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SLEAZE FACTOR NARROWLY EXPOSED - The Guardian (UK) blasted Bush for his record of sleaze on 11/6, exposing his SEC INSIDER TRADING (see SLEAZE link on home). Yet all the scandals remained unplumbed, the spoiled frat boy cruising unmolested to the door of the Presidsency.
FROM GUARDIAN: [[[[The drunken driving arrest is not the only character evidence from Bush's past that has been suppressed or glossed over. On October 2, the Center for Public Integrity in Washington and Bill Muntaglio and Nancy Beiles in Talk magazine revealed that Bush not once but repeatedly missed the legal deadlines for reporting his insider stock trades when he was a director and member of the audit committee of a ropey Texas oil company, Harken Energy. In 1991, three years before he ran for governor, the Wall Street Journal headlined one instance when Bush sold near the top of the market before the stock plunged, pocketing nearly $850,000. He was eight months late in reporting this coup. He claimed he had but that the SEC had "lost the paperwork". But neither the Journal, or anyone else, has asked Bush if the SEC "lost the paperwork" when he was derelict on three other newly-documented insider trades he did not report in the way required by the anti-corruption laws.
----The 1991 SEC investigation, criticised for being run by friends of then President Bush, ended inconclusively. Bush, it was said, could not have known of the magnitude of Harken's impending loss when he sold out. But the SEC never interviewed Bush and documents obtained last month under the Freedom of Information Act clearly show that Bush had more knowledge than he admitted. At least twice during the month he cashed out, he received memos showing the company was in financial peril.
----The man who claims the presidency on the grounds of probity has asserted: "I believe in individual accountability and individual responsibility." But the credulous press and the cerebrally challenged television talk shows have been too busy pillorying Gore to ask Bush to reconcile rhetoric and action. "I will do everything I can," he has said, "to defend the power of private property and private property rights." But he has failed to reconcile that public testament with his enrichment from the seizure of private land for his Texas Rangers baseball stadium. Though then a private citizen, he contrived to use the power of the state to claim eminent domain over 270 acres - most of which was not needed for the stadium. Families who lost their land so that Bush and his partners could profit from the development potential are still mad at him for the land-grab and the ordeal of court hearings they had to initiate before getting a fair price.]]]]]


NADERTRADER SITE:    Our NaderTrader site is dedicated to swapping votes for Nader between the swing states (FL, MI, OH, PA, MO, WA, MN, WI, OR, AR, NM, WV, NH) where Nader’s votes would hand a win to Bush…. with solid Bush states TX, VA, GA, SC, AL, MS, MN, ID, WY, ND   and  a few safe Gore states: RI or MA, where a Gore vote has no effect. List your name, e-mail, address (state mandatory), phone,  and we will match a Nader person who wants to vote for Gore (GG) in a swing state with a Gore person who WILL vote for Nader (NN) in a state that doesn’t matter. Your information will be exchanged with your partner only, kept strictly secret, and you can contact each other to assure yourselves of the other. Ralph will get the 5% necessary to be a viable candidate and party next time, and we won’t get George Bush (GB2). Obviously this relies on trust, so the more info you give the better. If there is a problem with your partner, you can resubmit + be assigned another. The first 5 swing states are more important and desperately needed.  CA (+ any state not on list) people don’t apply to be a Gore Giver (GG) and people not on Solid Repub list (or RI, MA) don’t apply to be Nader Newby (NN). If you don’t fit either category, PLEASE send this to a friend or acquaintance that does. http://msnoh.tripod.com/nader.htm


The idea came from a Slate article: SLATE Swap: http://slate.msn.com/Concept/00-10-24/Concept.asp

