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--- indicates new record; SIGNED: are signers of the FIRE STARR petition

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To Congress + House of Representatives: Impeaching our president, President Clinton, on these charges and against the will of most Americans is outragous and should be stopped immediately! WORK ON SOME MEANINGFUL CENSURE THAT WOULD SEND A MESSAGE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE PRESIDENT THAT HIS BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE INSTEAD. This is not an impeachable crime!
Joan Owens Calloway,4814 Ethel, Wichita, Kansas 67220 Mother of 4 grown children and retired teacher P.S. My husband, children and friends feel as I do.
SIGNED: Kristine Stiles, Associate Professor, Duke University,Art & Art History,, DO NOT IMPEACH THIS PRESIDENT
SIGNED: jacek pollner 3408 132 S.W. unit #3 Lynnwood,wa-98037,
SIGNED: Joseph Byrd White 2573 Westwood Drive, Montgomery, AL 36108,,search
SIGNED: Susana C. Barrientos,3400 Poly Vista #13E, Pomona CA 91768,,
SIGNED: Jim Adams Lennebergplatz 3 Mainz 55124 Germany from TX dist 24, Criminal handling while Military in Iraq! Stop-It! The House has ignored the pleas of the American people. They've subverted and misused the Constitution. They've damaged and degraded our institutions and our democracy. They've thrown away two centuries of government stability and separation of powers. They've impeached the President. We will remember.
---Historians will some day record this as a witch hunt. I compare it to the out-of-control McCarthy era. You can turn it around. Please consider the consequences. Think hard and heavy and let your decision help to reunite this country
---Subject: A Public Awakening Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 10:13:23 -0800 Email to Hyde, Lott, et al. This is a sad day for our Nation and for American politics. It is an extremely frustrating day for the People of America. I am tired of watching our country denigrated, I am tired of politics and, most of all, I am tired of being ignored....I am tired of the demagoguery of Henry Hyde, Trent Lott and their cult of partisans. Mr. Hyde, how dare you reference our Constitution and Forefathers in the context of this debacle. Our Forefathers fought because we, as a People, had laws and actions thrust upon us without representation. This is EXACTLY what is happening now. The overwhelming majority of the American public does not want to impeach the President we elected. How can you sit there casting these votes, referencing our Constitution, our children, our People and your duty when you know that 70% of the People do not favor your actions? How is this different than the taxation imposed on us in 1776? ..The American public does not want to impeach the President. Are we just dumb or blind? Are we just not as insightful, vigilant and rigorous as you? Quite the opposite. We see this debacle for what it is. It is a manufactured, political vendetta. Do we agree with what President Clinton did? Absolutely not. But we also understand how we got here. This was a witch hunt, funded by tax dollars with nothing but political partisanship as the goal. The public understands that Clinton should never have been on the stand in the first place; no more than Livingston, Gingrich, Hyde or any of the other hypocrites living in their glass houses. There is no more honesty and integrity taking place in the House today than there was in any of the events leading up to this dark day. Stan Kramer
SIGNED: Julia Khorsand, 1429 grandview Ave Boulder colo. 80302,303 7957425,
SIGNED: Michele Stockham, 2001B Mesa drive Boulder, Colo. 80302,(303)245-8861,
SIGNED: Richard A. Klein, 310 Micasa Drive, Pendleton, South Carolina, 29670,, 864-646-5808
SIGNED: frank,dell plant mitchell putney ,georgia
SIGNED: John Stolworthy
SIGNED: Kathleen J. Wilverding, 2804 Madaline Drive, Avenel, NJ 07001, 732-636-2034,, Needed to do something about the impeachment. Feel President Clinton is getting a raw deal. Keep him in office
SIGNED: Lola W. Schoenfeld PO Box 492 Santa Margarita CA 93453, 805 4385432
----We strongly oppose the adoption of impeachment articles in the House. We urge the Congress to vote against the articles of impeachment on this day the 19 of December, 1998. Signed, Cornelia and Roger Eberhart, North Mankato, Minnesota
--- other nations across the world (Who might I add, do not understand why it is that are congress is spending so much time and effort on such a ridiculous subject - Secretary of State Madeline Albright) What fools we must look like to the international community when we cannot even stand together in the face a dictator who possesses the ability to produce weapons of mass production if we do not act swiftly. These representatives were placed into office for the sole purpose of representing the people. While in most cases we put our faith in these men and women to use their best judgement in passing laws and making decisions , it is apparent that these paid officials (taxpayer money) are not listening to what their employers are telling them to do. It is time for the representitives of the house and congress to begin to realize that they have a duty to accurately represent the feelings of the people in their district. Finally, I believe strongly that the president should not be impeached for the crimes which he may have committed (perjury). -A.J. Danboise Son Inc."
