STOP THE MADNESS May-July 12 Newsletter


 See Prediction of NYC +_ DC attack at end of newsletter and Aug 00 Newsletter for more warnings

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While we were baking in the lush catatonic wastes of Florida, the world changed with the stunning conversion, or escape, of Jeffords from the extremist clutches of the Repubs, the result of Bush’s unrelenting arrogance and inflexibility. We may have played a little part in that since Jeffords was one of the Senators we directly handed the anti-impeachment petition book crammed with letters from Repub voters who said they would never again vote for a Repub- the type of thing that has a real affect on a moderate. Repubs are an endangered species in Vermont anyway, where the capital has only 5000 people and the biggest city 40,000- they are so Green that people are barely allowed. We are surprised that it was Jeffords that switched rather than Chafee, who is only marginally a Repub on the nat. level. Unfortunately, in a remaining act of loyalty, Jeffords voted for the abysmally stupid tax cut, which after numerous dishonest rationales, passed- damaging Social Security and debt reduction for the next decade.


The effects of the Big Switch are massive and breathtaking, with the Senate jumping from the relentless destruction and predation of the right wing, to multiple devastating investigations into the great California power theft and the stolen 2000 election, Repub conflicts of interest and inbred corruption. Suddenly, the appalling hacks that Bush would nominate to the bench will undergo serious scrutiny- the prospect so terrifies Repubs that they desperately tried to change the rules so candidates can’t be bottled up in the Judiciary Committee, like the Repubs unconstitutionally did for the 8 years of Clinton’s tenure, leaving some 350? judicial slots empty. Their proposed change would’ve meant the Judiciary Committee would have no say in nominees, but it was beaten back by Dems, who promised to give Bush nominees a fair shake, hopefully as fair as Oren Hatch did.


LIGHTS ON in CALIFORNIA:  The great BushOil California rip-off was dragged into the sun by the Governmental Affairs Com., chaired by none other than Jumpin Joe Lieberman, who has no ax to grind. http://www.senate.gov/~gov_affairs/members2.htm  The scale of the theft was evidenced by Gray Davis’s listing of the amount Ca had paid for energy: $7 bil in ‘99, $25 bil in 2000, and estimated $50 bil in 2001; a staggering 7 fold increase. (If prices actually went up 50% in 2000 and 100% in 2001, that’s still a breathtaking $50 ½ billion in gouging in CA alone). Normal price rises may include up to 100% rise- but gas and power prices increased at some power cos. by 30 fold. CBS had a blockbuster report about Duke power where employees admit being forced to take healthy plants off-line and throw away decent spare parts. Their prices spiked at 90 times normal prices, a level that precludes non-criminal causes. http://www.cbsnews.com/now/story/0,1597,297834-412,00.shtml  These investigations have the potential of destroying the Bush Presidency, if the level of his culpability and criminality in the scams are revealed. People will put up with alot, but being massively ripped off to payoff Bush’s contributors and cynically force his reckless ‘drill at any cost’ policy, could push even Bush supporters into opposition. Already his popularity and confidence rating has plummeted 10%; a dismal 33% approval on energy issues; 39% on environment, after his nonstellar European tour. http://www.salonmag.com/politics/feature/2001/06/30/bush/print.html  After sitting on their hands for 3/4 year, the FERC finally enacted price caps on Ca. gas and electricity, after even GB2 purported to be disturbed that the same gas that sold for $5 in NYC was $14 in Ca.... disturbed that his friends’ schemes were being exposed. The lying Repubs are so worried about loss of Repub seats in Ca, they are running a series of vicious ads blaming Davis for the energy crunch (although the stupid dereg was rammed through under Pete Wilson), created by Alex Castellanos, the right-wing ad whiz behind the “RATS” ad. http://www.nytimes.com/2001/07/03/politics/03ADS.html


LITTLE MINDS in OLD COUNTRIES: - always good to have the leader of the most powerful nation learn on the job (I would have loved to have a mike on him as he “discovered” the Old World- “look at that funny money!; everything’s soooo small!”). Bush’s visit actually provoked the normally mild Swedish police to shoot protestors, who were in full riot mode. Bush explained his reasonable and non-negotiable missile positions to recalcitrant European leaders, starting in Spain because they speak Mexican and also have another right wing Pres. The various country heads had one translator to convert Bush’s English into real English and another to convert it into their language- I saw at least 3 different sentences that were garbled gibberish. His high point came with Putin in Ljubljana, Slovenia (GB2 should have had to pronounce that to leave), where he waxed effusive, praising Putin’s “trustworthiness” because he “had looked into his soul”. Former spy and professional liar Putin, who had just crushed every vestige of an indigenous free press, stared down and seemed to be choking back a chuckle. Once again, there’s nothing worse than insulting and offending a former enemy by expanding NATO, expelling their diplomats, and creating a missile shield; then turning around and kowtowing to them without any reason. The obvious conclusion reached by Putin and much of the world is that Georgie is an inexperienced flake, and he was pilloried by even conservative writers. Putin answered a few days later: if Bush builds a missile defense and scuttles the ABM treaty, Putin will ignore SALT prohibitions on MIRV’s and easily double or triple their ICBM warheads (our subs carry ten bombs per missile).


