NEWS and Observations


CLOSING ARGUMENTS Feb 9 As much as I tried to ignore it during a tour of the Capitol, got sucked back into the Senate Gallery Mon- no tickets needed or time limit to see the 13 evil dwarves do the final close for 1 1/2 hours. (Normal humans weren't interested) Their smarmy self-congratulatory breast beating was wearying- each trying to explain the huge personal cost to them for their "courage" in pursuing this. Former Democrat Rogan (the only manager guaranteed to lose his seat over the witchhunt) was particularly moving and amazing when he explained that a young Bill Clinton had encouraged + inspired him to go into politics in '78, so he was committing an impressive act of personal as well as public betrayal. Incredibly, they were lamenting the noble failure of their 6 year campaign to GET Bill Clinton, and their "principled" stand in bringing this lunatic impeachment: "a failed great cause that would live in right wing history", said choked up "reformed" right-wing hitman David Brooks, who started the whole thing with his article about Paula Jones in the Scaife-funded American Spectator. A stewing guy next to me was muttering in barely repressed rage and I commiserated about everything until he turned and said, "All the Democrats KNOW he's guilty, why do they just ignore it?" He was a HATER (def.- see "Why Clinton is Hated" on site) and I recoiled with shock. Still, I provided a loud acid commentary to all manager statements that won me several warnings from the obsequious page/guards. No other person (but the HATER) in the 6 hours I spent in the Gallery acted upset, annoyed, or disruptive. They were sheep watching a soap opera that didn't affect or concern them (though the omnipresent guards + pages were very on-edge). The managers' hypocrisy was unbounded as they bemoaned the state of public cynicism, as if their hunger for TV exposure and this cheapjack railroad wasn't adding to it. Was sorely tempted to bellow my contempt, whatever the consequences.

Afterwards, while visiting Robert Wexler + Patrick Kennedy, ran into to Manager Gekas in the House basement tunnels around 8pm and identified myself - "Mr. Gekas. We've been sending you faxes for 4 months!" "Well, it's over?," he said defensively. "No thanks to you, sir", I called as he scurried away down the utterly deserted corridor, a rat escaping a sinking ship.

DC is amazing; a continual thrill as you wander by offices (and persons) of fabled and hallowed characters. Talked to Jesse Jackson's Jr.'s and John Kerry's people- just on chance as I happened by their offices. Henry Hyde's office is next to Bill McCollum- a convenient grouping of hypodulters (we are making presumptions about McCollum, but give me $56 million + I bet I could prove it)


3 semi-sane Republican Senators have broken with the Ratpack and said they would vote to AQUITTTTT the President: SPECTER, JEFFORDS, + CHAFEE, all of which recieved personal on-site lobbying and the petition book from STM. We sent well over 1000 faxes to House and Senate members, and more phone calls. I think most of the Repub liberals will vote to AQUIT, which would make a minimum of 55-45 for aquital. Earlier estimates were wildly optimistic.


Contact Liberal church caretakers or rectors or priests or rabbis to RING THEIR BELLS for AQUITAL, as NOTIFICATION of the triumph of reason, sanity, justice, and a new beginning for America.

LETS GO to the TAPE- Feb 6 Everyone is raving about how good Monica is. Well, she has the best lawyers in the country coaching her, she's testified or been deposed 30-odd times, she should have the hang of it by now. And despite her occasional fears, she is right where she always hoped to be- with the world hanging on her every word. Not keeping her mouth shut started this mess, after all. Jordon was good, if a little self-infatuated, and Blumenthal was docile + contrite. Incredibly the Managers are still making the outrageous case that because Clinton lied to Sidney, that was perjury because he was going to repeat it in court. That COULD make any lie to anyone... PERJURY, and is more twisting of the law only to GET Mr. Clinton. That's why such testimony is heresay + inadmissible. Prosecutors around America should hang their head in shame as their craft is nakedly exposed as the cruel and heedless game that it so often is: the object isn't justice, truth, or fairness... it's winning (destroying the defendent) + doing ANYTHING one has to to achieve it. Kudos to Sen. Snowe + Jeffords for voting against even video of witnesses.Final Vote?: AQUITAL 60-40. The Honorables (official first name of all Senators) are going to think about the verdict of history and where they will fit in if they actually vote to remove a hugely popular President on the basis of this stupid crap. For us it won't end until Starr is out of office and/or behind bars.

