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KANGAS KILLED OUTSIDE RM SCAIFE'S OFFICE 5/99 - Liberal Activist Steve Kangas Shot in Pittsburgh

Jan 23, 99 midnight Wash. DC-- PETITIONERS and LETTER WRITERS -
Your Petitions (Fire Starr) and letters were delivered into the 3 Senators hands that were still there 5:30 -6:30pm Sat (23rd): Gorton, Jeffords, + Grassley- the crucial material to the crucial swing votes at the crucial time (+16 other SENATORS.). Gorton was going home so may peruse it on his ride home. cont- (Page Down 2 pages)

PRESS RELEASE- Jan 28, '99            FULL INTERNET RADIO INTERVIEW w MIKE SNOW w WA Gov. candidate Carlson - (realplayer-35 min)

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BUSH Ignores Murder Confession of Killer- Let's Innocent Stay in Prison 2 years           SAVAGE Bos Globe BUSH Critique
BUSH FAMILY VALUES- Mother Jones- 1992
Excellent critical BUSH    PARODY Site         FUNNY BUSH SONGS
Online Journal- Activist Magazine
Salon Magazine Politics:Exc. investigative articles on Gore/Bush, Hydes affair, Starr's machinations
SLATE MAGAZINE Politics - Excellent potpouri           NY Times Politics Yahoo Full Coverage - Presidential Election         

Move-On: Anti-Impeachment Group with best chances Democratic Cong. candidates
People for the American Way
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Americans for Democratic Action: (ADA) Oldest Democratic Org, Rates liberal quotion of each member Congress( 1-100)
NCEC-Nat. Committee to Elect Congress- Major Democratic Org.
Dan Rosenberg-exc. candidate for Cal. 19th dist. (Fresno-Yosemite) running against Pres. of Gingrich class of '94

YAHOO full-coverage IMPEACHMENT Page -- probably the most comprehensive single source of Impeachment News + Links
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SENATE DEM + Liberal Current Repub Fax List- 1/2001 Ashcroft
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SENATE REPUBLICAN MASS E-MAIL 29 Leaders, Liberals, Senate JudCom + 2 Dicey Dems + Hastert: . Tell em YOUR views, but remember e-mail is VERY disposable, 1 fax is worth 100 e-mails

E-mail Republicans: on Judiciary Com (inc. Barr); PROSECUTORS of Senate Trial (8 of 20) faxes better: they've been ignoring e-mail for 3 months e-mail now, Tell Hydes' 13 evil dwarves how you feel

FAX LIST for 29 REPUB SENATORS- Leaders, Liberals, Judiciary Com (sequential + pastable), seperate home district list (complete contacts below)

House Judiciary Committee Republicans: phone,fax,e-mail list of MANAGERS

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Impeachment Voting House Swing Repubs + Traitorous Dems w CONTACTS

FAX LIST Impeachment Voting House Repubs + dems- Blast fax the fools, ind. list also at bottom

E-mail: President Clinton ( Haters lay off.

Seperate List of Repubs- Senate Leaders + Swing Liberals, Worried Repubs, Dicey Dems, House Supporters of Censure, (end of main page) 

WE WERE INFECTED & SENT OUT WORM: W32/Sircam.worm      OLD- Oct 2001

STM pres. Mike Snow did a Live streaming audio Internet TALK show with conservative Seattle talk show host John Carlson + WA Repub. Gov candidate Jan 12, 99 for. 45 minutes. To listen go to ... (center of far-right "thought")- not up now

