CITIZENS' LETTERS to CONGRESS + Fire-Starr Petition Signers

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--- : To the House of Representatives from Juliette Vos - a U.S. Citizen living in London: I would like very much for our elected representatives to stop wasting our money and their time pursuing the President for sexual peccadilloes. There must be more pressing matters on the agenda of the House than this. As an American abroad, I have been continually embarrassed bythe behavior of the House, Senate and the press. We are fortunate here to be able to escape the constant television and print discussion of such trivial issues. The president made a mistake that I'm certain many of you have as well. If his wife can forgive him, isn't that really all that matters. Censure him if you must, then get on with your jobs.

---DIANE BOYD" Please sign me up on your petition to stop the impeachment of President Clinton (who is no saint) by the Republicans (seeking to gain the White House at any cost). I am more worried over the future of our country by the Republican actions than by Mr. Clinton's sex life. SIGNED: Diane Boyd, 446 W. Harter Ave, Visalia, CA 93277, (209)625-4229,,

Walt Innenberg" This is a government "OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE", NOT OF THE REPUBLICANS BY THE REPUBLICANS AND FOR THE REPUBLICANS! THE PEOPLE RULE AND WE WIILL SPEAK AT THE NEXT ELECTIONS SHOULD YOU CONTINUE ON THIS PARTISAN COURSE! Are you listening Rep. Jerry Lewis?? As a registered voter, I will never again vote for another Republican if your actions continue, and am sure I am speaking for numerous others who are offended by your partisan approach to theproblem. Finally, I will say, IT'S THE PEOPLE, STUPID!! ROBERTA INNENBERG
SIGNED: David Troetschler, 482 La Baree Dr, Milpitas, CA 95035

To Congress + House of Representatives:Impeaching our president, President Clinton, on these charges and against the will of most Americans is outragous and should be stopped immediately! WORK ON SOME MEANINGFUL CENSURE THAT WOULD SEND A MESSAGE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THE PRESIDENT THAT HIS BEHAVIOR IS UNACCEPTABLE INSTEAD.This is not an impeachable crime!
Joan Owens Calloway, 4814 Ethel, Wichita, Kansas 67220: Mother of 4 grown children and retired teacherP.S. My husband, children and friends feel as I do.
SIGNED: Kristine Stiles, Associate Professor, Duke University,Art & Art History,, DO NOT IMPREACH THIS PRESIDENT
SIGNED: Eloise A. Briere, 52 Brookline Avenue, Albany, NY 12203, (518) 489-7001, e-mail:
SIGNED: Jean-Francois Briere, 52 Brookline Avenue, Albany, NY 12203, (518)489-7001, e-mail:
--PLEASE, Somebody who has some influence and can still do something‹while there's still time!Look up the term "sexual relations" in the Webster's Ninth New Collegiate Dictionary (that's the one we have, at least) for validation of the President's interpretation of what the term does and DOES NOT mean! How come this has never been brought up? "Mountain View Farm" Jan 11
SIGNED: Snesser, New York City , SIGNED: donnellda L. Rice, burke, va
SIGNED: Mat Rotman, Milton, Ma, 6173330020,
SIGNED: Deborah Jenson, 505 277-6344, 323c Ortega Hall, U. Of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM 87131,
SIGNED: Bart Grossman, 719 Madison Street, Albany, CA, 94706,,yahoo
Dec 12- SIGNED: Mary R. Klug 46 Parkview Terrace Drive San Pablo CA 94806, 510-233-0981 I am trying on my own to find out what I can do to stop this insanity, I never believed the impeachment inquiry would go this far, please tell me what I can do to make my voice heard.
---David Hord" Stop this impeachment. Our votes are being nullified. Don't overturn the election.
SIGNED: David and Sharon Hord, 3319 Frog Hollow Road, Jefferson City, Mo, 65109
SIGNED: Carolyn MSIGNED: Ann M. Winton, Ph.D. 100 riverside drive, Apt 15 E New York, N.Y. 10024
----- I was furious this morning when the papers and airwaves are filled with so much moral posturing by the Republicans. In the christian Bible, I believe there is a line about he who is above sin shall cast the first stone. Who is? Minsker, 215 Money Road, Townsend, DE 19734; 302-376-1511,
SIGNED: Sydney C. Winton 200 East 57th Street New York, N.Y. 10022. I am almost 91 years old, a lawyer and I cannot believe the audacity of the Repulbican Party
SIGNED: Richard Dooley, 21 Spinnaker Cove Dr., Midlothian, Va. 23112804-739-2832,,
SIGNED: Greg Martin 9442 Lost Trail Way ;
SIGNED: Mark Penxa,, stop the madness, NOW!