Petition Signers and Letter Writers--Feb 5- Another 6 petition books, with 10 pages more of petitions and letters, were delivered to newly cautious Senators- Richard Shelby-AL, Spencer Abraham-MI, Rod Grams-MN, Gordon Smith-OR, Ben Nightlight Campbell-CO, + demonic democrat Russ Feingold (devil made him do it) Feb 4 + 5th. Several key Dems recieved them as well: Kerry, Reed, Patsy Mink, + (will) Kennedy and the White House. Thanks to Democrats 2000 + NCEC for technical assistance. Mink said it would end much faster if they don't have an open debate, which may be why many dems voted for that. What got into Wisconsin's iconoclastic Russ Feingold? "We don't know", said his staff ruefully as they admitted that there were more than a few irrate calls (Madison is somewhat to the left of Berkeley and Beijing). I still am amazed that there wasn't one Republican Senator with the guts to stand up and say. "This is a mistake + we're not going to do this", which would have caused at least 5 others to take a stand... but the Republicans have shown themselves to be without spine or sense... and will pay for it in 2000. --The petitions will be presented in Press event to Reno at conclusion of, I think the phrase goes, our long national nightmare. We want to CHALLENGE Ken Starr's legal license: to get him disbarred for his many crimes. We need legal help to write the brief to the Bar Association (probably DC). Some of you lawyers want to fight the latest Joe McCarthy and say "Not in MY AMERICA!". You can terrorize the people for a while, but eventually the microscope will be turned back on YOU.

Jan 30 DC Depositions taken in the SENATE are TESTIMONY- the dwarves are cheating again. Feingold must have lost his mind- how could anyone really want to hear MORE testimony?? Still only one Dem defection means Removal is almost impossible. But I'm shocked none of the 13 Repub Senators we lobbied had the backbone to call it quits. We will do 3-10 more (Shelby, Fiengold..). Calling Blumnethal as a witness is strange. He is a gamble, a wild card, someone who Hyde's 13 dwarves think can be provoked into some explosive new admission. As torturous as the process is for Senators, they love the bright lights so much they can't seem to end it. And the longer it goes, the more chance for some devastating new chunk of info that changes everything (Butterfield?).

Jan 26 7pm Washington DC - Your petitions(10) in a bound book with letters to Congress + our pleas to Senators, were delivered Mon afternoon to remaining swing Repubs: McCain, Chaffee, Collins, Snowe, Specter, Hatch, Warner, Stevens, Dominici. Got hugely delayed- wanted to get to Senate Office bldg 11-1 pm so I'd catch Senators coming out of offices + could lay it in their hands with a nice speech, as I did with 3 on Sat, but thought it was too urgent- if this ended petition would be moot and find the circular file postehaste. Had to content myself with chiefs of staff (in most cases). Most were nice and got a 5-10 minute speech. Had 1/2 hour sit-down meeting with Chaffee's who seemed impressed by depth of feeling, articulate arguments, and mass of signatures and letters. Lugar's was good too, since I'm a foreign policy type, and respect his wisdom in that. Couple would only give me lower level staffers. Only one unpleasant was Hatch's, but then I'm not Mormon, so I'm probably damned anyway. Girl from Specter's office actually tried to debate me (at this point?) but I chewed her up. At most offices: THE PHONES RANG CONSTANTLY + THEY KEPT A TALLY, so be sure to vote- MANY TIMES. But as I've said many times- send faxes- paper is real and lives with the power off. After went to Senate Gallery again to see end of 2nd woman for Clinton + more annoying Manager's arguments, then they threw us out after motion to have open session failed. Senators get to change votes (cheat), once they see whether a motion passes or fails, so they can look good to history or their constituents. Ran into old lost buddy from Moscow- Greg the cameraman, as he did live remote for several clients on the frigid east lawn.