Jan 23, 99 midnight Wash. DC-- PETITIONERS and LETTER WRITERS

Your Petitions and letters were delivered into the 3 Senators hands that were still there 5:30 -6:30pm Sat (23rd): Gorton, Jeffords, + Grassley- the crucial material to the crucial swing votes at the crucial time. Gorton was going home so may peruse it on his ride. Grassley started making apologies as we left and he locked up: "There was no conspiracy. We never got into a room and said, 'we're going to get the President' ". I said, "Yeah, but I bet Delay + Gingrich (+Lott) did". "Oh, that was over there." (the unruly children of the House) "Come on Senator, you could have stopped this right off the bat". The Repubs are looking for cover now that this might evaporate into a dirty hangover. Credit to Chuck for spending 10 min. debating with the opposition. Once in the linked Hart/Dirkson Senate Bldg., you can't leave late- all entrances are locked and the guards evaporate- there was an empty office and considered setting up shop- new Senator from Puerto Rico or Palau? Petitions and dozens of letters were in inch thick bound semi-prof document: CITIZENS' LETTERS to CONGRESS and PETITION SIGNERS to STOP the MADNESS, Stop the Impeachment Witchhunt Internet Org- Maui--Dallas--R.I.--Wash DC; Available for $15

[--Jan 26 10 more petitions were delivered Mon to remaining swing Repubs (Chafee,McCain, Collins,Snowe, Warner, Dominici, Stevens, Specter, Lugar, + Hatch), mostly to Chiefs of Staff, with a 5-30 minute lecture on the suicidal nature of this endeavor. (see "Latest News").

---Feb 5- Another 6, with 10 pages more of petitions and letters, were delivered to newly cautious Senators- Richard Shelby-AL, Spencer Abraham-MI, Rod Grams-MN, Gordon Smith-OR, Ben Nightlight Campbell-CO, + demonic democrat Russ Feingold (devil made him do it) Feb 4 + 5th. Several key Dems recieved them as well: Kerry, Reed, Mink, Kennedy, + Delahunt. Thanks to Democrats 2000 for copying assistance. What got into Russ? "We don't know", said his staff ruefully as they admitted that there were more than a few irrate calls (Madison is somewhat to the left of Berkeley and Beijing). I still am amazed that there wasn't one Republican Senator with the guts to stand up and say "This is a mistake + we're not going to do this", which would have caused at least 5 others to take a stand... but the Republicans have shown themselves to be without spine or sense... and will pay for it in 2000.

NEWS AND OBSERVATIONS- Feb 99 w links to some Newsletters: Steele's steel, Flynt's burglarized?, Starr Wars, Monica Mouths Off, Juanita Broaddrick Crawford, Dimming Starr, AQUITTAL, Petition Delivery, View fm Senate Gallery, Senate Dance, Fictions about Perjury, Starr in Chamber, Money for Nothing (most info in last 2 months is here)



Why Clinton Is So Hated

Appeal to Republicans + Address to Congress: best sent letter Sept 10-20,98

Why Clinton Lied:Media firestorm; Stenanopolous's + Panetta's betrayal

Sins of the Press: Lazy, lame, slanted coverage has been the rule; Better if it's an even battle, so let's give Clinton a handicap: guilty until proven innocent

Historian's statement 400 historians inc. Arthur Schlesinger, Dorris Kearns Goodwin, Garry Wills, signed a statement that impeachment proceeding were "ominous, dangerous, undermining the Constitution."

Cancer on the Presidency: Starr (Aug): Unfairness of Special Prosecutor statue and Starr's actions 


Clinton's offenses are personal and minor: They are NOT related to government and so are NOT IMPEACHABLE (SIGN Petition Below)

Republicans know this but are pressing forward only because of imagined political advantage

No one in American history has been so thoroughly and unfairly investigated as Bill Clinton, yet they have to resort to a private seksual* relationship to bring him down ...*stupid kiddie software

Ken Starr is a obsessive extremist who's massively abused his power (financially destroying dozens of innocents); just forcing the Secret Service to testify might get some President killed; and is close to treason.

This witchhunt has been fueled for 5 years by $12-15 million from right-wing millionaire Richard Mellon Scaife and the Bradley Foundation + their funded "legal" foundations, several of which Starr belongs to: he was helping Paula Jones before he was appointed

The release of transcripts, video, and tapes from the grand juries is a shocking unprecedented violation of law, rights, privacy, and decency... and solely designed to smear Mr. Clinton and embarrass him out of office

80% of Congress could be impeached by these standards: Henry Hyde set a married woman with 3 kids up as his mistress for 2 years and destroyed a family. Bob Barr, Livingston, and many others have had multiple adulterous affairs.