SIGNED: Sandi Ferguson, P.O. Box 1025, Bend, OR 97709, e-mail
SIGNED: Deborah Martinson 1600 Campus Rd. LA, CA 90041-3314
SIGNED: Elizabeth Fenn 51 West 81 Street, NY,NY10024 I am 84 years old and This is shameful
SIGNED: Robert Levering 330 East 79street NY 10023Laurie Friedman 211 East 53 Street NY 10022-Jerry Connorly 51 west 81 Street NY N10024
SIGNED: Ricki Simon, 10230 Julian St. Westminster CO ,303 469-0071,
SIGNED: Lindsay Vidal, 2109 Stepehns Walk Dunwoody, GA 30338,
---Patricia Everett These are phony charges.....My wish is that there is notimpeachment.
SIGNED: Gerald Trumbule, 1629 York St, Denver, CO 80206 jtrumbule@Why don't these guys stop lying and put the real story on the table. They do not like the politics as they are being practiced by President Clinton
SIGNED: Patricia Everett, 6211 Jefferson Street, Phila., PA. 19151, (215) 878-4697,
SIGNED: James&Loretta Tyson,968 Oakland Rd,Atkins,AR72823 This is to let you know I support your position. I do not want President Clinton impeached. Thanks for your time and effort- Dale Jones, 1043 Kimberly, Lansing, MI 48912
SIGNED: Gary D. Johnston, 221N. Central #C-90, Medford OR.
SIGNED: Shel Brucker, 12443 Deerbrook Lane, Los Angeles,
---The campaign affords a simple way for anyone to express the point of view that impeachment of President Clinton is "Not the Way"; and, asks participants to wear a symbol - specifically, a simple overhand knot, made of any material - that tells others, everyday, that impeachment is "(K)not the Way".
SIGNED: Tracey L. Kerchner,341 Lowland Rd., Hamburg PA, 19526
SIGNED: Michelle R. Sample, 43 Andover Way Hamilton NJ,
SIGNED: Cherie Seeman, 5186 Pursel Lane,
SIGNED: Michael Seeman, 5186 Pursel Lane, Carmel IN,
SIGNED: Michelle Sample, 43 Andover Way Hamilton NJ
SIGNED: Melanie Piske, Kokomo, IN,
----No one has done more for the total overall good of the family, local governments, and our country than Bill Clinton. And absolutely no one has done more for educational opportunities of all Americanyoung people and the down-to-earth "Fred Flinstones" of America than Bill Clinton. His personal life has had no detrimental bearings on his accomplishments whatsoever. Bill Clinton has transformed ourcountry from the ground up, righting obsolete and uncaring formerly "establishment" approaches all the way. With whom he spent inappropriate sexual moments is irrelevant. We need Bill Clinton. We need him desperately. What we do NOT need are envious "Holier than thou" people in office who do not pay any attentionwhatsoever to what the American people are indicating what they want. And the American people are screaming. The message trying to be conveyed is to KEEP BILL CLINTON IN OFFICE. The very foundation of our democracy indicates that people will rule, and rule through their chosen representatives. How long can these representatives who ignore the wishes of the American peoplestay in office. Why should they? Can they be so blind that they think that their way is the only way, regardless of what their own people are telling them! Not for long, is the answer. These electedofficials will meet their demise at the next election opportunity. THEY UNDERMINE THE MEANING AND FUNCTION OF DEMOCRACY. HOW CAN THE PEOPLE TRULY RULE IF THEY ARE BLATANTLY IGNORED?!!! We need Bill Clinton. No one has done more for good and been judged so harshly for evil alone. DO SOMETHING!!!! VOTE AGAINST IMPEACHMENT OF BILL CLINTON! YOU WILL BE VOTING TO RETAIN DEMOCRACY AS IT WAS INTENDED TO FUNCTION: BY THEPEOPLE, OF THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE.