A Defense of Nadertrading: http://www.cs.berkeley.edu/~aaronson/nadertrader.html


DRUNK but not forgotten: What's amazing is that Dubbaya didn't manage to wipe this off the record like he apparently did his cocaine conviction- he did community service with an inner city Houston "PUSH"-like org. (can you see Shrub doing THAT without coercion). He lied to a TV reporter about his conviction, didn't put it on a jury pool form, and switched his (+ wifes) TX driver license number in a highly unusual move in '96? (only used for identity theft). Hopefully the investigative pressure may make some editor allow the SEC or abortion or esp. AWOL story (esp after Sen Bob Kerrey blasted Bush publicly for it) to break. NYT + WP have picked up the AWOL story + Kerrey appeared on a Sun morn news show. Deadline for nitronews is Sun night- convention states they don't break blockbuster revelations the last day.
      Although Bush retains a 1-4 point lead in most polls, they are deceptive: Bush's massive lead in TX (60-70%) + other western states are skewing the result- until Al is more than 2-3 points behind in popular vote, HE IS AHEAD in electoral votes. Al is ahead + surging in FL (big), PA, MI, IL, WA- if he wins these, he WINS. Many Nader voters, contemplating the grave implications of their vote, will switch to Gore, which has happened in WA: once holding 11%, the highest in co., Nader's support is down to 3-5%.

If the major press finally do their job, the incredible Bush record of sleaze and malfeasance will come to forefront in the closing days: the BUSH PERJURY in the FUNERAL HOME Scandal, where a big Bush donor and family friend prevailed on the Gov. to crush and disband the TX regulatory agency that was trying to rein in his co. outrageous practices (unlicensed embalmers where the corpse leaked fluid out of every orifice); Bush’s going AWOL for over a year from his Nat. Guard duties because he was afraid of taking the new drug test; Georgie's conviction for INSIDER TRADING when he dumped millions of Harken stock a few days before it crashed (family pal SEC director only slapped him on the wrist), Larry Flynt’s charge that Bush got a girlfriend an abortion in 1970, which has been carefully suppressed (Flynt was right about Livingston, right about Newt, and I believe had the goods on Trent Lott- is he right about this?); Bush’s callous disregard of the rank inequities in the TX justice system, as he fries people at a rate as fast as the entire country put together (up to 4/week). Huge compendium of TX executions: http://members.nbci.com/ccadp/serialpresident.htm
War hero Nebraska Sen. Bob Kerrey blasts Bush on his evasion of service:



IRAN CONTRA PAYBACK - (or you hurt my daddy): Suddenly Bush's inaccurate attack on Russian PM Chernomyrdin for pocketing IMF money, (when he only pocketed Sov. Gas/Oil money as Gasprom head) becomes clear, with the revelation of a supposedly secret 1995 US/Russian deal to limit Russian arms sales to Iran between Gore + Chernomyrdin (whom I questioned in Mockba). The Repubs hope that this will be a biblical reprise of the humiliating Iran/Contra affair, carefully hoarded for the final 2 weeks, but the analogy isn't apt. Russia was in the process of selling advanced weapons to Iran: cruise missiles, submarines, air-to-air missiles and horrifyingly uranium separation gear (the hardest part of getting fissionable material). This agreement, which was duly reported to the House Committee, succeeded in preventing cruise and other missile transfers and nuclear weapons technology to Iran, and ended all arms sales in 1999. At the time, Russia was economically devastated by the break-up and 2000% total inflation since the freeing of fixed prices in '92, 55% of their industrial capacity was military and was paralyzed by collapse- they considered these sales a matter of Nat. Security; publicity about American bribes (or threats) to cancel them would have caused a firestorm in the nationalistic Duma.

       I actually tried to persuade Russian leaders of their folly in an article about the Armenia/Azerbaijan (+4 other southern) wars that converted into a warning about these reckless arms sales to Iran, in a Russian English- language paper, as a correspondent in Moscow in '93. It was, I believe, the only article of dozens they wouldn't run. The Soviet Union had killed tens of thousands of Moslems in the heinous Afghani War- they were more at risk of terrorism (+ far closer) than the US; a year later they reduced Islamic Grozny to rubble in a WW2 artillery barrage- the current Chechen War was due to apartment-destroying terrorist bombings (they think by the Chechens).