The world still trembles at the edge of a financial precipice, Russia could go Communist or military in some violent coup, India and Pakistan are close to nuclear war.... and the Congress only worries about whether the President touched a brest*.

The Press has pumped this story irresponsibly to sell papers, mags, and soap; the Republicans have exploited it for cheap political advantage, the Supreme Court has used it to dangerously encroach into the Executive; Monica, Linda + Lucianne have tried to make millions off it; Ken Starr has become a grand inquisitor unseen since Joe McCarthy; Everyone has acted badly

This whole process is insane- we are crippling ourselves for no good reason before our enemies- impeachment will take 6-9 months and may cause us to enter the new millennium in a crushing Depression

But you the people have the power to STOP THE MADNESS The Congress WORKS FOR YOU.They HAVE to listen to you. You aren't a helpless couch potato in the television parade of the future.

Contact your national (29 SWING MEMBERS at BOTTOM) Republican Senators + Reps and tell them that if they vote for impeachment or conviction; you will not vote for a single Republican- when they realize the benefit is negative, they may finally end this.

STOP THE MADNESS~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
212-894-3704 ext.4633~~~~~~~
Checks payable to STM~~~~~search "fire Starr" on Yahoo
Contributions and volunteers welcome


To STOP this Impeachment Process at Every Level

To Produce and Run Radio,Television, + Newspaper Ads

To Picket Congress and Contact + Pressure them to STOP THIS MADNESS

To petition Janet Reno to FIRE Ken Starr and to get him DISBARRED - He thinks he's going to prosecute Clinton after he's removed from office!! His serious abuses of power dwarf Clinton's.
Sign Petition below to get on E-mail List


Dear Ms. Attorney Gen. Reno,

We believe Ken Starr has massively abused his position. He has:

---Repeatedly leaked grand jury testimony (a felony), violating his sworn legal oath; then enclosing all that graphic testimony in his "report" knowing it would be released by a partisan Judicial Committee
---Endangered every President's life by forcing the Secret Service to testify- a stunning breech of security
---Tortured and impoverished innocent people for years with endless fishing trip subpoenas and endless grand juries in a desperate effort to find anything to hurt Mr. Clinton
---Ignored state and federal wiretapping crimes against Linda Trip, perhaps protecting her from them
---Wired a "friend" to get incriminating seksual* evidence, like a sleazeball divorce lawyer.
---Conspired with Jones' lawyers and anti-Clinton groups (even before he was appointed!) to ambush and entrap the President in his deposition
---Broken the sacrosanct attorney/client privilege by forcing Clinton?s lawyers to testify. Then threatened Hubbell's lawyers with prosecution for doing their job
---Helped jail Susan McDougal for years and trumping up tax charges against Web Hubbel to force them to incriminate Clinton, even if it was a lie; Maliciously prosecuting Julie Steele because of her inconvenient story
---Bullied and threatened prosecutors in Arkansas to prevent any prosecution of David Hale (the only real witness against Clinton's friends in Ark) for his many crimes; Ignored evidence that he might be lying to save himself + that he'd been paid off.
---Cruelly forced a mother to testify for days about her promiscuous daughter's seksual* affairs
Intimidated, falsely imprisoned, + prevented Monica Lewinsky from calling her lawyer when there was no real crime
---Criminalized a simple consensual affair, something that should send chills down the spine of every American: "He who is without sin...."
---Actually suggested that Clinton's trying to prevent his lawyers or the Secret Service from testifying (or anything that challenges his authority) is an impeachable offense.,
---Blithely ground the American government to a virtual halt (while India + Pakistan where playing chicken with nukes, the President's secretary spent a week in grand juries),
---Prepared not a report to Congress, but a salacious character-assassinating argument with conclusions + recommendations (surprise: Clinton should be impeached)
---Acted with an arrogance, abusiveness, carelessness, obsessive zeal, and cruelty unseen since Joseph McCarthy