We will present Petition to Janet Reno in a Press event at conclusion of, I think the phrase goes, our long national nightmare.

Jan 23 midnight Wash. DC-- PETITIONERS and LETTER WRITERS

Your Petitions and letters were delivered into the 3 Senators hands that were still there 5:30 -6:30pm Sat: Gorton, Jeffords, + Grassley- the crucial material to the crucial swing votes at the crucial time. Gorton was going home so may peruse it on his ride. Grassley started making apologies as we left and he locked up: "We never got into a room and said, 'we're going to get the President' ". I said, "Yeah, but I bet Delay + Gingrich (+Lott) did". "Oh, that was over there." (the unruly children of the House) "Come on Senator, you could have stopped this right off the bat". The Repubs are looking for cover now that this might evaporate into a dirty hangover. Credit to Chuck for spending 10 min. debating with the opposition. Once in the linked Hart/Dirkson Senate Bldg., you can't leave late- all entrances are locked and the guards evaporate- there was an empty office and considered setting up shop- new Senator from Puerto Rico or Palau? Petitions and dozens of letters were in inch thick bound semi-prof document: CITIZENS' LETTERS to CONGRESS and PETITION SIGNERS to STOP the MADNESS, Stop the Impeachment Witchhunt Internet Org- Maui--Dallas--R.I.--Wash DC; Available for $15 --- MORE Petition Delivery MOVE UP^

Bumping to a Close- Thur Jan 21 9pm- Washington DC Library of Congress- After Kendall's mechanical legal recital, Dale Bumpers meandered folksily, drawing many laughs from his self-effacing stories. But was this the place to be so charming + and friendly? I hoped for a fiery close- a speaker who would rave and scream about the absurdity, the injustice, and the crime that this political witchhunt has reached this point. Someone should have pointed their finger in the Managers face and said "how dare you spit on the Constitution like this?" I saw the last 2 hours from the gallery and had to restrain myself from cheering on Bumper's best line "the election of the President is ALSO the rule of law". One had to pinch oneself at the fact that they are actuallytrying the President of the US! Over this nonsense. Infinite kudos to Cheryl Mills, whose rich sexy voice dragged all who listened through every door she went through (I heard most through radio). She was SO good.

THANKS to the 100's who showed up for our rally Wed. . We are HERE now, and mad as hell, and going to deliver the petitions to 10-15 Repub Senators SATURDAY. to ADJOURN this OUTRAGE + STOP the MADNESS. Petitions timed to hit before their Monday vote to Adjourn. Wound up in an alcove with Manager Bill McCollum (of Henry Hyde's bowling team) and had to stand on my tongue to avoid lashing him with it. They are sensitive about citizens berating reps, particlarly when they're trying to overthrow the duly elected Government, and he is the type to scream for help if you criticize him. Also met and congratulated Chuck Shumer after he did his stand-up. Send 5 Senators furious letters to ADJOURN: Chaffee, Jeffords, Snowe, Collins, McCain, Warner. Ask them Is there one Republican with the courage + sanity to stand up and say I WILL VOTE TO ADJOURN??? There used to be statesmen and giants in the Congress. Now there are nothing but lawyers, and nerds, like McCollum.

State of the War- Jan 19 midnt- Bill was his usual spooky seamless speaker, only his involuntary clenching cheek muscle betraying the stony silence of the Republicans. Delay, Armey, and some prosecutors smirked contemptuously like 7th graders, displaying again the hatreds that have infested the Party and are driving this witchhunt. They did themselves no favors - their approval ratings will plummet as Clintons' shoot up. While he served in no wars, Clinton has displayed no small courage in venturing once again into the lion's mouth (to do a little dentistry). Ruff (the crime dog) started off slowly, but methodically dismantled the Repubs case, even throwing in some apparently unfeigned Reaganesque emotion about his father's war experience. Expect them to blow away the Repubs House of Cards in the next 2 days- their alledged grand conspiracy to hide a shabby little affair. Odds on a Mon. adjournment: 3 to 2. Rally's netted thousands all over the country.