SIGNED: Tina L. SErgent, 8622 Ousley Drive, Gilroy, CA 95020 (408) 842-8856
SIGNED: Aaron Pelcher, 4355 S. Durango Dr. #204, Las Vegas NV 89147 (702) 247-6783,
SIGNED: Ivory Richardson SR,San Jose, Ca, 408-388-9186,, This is a travesty of justice, stop this madness and do what's right for the country. As citizens of a free and democratic society, we elect representatives who are supposed to listen to the voices who put them in power. I've voted republican a big percentage of the time. I'll do everything possible to make sure none of these so called Republicans and fence sitting Democrats get elected to office again. It's amazing how many Republican family men are coming forward and admitting they've sin...they're not coming forward on their own accord, only when they find out that a newspaper or TV show is going to break the news, simply amazing, hypocrites appear to be in an endless supply in Congress.
SIGNED: Brian & Barbara Satterfield, 341 E Lacey Ave, Hayden, ID 83835, (208) 762 0799,
=---Jim (JAG)James A. Geffert5197 Hibbetts DriveLas Vegas, NV 89103 702-868-1633 DO NOT IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT.
Karen and Richard Val Mohney,Seattle, WA
SIGNED: Debra Bennett,Rt 1 Box 629, Tn Ridge, Tn. 37178, 931-721-3396
SIGNED: Mary Ellen Stadtmueller, 5451N.HollywoodAve.,WhitefishBay,WI,414-332-1717,
"helen023" andrea"
To: Subject: donot impeach my presidentJoe Sipple SIGNED: Sheila Ann Pike, 24102 Pan
If the Republicans succeed in impeaching the President, they will live to regret it. I willexercise my right to vote you out of office. Kema C. M. Fisher
SIGNED: Lee Sipple / SAY NO TO IMPEACHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!It's just a shame we have Republican idiots that could care less about the business of the country."Republican leadership"--isn' t that contradictory? Keep up the good work, and we'll prevail in the end, andthe country will head in the right direction again.
Ashley Mason Paintsville, Kentucky
"James Runyan"
To: SIGNED: Michael R. Erickson, 4977 Campanaro Lane, White Bear Lake,MN.651-426-7058,
>SIGNED: Ann Lederman, Brooklyn NY
>SIGNED: noralee sherwood 2413 n.e. 45th st, vancouver, wa 98663 (360)695-5440,
>SIGNED: Herb Potzus, 5754 N. Winthrop, Chicago, Il, 60660,
From: Sandy Uusitalo
SIGNED: Thomas F. Kinsora 6013 Golden Saddle Las Vegas, NV 89130 (702) 396-0699,e-mail,
SIGNED: Richmond L. Porter 808 499 3494 4998 b e.ehiku ewa beach Hi >rlp71
SIGNED: Debbie Kinsora, 6013 Golden Saddle, Las Vegas, NV 89130 702-396-0699,
SIGNED:christine boyle,1989 cavendale dr, rockhill,sc29732(803)817-6389,
SIGNED: Jon and Marianne Swan, 2317 Clayton-Southfield Rd, Southfield, MA 01259
Arretez l'impeachment de M. Le President des Etats Unis d'Amerique >alain gamache
>SIGNED: Paul Morse, 18679 NE 56th Ct, Redmond, Wa 98052,
The impeachment proceedings are a travesty. I do not care about this level of detail of apresidents sexual life and his conductin this specific matter has nothing to do with the office to which he was elected.