Even a few of these abuses would warrant dismissal, taken together we believe Kenneth Starr should go to jail. At any rate, it is long past time to FIRE HIM. He's accomplished his mission: to damage Mr. Clinton- not by any real crimes, but with trash. The very idea of a permanent special prosecutor- endlessly hounding the President even as he's employed by him, is monstrous. You made a grievous mistake in authorizing Starr's inquisition on the Lewinsky affair, Ms. Attorney General. It's time to rectify it. 

SIGN this Petition- add yourself to our mailing list

Enter you name, address, phone #, e-mail,+ how refered to site. You have 2 full lines (separate items by commas) 


Submit Info, then stop the madness yourself. Paste (html if you can) and e-mail ( or mail (better) or fax (202-514-4371) to Janet Reno, Dept. of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Rm 4545, Washington DC 20530. To link to petition ONLY use:
Petition book was delivered to Reno in July; the petitions were also faxed- in daily 4 page installments over several weeks in June.

Starr's Address: Kirkland + Ellis, 655 15th St .NW, Fl. 12, Washington DC 20005
Office of Independent Council: 202-514-8688, x-202-514-8802; K+E 202-879-5000, 879-5130 (Ken's voice mail)

Starr's Right Wing Connections Chart the Conspiracy


Western Union: 15 word telegram delivered to Trent Lott, Mitch McConnell, Henry Hyde is $~7: 800-593-2790

Print + FAX (giant)- "SHAME- YOU HAVE VIOLATED + DAMAGED the US CONSTITUTION" to House Judiciary Repubs (button at end), who are the PROSECUTORS in the Senate trial; Now it's important to let them know your lasting contempt for their callous abuse of the process

What YOU Can Do: Thanks to petitioners(1000's),SHAME sign, IMPEACH CONGRESS bumper sticker, Web Page + Publicity

"IMPEACH CONGRESS" Bumper/window sticker: 13 1/2 x 4", Print on legal paper, landscape format, color or B+W
"IMPEACH CONGRESS" Window Sign: 8x11 (landscape) color

PHOTO's of Dec 17 DC Capitol Rally w. Jesse Jackson courtesy Chris Acosta- jpeg 170K

Impeachment Senate Gallery Ticket - from Senator: "Impeachment Trial of the President of the U nited States"


The right wing have tried to depose the twice-elected President while Congress was subsumed into the trash of modern day Jerry Springer America. The Republicans turned Impeachment into a perverse game show: Tie up the country, flout the Constitution, waste months of the the WORLD's time + energy. SURE. Who's going to stop us? YOU: the voters. Remember this on election day in 2000 or 2008 and never give the Republicans the power to do this damage again. Expect more trash allegations! The Haters are too close to give up. Contact the Senate Repubs (list below). FAX THEM. Calls are taken by low staffers- paper may find it's way back to the Senator.

Much depends on Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott. He's a Hater, but he's been stunned by the mass public disapproval, like the rest of the Repubs: CONTACT HIM (and your rep- esp. if Repub) + SCREAM! (202-224-6253, fax-202-224-9450, MS Dist. 601-965-4644, x-601-965-4007, E-mail LOTT: Senate Majority Leader Former exterminator Tom Delay TX (House maj. whip) has been desperately lobbying the Senate to NOT make a censure deal. The most obsessive Hater (with Rep. Bob Barr), he browbeat + bullied the House Repubs into voting for impeachment. (see this George) Tell him what you think. 202-225-5951, x202-225-5241, 281-240-3700

BARR'S BANISHED BABY- Larry Flynt's latest outing has been of Manager (prosecutor) Bob Barr, rabid Hater and anti-abortion speaker, whose 2nd wife signed an affidavit that Barr had driven her to and paid for an abortion, then lied about it and his extramaritial affairs in court divorce proceedings. Is there no limit to the shamelessness of these hypodulterer Repubs? We have to listen to him attack the President's morals? Next pin up: Lott?