Give Em a Fair Trial + Hang Em- Jan 18 Republicans, in their self-consumptive way, seem intent on following through with the "Process" (say it with a hush), as if, drugged by the power to abuse, they just can't stop. This will be a sloppy trashfest- no matter what their efforts at decorum, and their hunger for attention may be matched by their prurient interest in actually having the principles before them. This is their personal Nat. Inquirer forum, and far more interesting than most Senate activities, + many Repubs are enviously curious just how Clinton managed this.

SENATE STEW - Jan 15 The song remains the same by the Managers (of nothing more than Wendys), who keep hammering the same facts over + over. By the third day without being able to speak, Senators' heads will begin to explode, like in Scanners. Already, Tom Harkin has breached the wall of silence + future days will have the Senators taking control and chatting at will. Seriously, though it looks like witnesses now, after a few more days of this water torture, the non-facist Repubs will band together (Jeffords, Chaffee, Gorton + 3-7 others) and cut this trashfest off at the knees. Of course, we've expected sanity to break out before among Repubs and have been repeatedly disappointed.

Jan 14 The first day ended poorly for the President, with Hutchison's (you can never go home again) adept summary of Mr. Clinton's incredibly evil plot to try to preserve his sexual privacy from these bluenose burghers. It's hard to believe this is happening and going to go on for 2 more weeks- this niggling, petty, unessential trash (God knows how long if the Honorable gentlemen decide to hear witnesses). This may be the day that's officially recorded as the beginning of the decline of the American moral empire: this neurotic, heedless, criminally Unconstitutional, exercize. Without the Russians, the Republicans can't help but turn on ourselves in some perverse millenial intoxication.

They continue to make new law- now Mr. Clinton telling his subordinates lies ("knowing they would be repeated") is perjury- an interpretation that could make any lie to anyone... perjury. This is truly sick. In fact perjury is strictly defined as a knowing untruth that would significantly affect the outcome of a trial. When Paula Jones' case was dismissed, Mr. Clinton's statements couldn't affect any trial because there was none. It's a continuation of the monstrously unfair way Mr. Clinton has been legally treated- so far below the law that at times he's been a human pinata for the whims of the High Courts: no expectation of privacy with any lawyer except the one the Court allows, no privacy for his most intimate and personal acts, no executive priviledge, all of his friends and aids hauled before endless grand juries as if they were Mafia thugs, no immunity from groundless civilian suits, no right of secrecy in grand jury testimony, no rights to even keep his own bodily fluids! How have we allowed the Republican dwarves to degrade the Presidency in this way????

Finally they admit there are all of 105 people in jail for perjury (out of 1 1/2 million)- so perjury prosecution is spectacularly RARE. When the target doesn't cooperate by committing crimes, you investigate his personal life, entrap him in a surprise interrogation, then when he naturally resists the prying prurient questions, you charge him with... PERJURY. It displays the moral bankrupcy of the prosecutorial mindset (which so many legislators are): they don't really care if a defendent is guilty- only if they can hurt them.

STARR'S SLIME STILL SMARTS Just when I thought people would forget Starr, he firebombs a village, arresting and charging Julie Steel because she didn't tell him what he wanted to hear (Clinton done it). This is good- there are few people that don't see what a nasty freak he is now, but how long will he be permitted to run amok. I'm willing to bet he has no real proof of any crime by Steele, he just did it as a PR stunt to exert pressure on the Senators and remind people that, like a fungus, he's still around. Isn't there one judge that will sanction this abusive prying horror-show? Behind the grinding pedantic speech of his testimony, one could the feel the hatred percolating through- Clinton is the type of handsome popular person nerd Starr despised in high school- this entire proceeding is a revenge of a NERD. Sign petition.