Expected this "scandal" to be kept boiling in Cong. hearings for the next 2 weeks, although Joseph de Thomas, Dep. Assis Sec. State for Non-Proliferation, who has "served 20 years under both parties" swears that this was a righteous and necessary agreement for American security; but there has been little interest. Did anyone think Bush wouldn't play dirty?


-excerpt from   BUSHWATCH:  http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/3750/bbc.htm

In an e-mail to Bush Watch, KGO-AM talk show host Bernie Ward summarized his Tuesday half-hour on-air phone discussion with Larry Flynt about Flynt's accusations that George W. Bush was "involved in" an abortion in 1970 as follows: Flynt "says that in 1970 Bush's father was running for the Senate against Lloyd Bentsen....that younger Bush was working for daddy...that Bush got a woman pregnant and that she got an abortion in a Houston hospital I believe ...it could have been in Dallas...Flynt says he knows the name of the woman and his investigators have spoken to her...she would not say anything bad about George Bush but Flynt definitively said that she didn't deny having the abortion...Flynt says that he has affidavits from four of her friends confirming that she had the abortion....he says he has another affidavit from the girl friend of daddy Bush's campaign manager...and that she accompanied the woman to the hospital to have the abortion....he says that he knows the name of the doctor who performed the abortion...I asked Flynt if he had evidence that Bush knew that she was going to have an abortion or that he was the father and Flynt said no he didn't have that evidence." 10/26/00


Larry Flynt appeared on a talk show in San Francisco last night and was very specific about the proof that he claims he has that George W. Bush "was involved" in an early 1970's abortion. Appearing on Bernie Ward's KGO-AM 810 talk show last night between 10 and midnight, Flynt said the abortion took place in Houston in 1970 during the elder Bush's campaign for a seat in Washington. At that time, the younger Bush was working in the campaign. According to a Bush watcher who heard the show in Bakersfield, California, Flynt claimed he had affidavits from four witnesses, contradicting an earlier report from the BBC that Flynt was basing his story on the word of one person. In fact, according to our Bush watcher, Flynt said the BBC is now considering going with his story, along with the London Times. During the course of the two hour show, Flynt also described the consternation at CNN when he broke the story on Friday night, and discussed the ability of the Bush spin machine to smother information.



The press, with a few exceptions, continues to gloss over GB2’s consummate mediocrity, his mindless soundbites repeated like a mantra on the trail, “u-NIT-er, not a di-VID-der. Na-shhhun BILD-ing” Trail reporters must be apoplectic at this dribble, but they’ve been walled off- they aren’t allowed any access to the Shrub. Now that he can almost taste the steaming plates of pork he will get to ladle out to his cronies, he isn’t going to let the whining jackals of the press close enough to rip any chunks out of him; to hear some nugget of imbecility that would, of itself, be so stunning in it’s ignorance, that it would end Bush’s candidacy. We believe we found such a nugget: in Letterman’s interview, Bush thought the Strategic Petroleum Reserve was near Alaska, when it’s in Texas + Louisiana, where he was an oilman for 16 years. (SEE Sept 24 issue).


Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens said on MSNBC's "Hardball" Monday night that Bush is "unusually incurious, abnormally unintelligent, amazingly inarticulate, fantastically uncultured, extraordinarily uneducated, and apparently quite proud of all these things."   See “It’s the stupidity, stupid” on News links, the best examination of the psychology of ignorance. How the press has ignored Bush lies:    http://www.msnbc.com/news/483554.asp


Georgy strutted on Leno Mon (30th) night like a conquering hero, trying to create in imagery ("there's a bear in the woods") what he hopes will become reality in people's mind and later in election, to the raucous cheers of his packed crowd (I think the SS is packing these venues- not a single person booed). Again, Leno was very deferential, doing a big anti-Gore setup and Bushy was folksy, self depreciating; but that ugly 7th grade smug smirk kept creeping across his face, and his deep-seated arrogance may have turned people off. The next day AG was more subdued, but still solid, workmanlike in his performing skill, and pretty likeable. Leno didn't do any anti-Bush jokes.