SIGNED: Terry Beartusk, 16 Country Estates Drive, sheridan, WY 82801 STOP this Madness!
>SIGNED: Michael E Miller, 976 Pinon Dr, Martinez, CA 94553,
SIGNED: Peter Pleger, 17129 Kelok Road, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034, email,
SIGNED: Kendall W. Bryant, 1540 Trenton #55, Orange, Ca 92867, 714-288-0053
>SIGNED: Donella Bryant, 1540 Trenton #55, Orange, Ca 92867, 714-288-0053
SIGNED: Patty L. Bryant, 10162 Verde Lomas, Villa Park, Ca 92861, 714-637-6870
>SIGNED: JeDonn Bryan, 10162 Verde Lomas, Villa Park, Ca 92861,714-637-6870
Helen and John Griffith, 1301 Bay Drive North, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
SIGNED: Renee Sutton, 27545 Buffalo Grass Point, Calhan, CO 80808, (719) 683-7366,
SIGNED: Mat Rotman, Milton, Ma, 617-3330020,
SIGNED: donnellda L. Rice,Burke, VA
Rosita S. Alvarez,, CITC - Corporate Systems Support, CP - H3016
SIGNED: Snesser, New York City,
SIGNED: Mary Alice Lyons, 337 S. Bonsall Rd., Coatesville, PA 19320, 610-857-5950,
SIGNED: Charles Grumbling,205 Race St,Philadelphia,PA,19106,215-627-1340, ------dashes indicate start of new record; SIGNED are signers of FIRE STARR petition, others are letters to Congress and Stop the Madness (us)

---I feel strongly that the lies President Clinton told and the acts he committed do not rise to the level of impeachable offenses. I am an attorney and strongly support and respect our justice system. I am also the mother of 4 elementary aged children who ask questions about what has been going on. I don't have any trouble explaining to my children that President Clinton made some bad mistakes and that he should be punished for those mistakes. I also don't have any trouble explaining to them that some punishments would be too harsh and others not enough. The same rule applies to them; not every wrongdoing is punished the same way. I also don't have any problem explaining to them the positive things that President Clinton has done for this country and for the world. Please take note of my strong conviction that I don't want President Clinton impeached. Carol S. Allenza
SIGNED: Ramiro Gallegos, 1041 Caldwell Rd., Garland, TX 75041,
SIGNED: Tony Licon,11860 Chandler Blvd CA 91607, 818-760-0870,
SIGNED: Martha E. and Jose L. Machuca, 125 E. Marguerita, Garland, TX 75040,,
SIGNED: Mary Monaghan 4 Henry St So Deerfield Ma 01373 413 665 7532
SIGNED: Paul Rodriguez,2167 Lonsdale St,{805} 484-1545,
I demand Congress cease the ABSURD inpeachment Inquiry.
SIGNED: ronald scott adams, 8 vista way, fairfax, california 94930 415-453-9659
SIGNED: ARTHUR D GOLDSTEIN,& MURIEL GOLDSTEIN 5 Tideway, Great Neck, N.Y., (516) 487 2657, e-mail

---Dear Congressperson, I am appalled that you possibly are caught up in the blood frenzy that is on the verge of tying the country up in a stupid impeachment trial that trivilizes the constitution and makes partisan mockery of the impeachment process. Please consider your vote carefully. There is simply no way that history will view recent behavior by right-wing zealots in congress as anything other than the political vendetta that it is. Sincerely, Nicolas Shumway, Director, Institute of Latin American Studies, Tomas Rivera Professor of Spanish American Literature, Tele: 512-471-5551,Fax: 512-471-3090

Must you schedule a debate on impeachment while bombs are falling and our armed forces are in harm's way? The Commander in Chief has other things on his mind. Undermining the armed forces during war used to be called, "Giving Aid and Comfort to the Enemy." Don't think for a moment that the world is not watching what you do, and in particular, the enemies of the United States. Your focus on consensual sexual hanky panky at a time like this is sick, gentlemen, sick. Let's talk about sex, lies and semen stains another time. There is no compelling reason to do it NOW. Jim (JAG) James A. Geffert 5197 Hibbetts Drive Las Vegas, NV 89103 JGEFFERT@ISAT.COM 702-868-1633

SIGNED: Barbara Vasco DiLullo, The individuals with no sin, cast the first stone. Stop wasting the taxpayers money with this witch hunt. My vote is cast DO NOT IMPEACH OUR PRESIDENT> We need a president for the people, Pres. Clinton is for the people. The real issue to be addressed are: Homelessness, child abuse, social security, Medicare / Medicaid cuts, poverty(we are supposedly the richest country but yet poverty abounds. This inquisition is draining our resources. Stop the insanity and help the majority of the people not the few rich, ego centric, power hungry FEW. DO NOT IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT.