Jan 9 2pm The Senators were pleased as punch at their bipartisanship, but their pleasure was that of Col. whatsisname when he finished building theBridge on the River Kwai (cybersnappers- go rent it), they've validated and justified this criminal impeachment instead of stamping on it like the right-wing cockroach it is. But the House Repubs must not be disrespected. HOW ABOUT the PRESIDENT??????????? How about the country, and it's citizens?? How about the world's opinion of us? Who cares what that dottering hypocrite Mr. Hyde thinks! Why let him become Dr. Jeckyl? Every second this goes on the Constitution is flouted. The Haters get to put on their dog + pony show, call the President names and shovel more dirt through the entrance of the White House- then they'll vote to adjourn. What's the point, the grand purpose? Trash by any other name...

Jan 8 10am Larry Flynt prepares to level his next blast to the hypodulterer Repubs; while I'm not a fan of his rag, he has defended the rights of everyone with his investigation of the Repubs perfidy at exorbitant cost- he was crippled by some right-wing nut when he was attending his trial inspired by the Christian right. My guess is the next GOP outing will be Trent Lott, which explains his miraculous conversion to wanting to settle this (he was a charter Hater before), and the sweat that's seeming to dot his brow. Maybe he will become a pillar of salt.

Jan 7 6am REEDITED The sick fever that has gripped House Republicans seems to have spread, with Senators soooo hungrey for the bright lights that they DON'T CARE how much damage they do. Reasonable bipartisan attempts at "working together" and respect for the process are foolish: this is unjustified and should be stopped posthaste. A mistake is a mistake and shouldn't be honored because a serious process is invoked. That's more reason to fix it IMMEDIATELY. Once they Starrt this abortion it will become a vicious messy horror show, a bruised knuckle savage political battle that becomes a spectacle that's impossible to turn away from. When they realize THAT, 10 Repubs will join the Dems to Adjourn and the shabby chapter in legislative abuse will be over. OJ Clinton. Rehnquist is likely to act as competently as Judge Ito: the imperious ways of the Supreme Court will not play well with "The whole world watching", and Senators may want to assert their dominance over the Judiciary, as they are so recklessly doing over the Executive. I want to see people in the gallery chant that- make them close the gallery and have the brutal reality of this coup come home to everyone. And the Haters will hit Clinton with new allegations in the next 2 days, desperate to prevent adjournment. Don't go quietly, troops. We will be there soon- Thursday, perhaps, to organize demonstrations and present petitions.

Jan 3- The Senate is making moves towards sanity in their proposal (Gorton + Lieberman) to first vote on whether they would convict if all the allegations were true- confronting the central and essential issue: the offenses ARE NOT IMPEACHABLE CRIMES, which means the House's action- the impeachment, was INVALID. A quick vote to essentially not go ahead if the 2/3 needed don't think the charges are warranted- DEALS with + ADMITS this. It is the wise and sane move and gives credit to the deliberative process in the Senate. Of course, Repubs still want a trial to rub Clinton's nose into the dogdirt- they still think there is a political upside to this. Convice them otherwise with my e-mail + fax lists.

Dec 31 As the Repubs prepare to drag this trash into the last year of the millenium, your efforts are still needed. Only 3 Repubs in the Senate are needed to ADJOURN this proceeding- fini, fso, and send Monica on a good will tour of third world potentates. The Senators are torn between their natural longing for this gigantic ego-expanding world stage, and their realization that they're trashing the seperation of powers and damaging the Constitution. Tough choice: glory or infamy, or glory IN infamy. Can they tell the difference? Every effort to assess the weighty issues is shredded by the pitifully meagre + tawdry offense. And Monica would have to testify. Woe unto the Republic. Once upon a time we knew what was important + what wasn't. This is NOT striding confidently into a new millenium. It's smarmily slinking, thanks to Starr, Scaife, Gingrinch, Hyde, Livingston, Lott and the rest of the right-wing churls that have appropriated our national consciousness,