HOW to STEAL AN ELECTION:  We predict public outrage over the energy rip-offs will lead to a raft of stories about the Repubs theft of the Presidency, including many stories that haven’t seen much ink in the corporate media blackout of the scandal, esp. as Dodd’s Senate Rules Com. slowly unearths sleazy details of the Repub plot to eradicate Dem votes in Florida and (maybe Tenn.). http://rules.senate.gov/hearing_schedule.htm   Although we were at the scene of the crime for a month, we did nothing on the election- 2 days after I left Ft. Lauderdale, they held a panel discussion with the Broward Supervisor, and editor of Miami Herald in the library I hung out at 2 blocks from my motel. Greg Palast’s latest on the lame Fl election reforms: http://www.commondreams.org/views01/0610-02.htm . Bush went to the Everglades 5 days after I was there, towing Dem Senators, to pledge his imaginary support for the environment. One reason is that in summer, the Everglades is EMPTY and huge: 70 miles to any town so he could escape the omnipresent protestors. The huge campground had only one tenant- because the monstrously mutant florescent bugs go insane; smashing into people in a frenzy- even bathing w 27% DEET is no protection. Finally made it to beautiful Key West on the deadly Overseas Highway, after narrowly escaping a 110 mph head-on on the way out, we had to wait several hours on the return for them to clear body and car parts after 3 people were fatally splashed. Miami’s South Beach is still maybe the hottest club scene on the planet, with solid crowds in the streets even at 3am, and is overrun with Argentinians (Argentine sounds like a liquor ingredient), most of who don’t speak English. Ingles ne necesario alla. On a bus, not one person spoke English, even government offices hable solo Espaniol. Check out the smoking Mango’s, where the Sat. Nt. Live monkey boy skit may have come from, and boy and girl miked teams do the Brazilian humpy dance on the  bar. See our scenic 4 panel (use arrows) FL pics with captions http://msnoh.tripod.com/florida.jpg


If you want to feel ill with old rage, try reading the Pal Beach Post's massive 15 pt series "How Al Gore Lost"  http://www.gopbi.com/partners/pbpost/news/gore_1.html


BUSH MODERATES MANIC POSITIONS:  Bush is backpedaling furiously now that he’s lost the Senate, trying to compromise on the environment and a host of issues as the weight of the Presidency and it’s endless constituencies comes to rest on his bubble head. He’s accomplished much of his vapid agenda with the tax cut + right wing appointees, but he’s thrown in the towel on the energy price cap, Fl oil leases, school vouchers, Vieques bombing, and probably campaign finance… and he can kiss the NMD and nutcake Court appointees goodbye The Loser-in-Chief’s non-mandate will shrink to a paralytic level after 6 months of investigations into Repub crimes. In a desperate effort to push through the NMD before it’s impossible, Bush is claiming to authorize it’s building now- although they don’t know what “it” is… and “it” doesn’t work anyway. http://www.globe.com/dailyglobe2/191/oped/Pentagon_report_reveals_flaws_in_missile_defense+.shtml


SLEAZE in the BUSHES: Karl Rove, evil genius behind the Bush ass-ension, has improperly kept $¼ million of Intel stock as he allowed company officials to lobby him for a merger between their supplier (a nat. security asset that makes spy satellite optics) and a Dutch company. http://www.observer.com/pages/story.asp?ID=4463


While his Repub cohorts desperately try to stop the freight train of campaign finance (now I get exhortive e-mail from McCain), Bush was raking up record bucksy from his corporate employers in a Vegas shindig- over $20 mil in a night. Pharmaceuticals and Insurance led the list, the best of whom ponied up ¼ mil. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A538-2001Jun29.html  In a display of stunning right wing pandering, our rep to the conference to control the proliferation of small arms (like M-16’s) made a speech how we couldn’t support any limitations because Americans have a historic and noble right to bear arms (music swells). But this was about peddling thousands of weapons to warring nations, not the hunter or collector down the street.


SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVILS:  GB2 has also managed to appoint perhaps the most contemptible figure of the last 20 years: Elliot Abrams- architect, point man, and serial liar for the vicious and despicable Contra War. http://www.msnbc.com/news/598059.asp?0dm=C11QO  He swore to numerous committees and reporters that the Reagan admin had nothing whatsoever to do with funding the contras and was convicted of (misdemeanor) lying- in an Orwellian twist he’s appointed to an NSC committee for human rights (doesn’t need confirmation). Since when does the Nat. Security Council care about human rights? Contra-ary to decency and common sense, former ambassador to Honduras and death squad sympathizer John Poindexter has been nominated to be US UN rep, http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/updates2/lat_deport010507.htm , and another propagandist for the Contras: former State Dept. Public Diplomacy head Otto Reich was appointed Ass. Sec. State for Western Hemisphere. In an interesting aside, a gonzo relief worker/journalist/sagebrush rebel took a harrowing road trip to Nicaragua, and claims the ex-Contras are armed to the teeth and about to go to war against the now US backed government because of unfilled promises.


‘TRAFFIC’ BE DAMNED: Showing, once again his contempt for the will and beliefs of the American people, Bush appointed Asa (DIN) Hutchinson, former primary Impeachment prosecutor, as head of the DEA, and John Walters as drug czar, both hard-liners who have no belief in treatment as an option and deep contempt for the 8? states now that have legalized medical marijuana and decriminalized drug usage. http://www.ccldp.org/about.html         A debunking of Walters beliefs towards blacks and crime with some devastating stats: 450,000 non-violent drug offenders in prison (at $40K/year each); blacks sent to prison for drug offenses at a rate 13 to 57 times that of whites.   http://www.ccldp.org/myths.html   Meanwhile the nat. earthquake of mandatory treatment (non-jail) for most drug offenses in Cal. went into effect unheralded and unnoticed July 1st.


BUSH CREATES LIFE:  In a sleazy backdoor attempt to ban abortion, HHS has proposed to “cover” pre-natal care for the poor, provided the states classify the fetus as a child, so it would be eligible for assistance under the CHIP (children’s health insur) program. Bush has been virulently courting the Catholic Establishment to pump his repressive passions. http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4217678,00.html



In his latest mea culpa, right wing hitman and Amer. Spectator pimp David Brock has admitted that he blackmailed a woman who had confirmed Thomas’s predilection for pornography, with info about her divorce provided by Thomas’s assistant. She later folded, backed off her claims, faxing Brock the message he’d demanded. Brock, who wrote the first Troopergate story and did a whole book trashing poor Anita Hill, has since developed a fondness for actual journalism, and realized that unless he lied, the right wing wanted no part of him. Since, he has become a regular on NPR, though with his record for slander, lies, and now extortion- nobody should give him any exposure. Unfortunately, in journalism, as in all other phases of American life- once one reaches a certain level of fame, anything is forgiven and controversy is good for business. I sense there enough disgust with Thomas that any more serious revelations could provoke his impeachment. A local NPR commentator declared that from what she saw Thomas was “an embarrassment”, disengaged, twiddling his thumbs, staring off in space- as he listened to a case being argued. I really have never heard such harsh criticism of Supreme judges, who aren’t generally acknowledged to be fallible humans, let alone unqualified political hacks. http://www.msnbc.com/news/593325.asp  


SUPREME SANITY: Despite, or perhaps atoning for, their criminal Bush appointment; the Supreme Court has shown some startling regard for civil rights- voiding a state charge of pot growing discovered by thermal cameras that read excess heat from a house. Showing impressive technological prescience (paraphrased), they said, “there will come a day when the police can watch the inhabitants move around within the house, including the lady, say, taking a bath.” They amazingly also ruled against police roadblocks to search cars for drugs, though they haven’t considered the bullying persuasion the 30,000 cops of Operation Pipeline use to force random stops into allowing them to search the car. And they stopped police from testing pregnant women for crack, which I’m not sure is bad idea. They rejected strict immigration limitations, and Sandra O’Connor- trolling for a public pardon, made speeches doubting the wisdom of the death penalty. Unfortunately they ruled against state laws allowing medicinal use of marijuana and the clubs involved in distribution- giving a green light to police to ignore state laws.


