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Dear Senator,


            We strongly urge you to reject the nomination of John Ashcroft for Attorney General. He is the worst nominee for any cabinet position in the last half-century, way too extreme in philosophy and position to hold this sensitive and powerful position. Top-cop is not the place for someone who would deliberately violate the boundaries of church and state, someone who believes that birth control should be prohibited, let alone abortion, someone who has shown his contempt for the Constitution by conspiring to oppose and delay Judicial nominees for years, someone whose commitment to civil rights and the environment is negligible, someone who would endorse and expand the imprisonment of 2 million citizens by stiffening draconian drug penalties.


Please don’t adhere to the royalist notion that you can’t oppose a fellow Senator, another member of “The Club”. After this tawdry bitter election, that attitude smacks of another form of corruption. Don’t presume you must find a smoking gun to reject Ashcroft: his radical and reactionary principles are sufficient to render him inadequate (like the atrocious Clarence Thomas- we’ve seen the fruit of that bush). Coupled with 1-3 more appointments to the brazen right-wing Supreme Court, a hard-right AG could damage civil liberties in ways that would render America unrecognizable in a decade. The Afghan Taliban and murderous mullahs of Iran demonstrate the risks of the fundamentalist path. Although Ashcroft is congenial and friendly, Advise and Consent isn’t an opportunity to rubber stamp acquaintances - it’s a sworn duty to make sure that unqualified or dangerous candidates aren’t handed powerful executive reins.


            Additionally, Ashcroft may be intended to fail: he may be a sacrificial lamb to appease and energize the extreme right-wing, and to give wounded Democrats some red meat to appease their outrage over the foul tricks of this election. If he is passed anyway, Democrats may as well lay down in the road to be rolled over, because it will be a signal that they are weak and perhaps afraid at the semi-coup that installed our new Loser-in-Chief. It’s a gesture of contempt to the vast center of the country.


All it would take is for 2-3 Democrats to state that he will not fly, or threaten a filibuster, and Bush would fold. Boxer, to her enormous credit, has. For the sake of our country, laws, and traditions, please do so and force Bush to chose a more mainstream candidate.