Dec 23 Things seem more hopeful now with the Republicans reeling from the mass disapproval their reckless actions provoked and 5 Repubs (Boehlert,Franks,Gilman,Goode,Greenwood,Castle) urging hard-line line Trent Lott for moderation, but things have seemed hopeful before- in fact the Repubs suffered tremendous body-blows and kept coming. Now, so close to the long-dreamed destruction of Clinton, the determined haters DON'T want to stop. There are far fewer of them in the Senate, but Lott (pillar of salt) has murmured omminously of new "evidence" (since nothing saw a real courtroom or a defence attorney's objections, nothing is evidence). That's always been my expectation: that in the final stretch, convenient new women or allegations or offenses would come forward-- Clinton's denials would have little effect, and that would tip the public against him. The public, to it's great credit, knows a railroad when it sees it, and might just ignore any new allegation. (Remember Donna Rice, who brought down Gary Hart, when her friend, who had worked for the Republican Nat. Com., sold pictures of them to the Nat. Inquirer. NOW, Ms. Rice is a conservative Internet anti-pornography lobbyist. Hmmm.) The Senate also has real moderates, like Chafee, Mitch McConnell, Arlen Spector, and even Oren Hatch, who have been urging censure. It's incredible how these people are debating the most extreme penalties; as if a 5 year persecution, a year of world-wide humiliation, $2-5 million in legal bills, and the agony of being only the second President impeached... aren't enough. For the frantic haters, nothing short of death or imprisonment would suffice. I love how the President is "warned" by Senators not to "fight" the legality of the impeachment, the argument of a rapist: "don't resist or I'll have to hurt you." Likewise are pleas for an admission of guilt- if given they will just be used against Clinton: "Repent sinner, and we'll grant salvation".... or more likely cut your head off.

Dec 19 5pm: PURITANS IGNITE the WITCHBURNING PYRE Someone should have charged the stage and attacked the Speaker (moderateRay Lahood IL) for not allowing the Censure vote. Some violence was necessary to show the rage that this coup has caused, and MIGHT have snapped the Republican Puritans from the self-rightous fog of their witchhunt. Kudos and credit to the 5 Republicans of honor, who voted against this railroad: Shays CT,Souder IN, Morella MD, Houghton NY, P.King NY (all who were on our swing list!). Impeached over a cookie. It still is unbelievable that the Repubs hated Clinton THAT much to butcher the Constitution. Don't believe a word of their smarmy invocations of "no one being above the law": this was payback for the 60's, Watergate, Clinton's counterculture tendencies, his co-opting of their issues, his "wins" in the Government shutdown and budget, and his immense, rankling, empathy + continuing popularity. They simply stink with jealousy and resentment. Impeachment is the result.

Dec 18 THE RAILROAD ROLLS ON: As I listen to the fanatical Republican Congress trample the Constitution and speak smarmily about the rule of law, Im stunned by how exactly this parellels what I predicted and feared 3 months ago. This clearly demonstrates how radical and extreme the Republicans have become- on the ADA conservative/liberal scale from 1 to 100 (where Kennedy + 5 others are 100), Republicans now average about a 10. In Nixons era it might have been 25-35. This is the end result of growing extremism in the Supreme Court that initiated this farce by allowing the President to be sued. The rule of law is being spit on...... by this Congress. And equal under the law? Like O.J.? The law has always been enormously dependent on ones wealth and power. In the Presidents case- that equation has been reversed- hes been subject to persecution unseen in American history. Both Speaker and Speaker candidate are so despised and contaminated by their own crimes and transgressions, that theyre afraid to even show up! The acting Speaker is so terrified that violence will break out that hes pounding the gavel every time 2 people are in the isle. If this goes through without one fist-fight, liberals are really juiceless (I think they have immunity on the House floor). And they should push it to that point over the refusal of the Repubs to allow a Vote on a censure. This is a COUP, and if they approve Impeachment, the drumbeat of calls for resignation will start and the pressure on Clinton will become unbearable.

Can you imagine what our troops in the Middle East think, as their Commander in Chief is impeached in the middle of military action? Saadam is gloating, rubbing his hands- I dont have to attack America.... the fools are doing it themselves. Across the world, countries are stunned and quaking at what this will mean to the worlds economy and Americas leadership in the world. From Sadaam to Hamas to Islamic Jihad to the militias, this crippling of the Presidency will encourage terrorism in our moment of weakness and diversion.