HOW BUSH LIES:  Virtually everything out of Bush’s mouth is a lie. Building on the nonsense “Gore exaggerates” truism, Bush has been viciously attacking Gore on the trail and in his latest “Really” ad, while he amazingly attacks Gore for not solving Medicare problems that Bush couldn’t care less about- if he had his way he would cut Medicare in half. His “uniter” rhetoric is nonsense- he would preside over savage partisan warfare, if the Repubs retain Congress or not, and by his second press conference, the press will be openly howling at his inadequacies and idiocies. After THAT there won’t be a 3rd.  His corporate sponsors would prevail on him to gut EPA, OSHA, FDA, AFDC- so much for his compassionate conservatism. He’s going to build Star Wars, build up the military, give back a massive tax cut, save Medicare + SS,  protect health care AND balance the budget.  Liar, fool, imposter!!  We DID this- it cost us $5 trillion of deficits. The spectacular cynicism of Bush running pro-Nader spots just to bleed Big Al, when they are actually diametrically opposed, is only matched by Nader in allowing him to.


“Some time ago, the Washington Post reported on the rigorous screening process Bush "tax families" now have to go through before they can be paraded on the stump. The Gore campaign was showing that many Bush families would actually save more money with the vice president's targeted tax cuts than they would under the Texas governor's plan. Now, in order to avoid such potential embarrassments, Bush tax families can't have any children under the age of 1, or any kids in day care or college. No one can attend night school. The family must also have an annual income somewhere between $35,000 and $70,000. And it must have "no substantial savings outside of 401(k)," according to a GOP memo in search of a New Mexico tax family. The Bush "tax family" requirements, the Post pointed out, eliminate 85 percent of the families in that income bracket.”  Funny Bush Songs:   http://www.georgybush.com/georgybush.html


SUPREME? NOMINATION: If you want a quick and deep chill about what GB2's brain powerpower would accomplish, one of his faves for a Supreme Ct. nominee is TX judge Edith Jones, a fool who ruled in a death penalty case that, although the defense lawyer was sleeping for extended periods, that didn't constitute an unfair trial, because they couldn't be sure he slept during crucial periods. This wizard was GB1's next choice after the abysmal Clarance Thomas: http://www.nytimes.com/2000/11/02/opinion/02HERB.html


DAN ROSENBERG:  If you want to do some good where it might have an effect, send some bucks to Dan Rosenberg, running against the Pres. of the Gingrich Class of ’94 in CA in a district that spans from the Fresno barrios to Yosemite + Kings Canyon splendors  to biggest agricultural district in the US. Even $5-10 from each of you could run some good closing ads (the cookie jar is empty).  He’s a good multitalented guy and had the extraordinary good sense to consider us for his campaign manager. http://danrosenberg2000.com


RALPH’s QUEST:  Watched Ralph's rally DC MCI Center rally Sun and he really is VERY GOOD. Eloquently, he spoke of issues that the majors didn't: the insane futile war on drugs, the battle to give DC a vote in Congress (new license plates say "Taxation Without Representation"), the danger of massive media monopolies. He finally admitted that "Yes, there was a difference between the 2 parties."   Some aren't impressed at his inflexibility - Village Voice- Goldstein  “You'd think that, after 20 years in exile, the left would have reconsidered its aversion to power. But this reflex persists. We still glorify rebellion and demonize compromise. We still think the purpose of politics is to manifest dreams rather than distribute wealth. And we are still masters of culture, where the imagination rules. The left makes art, while the right makes policy.”

         From the beginning the unspoken issue of this campaign is the block of Moslems (2-4 mil),  who can’t stomach voting for a Jew, helped along by Lieberman’s initial impolitic flouting of his holier-than-thou faith (still fighting the last war- “we’re better than Billy”). We can’t think of a more unexciting choice for VEEP when Al was so in need of glamour and excitement. There is also a block of anti-Semites for whom Lieberman is anathema under any conditions.