Sincerely, Helen and John Griffith, 1301 Bay Drive North, Bradenton Beach, FL 34217
SIGNED: I fully support the petition to stop the impeachment Glenn Shamhart, 9940 La Reina Real, Orland Park, IL 60462 (708) 349-0363 ,
SIGNED: Denise Hassinger, 45 Catlin Avenue, Rumford, RI 401 431-0843,,
SIGNED: B. C. Biega, 69 Hidden Lake Drive, North Brunswick, NJ 08902732-821-6737;
SIGNED: Chad Hansen, 25 Sha Wan Dr. 13b/1 Pokfulam Hong Kong, , 852 2817 0001,,
SIGNED: James Fletcher, 1533 Elevado Street, Los Angeles, CA 90039, (213) 860-8812,, Protests planned?
SIGNED: c. clark, 11369 vfw. rd ,eaton rapids, mi 48827, ,Lansing State Journal
From: buck Save Address Block SenderDate: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 20:00:19 -0600 I strongly oppose the vote for impeachment taken today in thejudiciary committee. Freda Ledgerwood
SIGNED: Maurice Volaski, Philadelphia, PA
SIGNED: Anthony Puzzo, 181 Fairview Circle, Middle Island, New York 11953
SIGNED: GJ Schwam 4035 Crabapple Lake Ct Roswell Ga 30076, schwamg@yahoo.comFrom: "Glenn Schwam" Subject: What do you think we can do to stop this? Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1998 23:25:10
SIGNED: Kathie Peek, 3715 Pimlico Dr., Arlington, TX 76017 817-468-3200,
SIGNED: Darnell Hunt, 5434 Weatherford Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90008,213-293-3515,
SIGNED: Dr. Rene P. Garay, 45 Park Terrace West, #3A, New York, NY 10034, 212-304-8300, DO NOT IMPEACH!,
Dec 13: SIGNED: Ruth Benjamin, 3130 Cowley Way #1, San Diego, 92117(619)276-5916,
SIGNED: N. McLAUGHLIN Jay, NY : LISTEN to us, please! Vote AGAINST impeachment of Pres. Clinton
SIGNED: Thomas Tenorio, 2832 Cloudcroft Circle, Las Cruces, NM 88011,505-522-0340,
Jose Suarez Subject: No Impeachment!!!! Date: Sun, 13 Dec 1998 09:38
SIGNED: Linda L. Barris, HC67 Box 14E, Mount Ida AR 71957, 870-867-3204. I am furious that this moral inquistion continues.
---Terry Hart" SIGNED: Mike Salminen, 933 Minnesota St., Hibbing, MN, 55746, (218)263-6149,
SIGNED: kasthuri veeraraghavan 1229, oak knoll drive sanjose, ca 95129 kasthuri@
SIGNED: Maria Garzon, 215 Century Pl #1203 Alex, VA 22304

Gary Gakes To vote for impeaching the President represents neither the people nor my understanding of the constituion. Do not remove him from office! Reverend Gary L. Hakes Syracuse, NY
SIGNED: Greg Martin 9441 Lost Trail Way Potomac ,Maryland 20854, , Stop this stupidity
SIGNED: Helen Griffith, 1301 Bay Drive North,Bradenton Beach, FL 34217,
SIGNED: Sean D. Huze, 11620 King Richard Dr. Baton Rouge, LA, 225-273-6750, , 17 Dec 1998 13:06:54 EST, Do not impeach President Bill Clinton (Louise A Guerrant): Janet Reno , I demand that Kenneth W. Starr and his staff be investigated for misconduct and lack of prosecutorial restraint!!! to: Attorney General Janet Reno (DOJ, 950 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W, Rm 4545, Washington, D.C. 20530 , FAX: 202-514-4371, E-Mail:
---Dear Friends: As the publishers of Cleis Press since 1980 and lifelong passionate advocates of political rights and personal freedoms, we urge you to oppose the movement to impeach President Clinton. The Republican campaign to oust a twice-elected President amounts to nothing less than a circumvention of the democratic process. In any other country, we'd call it a coup d’etat. We find the Republicans' sudden concern for constitutional politics suspect at best. Lying about sex is far less dangerous to constitutional government than ousting a democratically-elected president. That the Republicans are once again using sex as a political weapon, hiding a conservative political agenda beneath a blanket of fake morality, we find reprehensible. Whatever your opinion of Clinton’s policies or personal choices, we encourage you to make phone calls, write letters and send email to members of congress and other government officials. Please do everything in your power to rally support for the President and against those who are trying to oust him. Sincerely yours, Frédérique Delacoste and Felice Newman, Publishers, Cleis Press
SIGNED: john edewaard, 5125 hanover road mound mn 55364,
SIGNED: Debra Bennett,Rt 1 Box 629, Tn Ridge, Tn. 37178, 931-721-3396,