BIG BROTHER 2: In a follow-up to their totalitarian face-scanning Super Bowl experiment, Tampa has installed 36 cameras around on street corners that will capture, digitize, and compare every face with a database of criminals- a chilling technology already in full force in England (where they have 1 ½ million public cameras) that will allow the most horrendous totalitarian nightmares. Does anyone think that they don’t look enough alike SOME criminal that there won’t be false positives, where they, on the most innocent errand, be accosted and arrested (since ID is no exoneration- criminals might have full fake ID’s). I’ve seen enough police abuses to be terrified of that kind of power, which has spectacular potential for abuse. It is radically different than simple video monitoring, which is used for after the fact crime solving. It forces people to constantly prove their innocence, rather than the government prove their guilt, and adds to the vast chilling data base of citizen’s movements. If you have no privacy or ability to be secretive, you have no freedom. In the Super Bowl test- all 16 matched people were wanted for only minor offenses- so their database is insanely broad to begin with.  England is quite different, with police not carrying weapons and acting more as agents of order rather than oppression- they were endearing rather than ominous. Maybe some of the maniacal antiglobal people can stop tilting at windmills and confront this clear and present danger that can and will totally change the nature of our liberty- unless it’s instantly squelched. Judging by American’s sheepish reaction to unconstitutional forced drug tests, I don’t hold much hope. http://www.cnn.com/2001/TECH/ptech/07/02/high.tech.security.ap/index.html   ;      

 NPR Connection radio show on surveillance -  http://www.theconnection.org/archive/2001/07/0710a.shtml  


In Conn., the Acme Rental Co. billed a driver $450 for 3 speeding violations, picked up by an advanced GPS system that constantly monitored position and speed. The Conn. Attorney General beat the company back, but look at this to be standard practice in a year. http://www.cnn.com/2001/TECH/ptech/06/22/gps.airiq/index.html  


BRUSHY HEADED BASTARD GETS HIS DUE: In a turnabout I would never have believed, the Serbian gov. (opposed by the Yugos) managed to arrest, jail, and extradite the defiant butcher Milosovic to the Hague- an act that should send chills down the neck of every murderous leader on the planet. Now it’s time for the US to bag and deliver Ratko and Carrottop, who’ve been prancing around in front of our troops;  and for the world to hunt down the beasts of Rwanda, Timor, Russia, Eastern Europe, and Germany- the most appalling thing about evil monsters is how they almost always get off scot-free.

Like the thug rulers of CHINA, who are being rewarded for their murder, torture, and jailing of tens of thousands of Falun Gong practicers by the likely grant of the Olympics.. as we write this. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/opinion/A29995-2001Jul6.html  The only hopeful note is that in 7 years, China may be a different country.


CONDIT-TION OF RELEASE:  In the most pathological media frenzy since, well- you know, Gary Condit has been tried and convicted of murder in the media to fuel MSNBC + FOX with the assistance of high-powered PR lawyers of the understandably distraught Levy’s. Condit’s behavior hasn’t been too admirable, but it’s a huge stretch from denying an affair to a Congressman committing murder, and every effort he makes to cooperate (legally foolishly) with police fuels the media monster that has painted him as guilty. We loved his flight attendant paramour breathlessly telling FOX KNEWS that she felt her life was endangered ($). Is there anyone that doesn’t kiss and tell? This is serious business, but sadly many hundreds of girls are disappeared a year by serial killers, and the drug-soaked and 85%? Black DC is a violent place- during our last sojourn in Tacoma Park (Md border), there were 5 separate murders within 1 mile in 24 hrs.


MEDICAL MIRACLES:  After a long hiatus, they have implanted a full artificial heart into a very sick patient, but again they are being wildly optimistic- talking of years of life. A competing device that uses internal high speed impeller blades supposedly doesn’t damage the blood, is incredibly compact (1/2 cucumber), and can assist the heart till it recovers. It’s being pushed by Jarvik of an early artificial heart. If news reports are accurate, the poor boy whose arm was bitten off by a shark, had the blood drain from his body and was dead for 30 minutes, so the reattachment of his arm may have been a Frankensteinian exercise, since brain damage occurs after 5 minutes (except in extreme cold). Look for the parade of optimistic doctor statements to cease.


HELL IN A SMALL PLACE:  The violence continues to escalate in Israel with the thuggish Sharon seemingly determined to wipe out any Palestinian leadership. The end result of all this will be a nuclear detonation in NYC or DC with a Pakistani or Soviet bomb (or biochem attack), since they can’t blow up Israel without blowing up the  Palestinians.


NEW MAG: Check out excellent new print and web publication, the Democracy Chronicle:  www.kiosk2000.com