In Michigan, carefully stroked by GB2, Arabs may be the deciding factor, even as Gore takes Repub FL with Jewish support.


GOLEM GORE:   Watched Al greet Dem leaders at a Philly rally, awkwardly wrapping them in big hugs, jockeying his huge head wildly around… each time almost smashing it into their head. Leaders cringed but held their ground for their close encounter. Al needs to do a sport. He is genuinely funny, though, had a link from a prof. comedy site testifying to Gore’s subtle witticisms and practical jokes.


BEATING A DEAD HORSE: Incredibly, the widow of deceased MO Gov. Mel Carnahan is on track to beat ultra-right religiously pure Sen John Ashcroft, who has entertained delusions of the Presidency. This is a tremendously hopeful sign, the loss of Mel was a body blow in the solar plexus (about where Mo is) for Nat Dems - though it remains somehow unbelievable and the sympathy vote seems to be fading (Mel was behind until he took the radical campaign ploy of dying). Imus did a hilarious parody of it "how can you throw mud on someone who's had dirt thrown on him".
Balancing this is the anticipated devastating loss of anti-abortion Robt Weygand to hereditary iconoclastic Repub Lincoln Chafee, who is leading by a staggering 20-25% points in the solidly Democratic RI. Hell, I could do better. Ashcroft did have the best e-mail operation in Congress, picking up our address from the anti-impeachment faxes and dutifully sending out his well-done issues + accomplishments newsletters for a year, though we did explain our revulsion at his beliefs. Meanwhile, backup Joe has ensured that, if Joe-al wins, Conn. will lose a Senate seat, because the GOP Gov will appoint one of his ilk. Hillary is well ahead, supposedly 7 points against punk pugilist Lazio. From all that I read, the Congress looks very good for the Democrats.




MOSES GOES MAD: Chuck Heston, in his most contemptible comment to date directly threatened the VEEP in an NRA rally,
[Mr. Heston is not always so droll. At one recent rally in Michigan, he said the vice president "is now saying, `I'm with you guys on guns.' In any other time or place you'd be looking for a lynching mob." The audience roared its approval, shouting, "Let's do it," and "I've got a rope.' Asked about the lynching comment, he says, "I was talking about in hard times when wrong is done, lynching is sometimes an option..."] Lynching is sometimes an option?????? Wonder what blacks think about THAT. Heston should have been arrested by the Secret Service and charged- nobody should be above the law in something as sick and malignant.


DAVID NYHAN WRITES COLUMN ABOUT OURS:   Our intention to go to Europe if the mutantly swelling Shrub wins was picked up by Boston Globe’s Nyhan. The BG is the only real paper left in America, consistently puncturing Bush’s falsehoods and inanities, rather than matching an anti-Bush article with an anti-Gore article in a perverted notion of equivalence… ignoring truth, hypocrisy, stupidity;  as most majors do now. Once all papers were like that, taking sides (sometimes unfairly), rather than mushing everything into a bland porridge. The superb SALON is doing the same on the Web. We repeat our eloquent closing after link.



CONFEDERACY of the DUNCES:  What is clear is that Bush is, more than anyone since Harding:  a lightweight inarticulate anti-intellectual creation and agent of big business, who will, if he’s elected, own this country. His compassionate conservatism is a fraud, his morality reconstituted, his international isolationism insipid and dangerous; his abortion stance, prison policies + Supreme Court intentions chilling; his economic policy + tax rebates reckless + foolish, his commitment to health care a sham, his work ethic shabby, and his intelligence limited and sporadic.   All the dopes who vote for him because he’s a good guy to have a beer with will have plenty opportunity to drink when $500 billion deficits stifle the economy and Georgie run a razor through the remaining social net.  If he wins, I’ll leave America for Europe- I won’t see the damage he does (for a couple of years) to my country.  I’m not sure what I’d return to. Please GET OUT THE GORE VOTE. – Mike Snow


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