--- Thu, 17 Dec 1998 00:08:35 -0400 Please do everything in your powers to stop this political sham and to get on with the country's real business. Nothing Bill Clinton did amounts to any impeachable offenses. Further, I think Ken Starr should be investigated for entrapment. I read a newspaper article that stated Ken Starr and company, by detaining Ms Lewinski and preventing her from calling her attorney to stop him from filing her affidavit that Starr(because of Tripp) knew was false. Sting!!! DBSpahn ,
SIGNED: Eli Seagraves, 1500 Brewerton Drive, Sacramento California, 916-922-4101,
SIGNED: Carole M. Byrne, 284 Alsace Ave. Venice FL 34293,(941)497-7964,
SIGNED: Laurel Byrne-MacMillan,284 Alsace Ave. Venice FL 34293,(941)497-7964,
SIGNED: Sally Kilian, 5705 Wigfield Way, Burke, VA 22015,
SIGNED: Liz Ikle, 212-298-5045
SIGNED: Jennifer Wells, 5008 12th Ave. NE Apt. B,
SIGNED: Leslie Greif, 9233 West Pico Blvd. Ste 218, LA CA 90035, 310-385-1200
SIGNED: Lou Oxendine Jolly,17 Poplar Street,Rome, Georgia 30161, 706-292-9834,
---Lawrence Roquerre SIGNED: Ms. Sunny Kessel, 2005 South 30th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53215, (414-643-6048)
SIGNED: Linda Williams, 4410 1/2 Briggs Montrose, CA 91020,
----Dear Congressperson, I am appalled that you possibly are caught up in the blood frenzy that is on the verge of tying the country up in a stupid impeachment trial that trivilizes the constitution and makes partisan mockery of the impeachment process. Please consider your vote carefully. There is simply no way that history will view recent behavior by right-wing zealots in congress as anything other than the political vendetta that it is. Sincerely, Nicolas Shumway, Director, Institute of Latin American Studies, Tomas Rivera Professor of Spanish American Literature,, Tele: 512-471-5551, Fax: 512-471-3090
!!! DO N-O-T IMPEACH !!! !!! DO N-O-T FORCE FROM OFFICE !!!Louise Anne Guerrant,5905 RidgewayKansas City, MO 64133
SIGNED: Teresa Chadwell, 22473 Mocaby Road, Thompsonville, IL
SIGNED: oyvind warhuus, 3360 Geithus,Norway ,

---January 6, 1999, Dear Senator: I am part of no group, I am an American citizen and voter who does not particularly condone the President's personal actions while in the White House. But this national situation has progressed way beyond any reasonable debate between reasonable people. We are an INTERNATIONAL joke, due to the way that we have handled this situation. And this has occurred while the world teeters on political and financial instability around the planet, where other countries look for leadership in a United States that is totally obsessed with a rebuke of their President for wrongdoing in a non-national-security private affair and his actions thereafter... If this process was a legitimate question of impeachable offenses, THERE WOULD BE REPRESENTATIVES OF BOTH PARTIES in support of impeachment..... As witnessed in the House Judiciary Committee and the House votes on impeachment, this is not the case, and you are our LAST CHANCE to AVOID an international spectacle of unprecedented proportions, a trial in the Senate. Please give your strongest consideration toward REJECTING impeachment as a solution to this problem and, on behalf of most logical-thinking Americans, I believe, please let me request that Senate Republicans and Democrats together work toward the resolution of not only this situation, but also on the other major issue that have suddenly become global while we tinker with our problems... I am particularly outraged at House conservatives, whose undue influence, even now in the Senate, has held this country hostage while they have been on their relentless hunt to bring down this President. The American people will not forget what has happened here, and as one voter who has voted for a fair number of Republicans in the past, I may NEVER vote for another Republican again. I'm sure that I am not alone... Please restore some common-sense to that which has been partisan insanity. Respectfully, Lane B. Holt, 11983 Alderbrook St., Moorpark, CA 93021, 805-523-8747
--- You have hijacked the will of the majority of Americans who elected President Clinton. You have chased me from the Republican Party as a result of your un-American and hypocritical behavior. You and the rest of the Party will be punished at the polls in 2000, resulting in the Democrats controlling the Executive and Legislative (and by appointments, Judicial) Branches of the government, which is a very unfavorable result for our country. Stop this nonsense now!! Mark Kaplan