Karen and Richard Karrich,
---The impeachment hearings, in my opinion, are an attempt by the Republican majority to displace the will of the people. It is an embarrassment to me that Congress is continuing this spectacle. President Clinton made some morally inappropriate decisions for which he has apologized to the nation. He must live with the humiliation, public ridicule and lack of trust that his actions have caused. Censure is enough. Pushing to impeach the president seems to be a superifical and temporary pursuit of political power, in the end it will serve no one. The Republicans who claim a vote to impeach is one of conscience must surely refer to the conscience of vengence. If this impeachment passes, I will work to defeat all things Republican in the future. Let the national agenda return to issues that are important and relevant. Val Mohney, Seattle, WA,
SIGNED: William Monroe 2722-7 Dawson Rd Albany Ga 31707 912-4390114
---STOP this madness & get real. What are you people doing to our great country trying to take over (a coup) & ruin our government. Enough is enough . . . . wake up before its too late. I don't condone lying & it needs to be punished but this is ridiculous! Never have I seen such craziness & a witchhunt as you republicans. Shame, shame, shame! I would never again vote for one of you. I hope you all get yours someday. SIGNED: Joan M. Dean, PO Box 282, Gambrills, MD 21054, 301-621-9183
SIGNED: Kirk Hicks, P.O. BOX 101, NEWLLANO, LA 71461, 318-238-3075,
SIGNED: Lori J. Gee, 121 Brook Lane, Wrightsville, PA 17368, (717)252-4667,, surfing.
SIGNED: Filibuster the republicans out of office Kevin Saxon 4708 Falstone Ave Ch Ch Md 20815 5560 301652 8244
SIGNED: William Monroe 2722-7 Dawson Rd Albany Ga 31707 912-4390114 wmonroe@gonetrix.
---mooncalf@mooncalf.netThe GOP are already percieved as panderers to the Religious Christian Right; this sudden intrest in the morality of this issue is seen as farther evidence of back-scratching between a major political party and a group that often crosses the line of seperation of Church and State.
Lucas Quinn ---I deeply feel my rights are being violated and I want to participate in a public protest in Washington. Petitions and calls are not enough. I have never felt strongly about any political issue. A massive protest at the House of Representatives should be mobilized. I'm talking on the scale of Vietnam. The Republican party is severly abusing its power and underming the Constitution of the United States. We must stop them. I have no experience with this. Please tell me how we can proceed. I am enraged that the Republican party is trying to undo the decision of the American people. An extremely large and disruptive demonstartion needs to be made. I live in Louisian, but am eager to fly to Washington DC to participate, and we should mobilize people nationwide immediately.
SIGNED: Barbara Vasco DiLullo, 128 Cynwyd Road, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004, --I am contacting you to express my total disgust with this impeachment of President Clinton. This movement is full of hypocrisy, viciousness, and total disregard of the will of the citizens of the country. We are not so naive that we cannot tell political opportunism from true moral outrage. In the interests of the country, and the future of the two party system, STOP THIS NOW! Christopher R. Pedrick 1 Periwinkle Lane Ipswich, MA 01938
--Don't give in to the hypocritical, sourgraped Republican party! You may believe that this isn't the Republicans out to get our President but it is. Vote how the American people want you to vote. Vote NO to impeachment!!!!!!!!! Stop this witchhunt and farce right now before it's too late! If this vote goes thru for impeachment all of Washington will hear the American People's anger thru major protests and voting assholes who don't listen to us and waste our money out of office. The American People are tired, embarrassed with Congress, and we're angry. Please listen to us and vote NO for impeachment!
