on    IMPEACHMENT - Real Player 7.0 + above - 35 minutes


by Conservative Seattle TV/Radio Host John Carlson* on Jan 12, 1999

from  Dallas, TX

* Ran unsuccessfully for WA Governor as Repub in 2000

ATTENTION: If you get connection time-out error reset it on Realplayer at view/preferences/connection/network time out; set them to maximum: 300; This will give your player more flexibility; If takes long time to load (server delay) do something else + wait or try low use period- Borrowed this notice

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Full Interview about 45-50 minutes and done on negligible sleep

If it breaks up, pause (2nd button on player) for 1 or 2 minutes to allow time to cache file
If it doesn't play on Netscape or AOL (or doesn't seem to download), please e-mail me