Dec 16 Magnificent. Why not? If the Congress is massively abusing it's power, why shouldn't Mr. Bill, again proving that he is the master politician of the 20th Century. He even made it sound necessary- the start of Ramadan WAS a deadline that Sadaam would've used, but personally I find this blockade and constant attacks disgusting- torturing the Iraquis endlessly because we didn't have the guts to kill the evil lunatic. Incredibly, nothing seems to stop this drunken driver Congress. Call office of swing Repubs, and let them know how furious you are about a lame-duck Congress trying to overthrow our government. Course now they'll be madder, but maybe more sane + sober. I always thought the way to stop this was for George Soros or David Geffin to simply put up $10 million and say anyone who votes for impeachment would have a private detective rip through their entire sexual history- think they would have stopped then? Incredibly, Hyde's stinking hypocrisy was never drummed home, because the press, who had designated him the wise elder statesman role (played by Sam Ervin in the original run), refused to touch him, as Mr. Clinton was raked over the coals. Dec 18 WROTE THIS 2 hours before LIVINGSTON story broke: once again ahead of curve. Larry Flynt- putting his money where his mouth is. Livingston was put forward as a reasonable moderate, but he's actually a HARD-right religious guy- just not as flakey as Gingrinch. Another stinking hypocrite. Probably his Repub brethren will ignore this too, but now the Press CAN'T.
Horrified (by the witchhunt) Brits were happy to go along with the Iraq attack- anything to stop this goofy Congress from destabilizing the worlds' economies and destroying a good President. Maybe we can finally kill that psychotic freak, but it's too bad Clinton couldn't drop a few cruise missiles on Congress. I'm still waiting for some wacko to express his rage at this putch with an M-16.

Consider: a reclusive right-wing millionaire spends maybe $10 million trying to destroy a popular President, manages to get a special prosecutor appointed from his OWN propaganda groups, paid by Clinton's government (like a patient injecting himself with cancer- thank you Janet Reno), who then spends $56 million and 4 1/2 years hounding and torturing every member of the Executive branch and every friend Clinton ever had, even HIS LAWYERS. Unable to find anything to hang him, working in concert with fanatically right-wing Clinton haters pushing a marginal sex suit, the prudish twit ambushes the President with questions about an illicit affair he had, forcing him to lie. Then after more denials, the hatefilled Repubs twist his desire for privacy into perjury + obstruction of justice (when Mafia guys threaten witnesses). Does anyone deny This is a attempted COUP????

Fictions about Perjury

Perjury has been bandied about as if it were the dirtiest crime, one step above child molestation, when in reality it's common as sand, happening to some extent in almost every trial. That's what judges and juries do: try to find out who's telling the truth. Only once in a blue moon is someone prosecuted for it- usually if the prosecutor hates him (or is especially vindictive) or he has lied egregiously- trying to hurt someone else (in which case he deserves it). Everycontested divorce has one or both parties lying through their teeth- the judge knows it and tries to decide who's lying least. No one is prosecuted. Police routinely lie in court cases- to get someone they think is guilty (or improve their stats), to cover up errors in procedure + law they've committed. It's called "testilying". I've watched a cop fabricate stories out of whole cloth in court- speaking calmly, persuasively, like a hypnotist. And they almost always, always get away with it. The reason Mark Fuhrman could blithely lie about never using the "n" word (when their were dozens of hours of tapes of him using it) in a case with such microscopic attention... was because he'd done it before... 100's of times.. successfully. The lunatic right wingers e-mailing me babble about how Clinton is a criminal because he lied or committed perjury. They're insanely wrong. Clinton is being charged with something almost no one in America has EVER been charged with, about something that wasn't a crime. ecause the press, who had designated him the wise elder statesman role (played2w9gEA`7e)@`Me/) CT` H0gpggE|`ZhH4 F Zh^hVhhgE` FgE`FB vxhy^`RWY%%!&7&y&~&|''q)q)*(+U+i+,r-.S//*01?3T3)7+7x9@<I=%?R@R@gABBaC}DEEEHHIJKKLTMNNPQQQiSMTcT:W