SIGNED: Bonnie Kilgore, PO Box 332 Trenton, GA 30752.

----Stop this madness! This is politics at its worst! I find it extremely hard to believe that anybody voting for impeachment actually thinks they have the country's best interest at heart - looks a lot like personal vindictive agendas from here. The religious right, slobbering over all those juicy tapes . . . is a truely disgusting picture. A trip to their local adult bookstore would have been a lot cheaper and a lot less divisive. Clinton's error was in his private life and that is where it should have stayed. It was none of our business and should never have affected any of us. He should never have been TRAPPED into dealing with them in public and especially not in front of a Grand Jury. That is your shame. There is no basis for any of this. Had it come up in a divorce trial - that would be a different matter. Miss Monica was not forced into anything. Had she been a victim, pressured and manipulated into an unwanted relationship - that too would be another matter. She was not!! And boy is that the understatment of the century! Congress is giving the country an ugly black eye and its showing signs of turning into a really nasty infection that threatens us all. A lot of politicians are smelling blood right now as the feeding frenzy intensifies. What happened to our healtthy democracy? You're all busy rephrasing questions for the next poll, so that impeachment won't seem quite so out of line. We the public made it clear a long time ago that we were sick and tired of the whole thing - disgusted with the process and disappointed with our elected officials. There are a lot of us that haven't been very vocal or active over the years. That is about to change I think. To those of you voting for impeachment, this is far beyond a threat. It is a solemn promise. Sincerely Jim Hampson Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 09:56:03 -0500
---The continued effort of the Republicans to impeach the President must be stopped. If this is the revolution Newt predicted, we face a serious threat to alter the basic structure of the American government. The only driving motive seems to be the personal dislike if not hatred for Clinton. Such personal feelings is not a valid reason to continue with this insanity. vr/Ed Lukanuski, (Louise A Guerrant) !! I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT !!! I went to bed past midnight last night because of studying for my last final of the semester!!! I wake up & find you voting for impeachment . . . . . Whether or not we like the timing .. ... even if you -- or I myself --think the timing is questionable . ... we have troops in Iraq whose lives' are in danger. My nephew may be one of the women & men in Iraq . . . .& you're still going to hold this reprehesible vote !!! !!! YOU ARE IGNORING MY VOTE!!!!!! YOU ARE IGNORING THE VOTE OF THE MAJORITY OF OUR COUNTRY!!! !!! THOSE WHO VOTE FOR IMPEACHMENT ARE FIRED !!!! ---Nicholas A. Baer-Seltzer" SIGNED: C. Laspisa, ---I am fed up with the Republicans in Congress. The obvious conspiracy to overturn the peoples vote for President angers me. There is no longer such a thing as a moderate Republican. I am registered as a independent but will join in support of the Democrats. The Republicans have been successful in deteriorating the office of the President, the US Constitution and the confidence of the American people. Out with them all! esp. Brian Bilbray, who has proven the backing of his extremist Republican buddies are more important then the will of the people who elected him. Dustin L. Tano,4822 Del Monte Ave.,San Diego, CA 92107,
SIGNED: John Zic, 239 Nevada Avenue, Pt. Richmond, CA 94801, (510)233-1137,
SIGNED: Mary Cutler, 26o Lake Road,Brick, New Jersey 08724,,
SIGNED: Ben Dorcy, 239 Nevada Avenue, Point Richmond, CA 94801, (510) 233-1137, (Karen E. Lanning) SIGNED: Karen Lanning POBox 201, Round Top, TX 78954, 409 249 5227, The Real Abuse of Power lies in The Republican Congress + The committee. Censure is the right path for the COUNTRY.
