elected president by other means. In other countries that's called a coup. __________________________________________________________


"My fellow Americans. We have a serious decision to make. Are we going to systematically destroy a legitimately and overwhelmingly elected President over MINOR personal transgressions that 60-70% of you are guilty of also. Is their NO LIMIT to our hypocrisy? Dan Burton, a virulent critic of Clinton (who thought Vince Foster was "murdered") just confessed to having a 10 year old secret child by a mistress. How many of you have similar secrets- how many of you could withstand a 5 hour legal interrogation of your private sex life by a hatchet man of the opposite party? Big surprise- Mr. Starr thinks there were impeachable crimes- if he didn't he would have considered to have failed, but he has used tactics and methods acceptable ONLY IN A POLICE STATE. And in forcing the Secret Service to testify he's endangered every president and come close to treason. Even after 4 years, he found NO REAL CRIMES so he's resorted to detailing Mr. Clinton's sex life. Releasing this one-sided vicious report to the public is one of the greatest violation of privacy and decency ever committed in America. And it may drive Mr. Clinton from office. But I ASK YOU, IF WE DO THIS TO OUR PRESIDENT, the leader of the free world, WHO IS IMMUNE?? And what has America become but a nasty neurotic destructive force, consuming our own leaders in an orgy of perverse media-satiation because of shallowness, emptiness, boredom, and politics. Are we just spectators in this malevolent "Truman Show" as Mr. Clinton is ripped to shreds by the lions... or are we the organizers? And who will be next?

Think, if you can, of the national good; of our sworn enemies rubbing their hands at how we are consuming ourselves- of Bin Laden, preparing for the next mass-murder of Americans; of Hussein- accumulating his chemical and biological weapons. Pakistan and India are close to NUCLEAR WAR- who will talk them down from the brink, if not us? And who talks better, in the last century, than Mr. Clinton? The rest of the world thinks WE ARE INSANE to be doing this- sexual dalliances are the rule rather than the exception across the world. And the world is hovering on the edge of a TOTAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE- if Germany or Latin America totter or our stock market really crashes, this persecution of the only man who could stabilize and rally the world could provoke A WORLD-WIDE DEPRESSION. Is this to be our gift to the new Millennium, immersed in our blithe self-centeredness?

You are treating this Starr Report with gravitas and dignity. But it deserves only the trash can- it is sewage by a prurient man obsessed with justifying his own abuses, designed to disgust. WE ALL LIE ABOUT SEX: when we're young we say we've had it when we haven't, when we're older we say we haven't had it when we had; older still it reverses again. We had no RIGHT to ask these questions of the President and he should have never answered them. "Obstruction of Justice" is when Mob thugs threaten witnesses, not when a victim of an unfair witch hunt discusses defense strategies. Where is our sense of scale, our innate sense of fairness, our sense of decency? If we pull the Presidency down so wantonly and carelessly, will it ever be rebuilt? What person in their right mind would want to be President, under such conditions?

If I hear one more time how Mr. Clinton "took advantage of 'poor' Monica", I'll retch. Monica Lewinsky is a talentless spoiled Beverly Hills rich girl who targeted Mr. Clinton- with a "Vanity Fair" magazine spread, millions for a book deal, and world-wide fame that will open doors forever: she's hit the jackpot of American Celebrityhood. But why'd she turn over the dress?

Democrats are disgusted and running scared now (which is why the report was rushed out), but Republicans have every reason to fear a backlash from a public disgusted by the un-Americanism of this persecution. The American people have always been far more mature and responsible about this issue than us- that's why Clinton's popularity levels have stayed at record levels (of ANY President). I ask you, I beg you, STOP THIS MADNESS NOW, for the sake of the country, world, and your own self-respect. Or reap the consequences of the trash culture you've created, respected and honored.