NEW BOSS, SAME AS THE OLD BOSS New Speaker Dennis Hastert, 6 term Rep from far west suburbs of Chicago, is another hard-right evangelical Christian, and Delay's right hand man - He just seems friendlier.

LETTERS To CONGRESS Cut + Paste anything to send + alter it to make it yours


Dear Senators, Feb 6
As this shabby and shameful trial dribbles to a close, we urge that you consider the lasting verdict of history (which will already judge you harshly) and vote NOT to REMOVE the President and, as well NOT make some extra-legal extra-Constitutional extra-stupid finding of "fact". Apart from conferring on you the power of an actual criminal jury, which you aren't, there are no "facts" that have been definatively proved - Mr. Clinton's perjury remains unproven and his "obstruction of justice" accusation was a shameful abuse of the statute. At bottom is the vicious unfairness of ambushing Mr. Clinton with questions about his legal private conduct in a deposition about another matter: the contemptible criminalization of an affair that should have outraged you enough to throw this case out off the bat. You have weakened and damaged the Constitution with this trial and it's time to think about what will happen when there's a Republican in the White House, if the American people ever forgive you for so cavalierly flouting their will and electoral judgment. Goodbye.

Dear Senators, Jan 14, 1999
As the Trial of the President by the House begins, we urge you to see this case as what it is: a partisan, vindictive turkey. Don't grace it with the respect inherent in this weighty process. Just because the reckless, jealous House majority voted to impeach, you have NO RESPONSIBILITY or OBLIGATION to allow this process to continue. On the contrary, you have an absolute obligation- if you believe the charges are specious and unwarranted, to STOP it at your first opportunity. And they are: "High" crimes means in old English, crimes against the crown (the State), in the exercise of his authority.* Mr. Clinton has committed no crimes against the state. None. He naturally tried to hide an illicit relationship, and even if you think he did commit some offenses (never normally prosecuted), they are NOT impeachable or removable offenses.
On the other hand, the House has committed crimes against the Constitution, in this cheap political indictment- the criminalization of a simple sexual affair by entrapment, as the culmination of a 6 year jihad against Mr. Clinton, and you are by entertaining it. If you approve witnesses, this will become a circus that will stain the Senate for years. If illicit affairs are the basis for removal from office, 80% of Congress could be removed; if subject to a 5 year $50 million investigation by a political enemy, 96% of you could be removed.
Think about this, as you debate your obligations in this pitiful farce, as the Constitution and Separation of Powers is day by day corrupted and worn down by the drip, drip of petty irrelevant trash. Think about the howls of agony of the Founders, if they could see how this vital but violent process is being abused for cheap partisan purpose with offenses so common 2 Republican speakers quit + didn't show up. Think about the criminal violation of privacy in releasing grand jury testimony and illegal tapes to the world on the Internet and what it augers for peoples' rights in a technologically pervasive century. Think about the disgust and rage of the voters (of which I have thousands of letters), which will be displayed against the Republicans in 2000. Think about your vulnerability and hypocrisy..... and duty. And come to your senses and STOP IT and ADJOURN.

* used by Bumpers in speech Jan 21

Dear Senator, Jan 13
Do the nation and the Congress a huge favor and vote to ADJOURN this outrageous impeachment. This mutant right-wing cockroach should be stepped on immediately, before it breeds and spreads it's partisan poison throughout the Senate. You are honoring and validating the specious Articles of Impeachment by continuing with this trial... and wounding the Constitution with every passing day.