SIGNED: Melanie Martin and Sue Brennen, (206)725-1468, 5418 S. Brandon St. Seattle, WA 98118,
SIGNED: Elisa Stabe, 3709 Burnett Lane, Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006, 215-947-2558,
SIGNED: Amy Ard,1224 Zimmer Dr Atlanta Ga, 404-872-1239,,
SIGNED: Dustin L. Tano, 4822 Del Monte Ave. San Diego CA 92107
SIGNED: Zachary Djimas, 49 oakwood ave, rye ny, 10580,
SIGNED: jonathan brown, 163 w 4th st., nyc 10014
SIGNED: Joseph MacMillan,284 Alsace Ave. Venice FL 34293,(941)497-7964,,
---Felton Macartney SIGNED: george wright 313 north "w" st. Lompoc, ca 93436,
SIGNED: Kay Adkins, P.O. Box 2001, Crestline, CA 92325,
SIGNED: Marilyn Brine Gilmour, 200 Winter Street, Holliston, MA 01746/ (508)429-9662.
---Kathleen Johnson,, Ever since Nixon was forced to resign, Republicans, a group of people I was taught to believe had the best interests of the country at heart, are proving to be just the opposite. Even in listening to debate today, the word `I' and MY' were heard with boring regularity. Everyone wants to assure the people of their personal virtue. Well, in the words of the Lord Jesus Christ, `let he who is without sin cast the first stone
SIGNED: roy grundstrom 7024 stanley rd va. 540-775-2235 /
--Subject: censure not impeach diane perkins Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 17:05:35 -0800
SIGNED: What the HELL are you people (Repubs) doing? Do you realize you are DESTROYING this country? Do you care? WE DO AND WE WILL REMEMBER AT THE POLLS!
SIGNED: Ann M. Whalley, 323 Monte Vista Ave #309, Oakland, CA94611, 510-655-4849,
SIGNED: Lisa Parizo,2350 Shelter Creek Lane, San Bruno, CA 94066,, --K Hill" Why are you doing this to your country? This is America NOT a third world country STOP helping the Republicans destroy this country!
---Please accept my deeply felt wish to avoid removing the best president we have had since they killed President Kennedy. I knew when President Clinton was elected, that they would either kill him or find another way to keep him from speaking for the masses. I write this knowing full well that it's like spitting in the wind. The representatives that are owned by the tobacco lobby, the gun lobby, the anti universal healthcare lobby, can not be reached by this plea. Their souls have long since deteriorated. This plea is to those that still have an independant mind. Maybe there's no such person in the congress. If that is true, it speaks of the tragic ignorance of the electorate. Pat Klotz
SIGNED: Lonnie Cross 155 Indian Bend Drive LaGrange, GA 30240
--- The pres. may have lied to the country." So what. . . the person that has to deal with the facts of all that happened between he and Lewinsky is the first Lady and NOT THE COUNTRY. I don't believe that it's any of our business. After all who of you out there are perfect enough to say "I've NEVER lied, or I've NEVER don ANYTHING WRONG." Not one of us. . . You stand for the people and what the people want, not what you as republicans would want for YOURSELVES. Imploringly I ask you to do the right thing, not for your satisfaction, but for the sake of this country and our future. Now is NOT the time for impeachment. You will have forsaken a nation if he is impeached. . . Sincerely, S. R. M.:SIGNED: Sandra R. Gallegos, 1041 Caldwell Rd., Garland, TX 75041,
SIGNED: Martha E. and Jose L. Machuca, 125 E. Marguerita, Garland, TX 75040,
SIGNED: Tony Licon,11860 Chandler Blvd CA 91607, 818-760-0870,
SIGNED: CHARLENE M PULLEY, P O BOX 17027, TAMPA, FL 33682 - 813-631-0437 MUSIC310@PRO
SIGNED: Sarah Egolf, Earlham College, Drawer# 961, 801 National Road West Richmond, In 47374-4095
SIGNED: Tricia R. Plank,2080 Poinciana Road,Winter Park, FL 32792
---It is high time Congress did what the American people hired them to do and that is to represent not impeach the president...if it is done, then it is time to get rid of congress!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1000’s more, but we're dancing as fast as we can. This defending the Presidency, upholding the Constitution, and mainyaining the Republic is hard work. MS