Dear Senator, ...Jan 4
We encourage you to support the Gorton/Lieberman initiative to have a preliminary vote on the actual support for impeachment. It's the first whiff of sanity in this business and makes perfect sense: why put the country + the President through the agony of a trial when there is nowhere near the numbers to convict, but more essentially- this impeachment was a grievous Constitutional mistake. Clinton's "crimes" are not impeachable offenses, so his impeachment was not valid. It is your job, as the more mature and responsible body, to rectify such terrible mistakes. The fanatical Clinton haters will level a fresh battery of dubious unprovable trash allegations- you must rise above them. Sen. Hatch + other Republicans must purge the idea that there is any political advantage to trying and humiliating the President. What the Repub party has done so far in violating the Constitution, ignoring the will of the people, and subverting the separation of powers has caused resentment + distrust that you will pay for for many years. Please end this sorry spectacle and let the country get back to their lives. (Dec 30 letr-see MORE.)

Letter to Republicans- December 10 I can't believe you are so reckless and heedless that you would vote for conviction. THIS IS NOT A GAME. You are endangering the republic in your adolescent partisan game of chicken. You are NOT the minority party anymore- dedicated to bomb-throwing and destruction. Majority status carries with it a measure of responsibility, which you've shown none of. Is there no limit to your rank stinking hypocrisy? MOST of you (besides Rep. Hyde) have committed equal or greater offenses than Mr. Clinton, what gives you the right to pillory him and torture the country over this nonsense? Keep it up: come 2000, you will be the minority party again, because you've displayed how little you can be trusted with the reigns of power and how much contempt you have for the will of the American people. Your "Bills of Impeachment" are a sick pitiful joke. Obstruction of Justice? Abuse of Power? Over fudging the truth in a secret affair? Are you completely out of your mind? THESE ARE NOT IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only abuse of power has been Starr's campaign of terror and your outrageous conduct. You will be judged by history as mean-spirited vindictive petty party hacks, willing to subvert the Constitution for nothing but partisan political advantage. Are there none of you with any sense of scale, proportion, decency, or courage to stand up and STOP THIS MADNESS.
Mike Snow

Letter to JudCom Repubs-Nov 20 At long last do the decent thing and kill this travesty of the Constitutional process. You have dragged the nation through the muck, embarrassed our country + the President in the eyes of the world, cheapened and degraded the solemn undertaking of impeachment (and made it more likely to be invoked over cheap political hatreds), and trashed the principle of Grand Jury secrecy on which our legal system is based. It's time for you to cease and desist. MORE LETTERS


Release of Grand Jury testimony is unprecedented in American history: it is strictly secret and not even supposed to be used in the trial (leaking is a felony). It's only purpose is to see if there SHOULD be a trial- there is NO LAWYER allowed by any witness or defendant and they can ask anything- not necessarily about the alleged crimes. Because of this- in the hands of an unfair or vindictive prosecutor (Ken Starr), it has spectacular potential for abuse. (No grand juries have lasted YEARS) That's why it's supposed to be secret- because you can force exposure of embarrassing information and then use it to destroy ANYONE. Somehow Congress is immune from this law (but they've never flouted it before). Not only did they- a legal body, release it, but they put it on the Internet for every idiot in the world to read- the most intimate personal details of a person's life. This should chill the hearts of every American who cares about civil liberties and the Bill of Rights. It is violently unfair and inherently un-American and would be if they did it to any Republican.

Ken Starr and incredibly the Judiciary Committee have used Clinton's mild actions to DEFEND himself from this relentless assault as IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES- trying to keep the Secret Service from testifying or claiming executive privilege. As Jonathan Alter says, "These are the actions of a monarch": You have opposed my authority and so committed crimes. It's breathtaking in its arrogance and reveals the outrageous political slant of the Committee.

If these things can happen to the most powerful person in the world (sic), it could happen to anyone! This goes far beyond Mr.Clinton and his mistakes- it's a direct threat to our Constitutional system- if a leader can be railroaded out of office for such minor offenses in a mean spirited partisan hysteria.... something is broken. People's privacy is threatened from many quarters- only a thin layer of laws are keeping us from a frightening future where people can be smeared and crushed invisibly. This impeachment juggernaut BREACHES those layers and so endangers us all.

A 4 year and $56 million investigation found nothing in Whitewater, Travelgate, etc. but Congress has voted to open these subjects AGAIN, as well as ANYTHING else that could hurt Clinton.

Lastly contrast the gravity and obvious pain of the Watergate Judiciary Committee in taking the extreme step of impeachment ("the alternative to assassination", according to Ben Franklin), with this gleeful headlong rush to drum Mr. Clinton out of office. This is a most unjudicious Judicial Committee, a cripplingly conservative House, and maybe ... Senate.
In Association with

SCHEDULE: Wed Jan 13: Motions; Jan 14-16: Prosecutors' case; Wed-Fri Jan 20-22, President's defence; Jan 23+25? Senators Questions; Jan 26, Motions to Dismiss + Hear Witnesses; Jan 28-Feb 4? Witness depositions; Arguments over testimony? Witness appearing vote? Actual Testimony? More Arguments? Final Arguments? Final vote + end of Trial- when hell freezes over

After the Judiciary Committee voted to recommend impeachment (majority), the full Congress voted to impeach (accuse) the President (majority). Then it got sent to the Senate, where a trial is conducted- presided over by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, prosecuted by the House Judiciary Committee (Hyde + 12 other JudCom Repub "managers"), which explains their eagerness to hang Clinton, defended by his lawyers, and decided by a jury of all 100 Senators, who can ask only written questions, but make the rules. Clinton doesn't have to appear. The Senate can decide, at any time to simply quit (adjourn) by majority vote, which may yet happen if the leadership allows it + some Senate Republicans aren't the venal scum that the House ones were. After another 2-5 months they would vote (2/3 majority- 67 needed) whether to convict and remove Clinton from office. VP Gore can participate as President of the Senate and vote to break ties. The Senate would probably NEVER vote to convict, but in reality no human could withstand this torture and Clinton would, at some point, resign, which is what Republicans want: To overturn the results of the last full election and remove an overwhelmingly popular President. In other countries this is called a coup.... or treason.

BUT NOT BEFORE THE ENTIRE US GOVERNMENT IS PARALYZED FOR 6-12 MONTHS!!! (already 5) NOV ELECTIONS were crucial: although the Democrats won 5 seats, Republicans are still going full steam ahead in this idiotic inquisition; in fact they RACED to impeach him before the NEW CONGRESS came in- another unConstitutional act!!


Neutered Newt Gingrich

Presided over the Congressional Vote to authorize a full Judiciary Com. Inquiry with a heavy hand (after ordering Hyde to force full inquiry). Democratic initiatives were summarily crushed. Total time allowed for the most serious action the Congress can take short of war was limited to 2 hours


"He is embarrassed, he is humiliated, he is disgraced. ..And it is not over. I suggest that compassion and justice are not antithetical- they are complementary. The Judeo-Christian ethic says 'hate the sin and love the sinner'... I think it's time to love the sinner."--- Henry Hyde defending Rep. Dan Crane from expulsion for sleeping with a 17 year old Congressional page. 1983

FAX (better) or call these people and make your voice heard! JAN 2000 . 1010834-1 + # is 5 cents/min 24hrs for first 60 days, no signup or monthly charge- bill comes with normal phone, business phone OK, info: [[ 1010502 is 5 cents to US + to 7 countries w $6 month/fee]] 1-800-569-8700 WorldXchange

All addresses are __Senate Office Bldg, Washington DC 20510 These phone numbers are from 1999- check with Congress Contacts at top if you have problems.

State,                                      DC Phone,                   Fax,                     District Phone,                        Fax,

 Trent Lott -Majority Leader,(202-224-6253,   fax-202-224-9450,     MS Dist. 601-965-4644,       x-601-965-4007
KY Mitch McConnell,           202-224-2541,              x-2499,                          502-582-6304,        x-502-582-5326   361A Russell
OK Don Nickles (maj. whip) 202-224-5754,              x-6008,                          405-231-4941, 133 Hart
WV Robert Byrd(Dem Min. Leader) 202-224-3954,   x-202-228-0002,          304-342-5855                      311 Hart
IL Dennis Haskert (Speaker Hs?) 202-225-2976,        x-0697,                         630-406-1114,         x1808  2241 Rayburn (House)


ME Olympia Snow- 202-224-5344,       x-202-224-1651,          207-780-3575        Russell 250
ME Susan Collins-  202-224-2523,         x-2693,                        207-945-0417,          x207-990-4604    Russell 170
RI John Chaffee-    202-224-2921,          x-228-2853,                401-528-5294     Dirksen 505
IN Richard Lugar- 202-224-4814,          x-202-228-03609        317-226-5555,          x226-5508    Hart 306
AZ John McCain-  202-224-2235,          x-202-228-2862,         602-952-2410,         X602-952-8702,  Russell 241
VT Jim Jeffords-     202-224-5141,           x228-0338,                802-658-6001            Hart 728
WA Slade Gorton- 202-224-3441,           x-9393^,                      206-553-0350,          x553-8358 ^    Hart 730
NM Pete Dominici- 202-224-6621,           x-7371,                       505-766-3481,           x1443    328 Hart
VA John Warner-    202-224-2023,          x-6295,                        804-771-2579     Russell 225
AK Ted Stevens- 202-224-3004,              x-2354,                       907-271-5915    Hart 522
CO Ben Nighthorse Campbell- 202-224-5852,   x-1933,              303-866-1900    Russell 380

                  SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE (their views will be sought out)
                                    *Liberals, #Constitution Subcommittee, ^ bad fax # ?

 * #UT Orrin Hatch,      202-224-5251       x 202-224-6331          801-524-4380,    Russell 131
*IA Charles Grassley,    202-224-3744,        202-224-6020,         319-363-6832    Hart 135
* #PA Arlen Specter,    202-224-4254,         202-228-1229,         215-597-7200    Hart 711
#TN Fred Thompson,   202-224-4944,         202-228-3679,          615-736-5129,          x-615-269-4803    Dirksen 523
AZ Jon Kyle,                202-224-4521,         202-228-1239^,        602-840-1891^,          x?957-6838    Hart 724
OH Mike DeWine        202-224-2315,x-      202-224-6519,          614-469-6774,          x7419    Russell 140
MI Spencer Abraham- 202-224-4822,          202-224-8834,          616-975-1112,          x1119    Dirksen 329
AL Jeff Sessions-         202-224-4124,          202-224-3149,          205-731-1500,          x0221


AL Richard Shelby        202-224-5744        x-224-3416       334-265-9507  110 Hart
OR Gordon Smith 202-224-3753        x-228-3997     503-284-5519         359 Dirksen
MN Rod Grams        202-224-3244        x-228-0956       612-427-5921   257 Dirksen
DL William Roth        202-224-2441        x-224-5920       302-573-6291   104 Hart DICEY DEMS

WI Russell Feingold,    202-224-5323,           x-2725,              608-828-1200    Hart 716 voted FOR witnesses
FL Bob Graham,   202-224-3041,          x-2237,            305-536-7293     Hart 523

 Current House Republican and Independent Supporters of Censure

NY Peter T. King           202-225-7896        X(202-225)-                   516-541-4225         Massapequa Park
*NY Amory Houghton   202-225-3161,            x-5524                       607-937-3333         Corning
*CT Christopher Shays  202-225-5541,            x-9629                       203-579-5870         Bridgeport
*VT Bernard Sanders    202-225-4115,             x-6790;                      802-862-0697        Burlington
DE Michael N. Castle    202-225-4165,             x-2291;                      302-428-1902        Wilmington
*MD Constance A. Morella 202-225-5341,       x-1389;                      301-424-3501         Rockville
NY Benjamin A. Gilman 202-225-3776,             x-2541;                     914-343-6666        Middletown
NY Sherwood L. Boehlert 202-225-3665,          x-1891;                     315-793-8146        Utica
*voted against impeachment

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